Dec 23, 2005

I love rollercoaster

Genting was so much fun! Firstly, i haven't been there for ages, the last time i went there was 10 years ago.Then, going there was a last minute decision, i received a message from a friend (Why Kit) in the middle of the night, 10.30pm asking me to join them to Genting the next morning. I was only given 30minutes to make a decision, so i asked my mom and she said ''go la''. I went

It was weird at first because I didn't know any of them, well I just knew their names,we hardly talk in school. So, it was a bit awkward at first but gradually, we clicked.

I didn't get enough sleep that night because I was excited (hey, I haven't been there for 10 years okay!). Then during the bus trip, I really wanted to vomit (side effect from not enough sleep) but thank god for the guys who chit chatted non stop during the whole journey (namely Keng Hoo and Win Hong). Dizziness replaced by laughter :)

There were 16 of us, with only 4 girls, all crammed into a two rooms apartment which was meant for 4 people. So, I can't imagine how the guys could crammed into a room. But they didn't sleep, they went out to...I dunno where, I was too worn out to give a shit on that.

We were eventually splitted into 2 groups because a huge group will make everything slower. It was really cold and foggy but a good change from the hot and humid KL.
Anyway, we played so many things, Corkscrew, Solero Shot, etc etc...Can't remember the names..
But the one I couldn't forget was the swinging thingy (pardon me, I can't remember, the names are all too funny). It was an enjoyable, and soothing swing. Fun for the sake of having the wind brush through your skin..Feels nice. But sadly, I sat with a bunch of monkeys from Klang High School. The guys were deliberately screaming in unison on purpose. I virtually had to cover my ears with my hands. Imagine all the uncles and aunties looking at us...Man, the guys can really scream especially Phor Xiang, they screamed from the start till the very end! Even better than the girls, I tell u...

We played until the theme park was closed, 10.30pm. Then we went Starbucks to mamak. The guys can really talk, no joke....they can talk for hours but it was fun chatting with them because they are a bunch of really crazy and funny people. Gossiping for them is a must! :P

I was only disappointed in the food. Expensive, tasteless, and service like shit. We went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered their 'specialty' and guess what? Maggie mee and we paid $12 for a bowl of Maggi.What nonsense...special my ass.

It was raining the next day when we were leaving for KL. The theme park was closed, I think. Thank god it was clear when we went there.

All in all, the trip was worth everything (well, minus the food lar). I enjoyed myself, and I finally got to meet many new high schoolians. I've always thought that they were a bunch of people who would always keep to themselves, refusing to talk to anyone but their own clan but I was wrong. They were friendly, out going, daring, funny and just plain fun to be with!

I love this holiday!