Nov 29, 2010

Playing with Fire

I just can't help it.

There's just something about playing with dangerous thing that attracts me so much. The bigger the fire, the more irresistible. You're scared of getting burnt but at the same time, you feel excited being on the edge of burning. It's like a challenge to see how long i can play with it and if i could get away unhurt. It's the adrenaline, the challenge and the risks that keeps me so addicted to it. I am playing with fire once again and i hope no one gets burnt, unlike the last time.

Oct 29, 2010

World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank

Okay, technically, i am considered a graduate, with a little over 4 months of working experience. So the word 'intern' brings back some aweful fond memories. Having said that, i just couldn't resist this cool opportunity from Standard Chartered. Take a look below and i bet you're gonna start writing your own entries too!

Standard Chartered Bank is on the lookout for the ‘World’s Coolest Intern’ to join the Breeze mobile banking team in Singapore. If Tweetdeck and Facebook are the first things to greet you in the morning and the last things you say good night to, you’re exactly the type of person they’re looking for!
Curious to know what’s in store? It’s nothing short of impressive:
- A 6-month internship programme with total remuneration of SGD30,000
- Perks includes training on social media and online engagement from Standard Chartered’s esteemed partners

SGD30k for 6 months for an intern job??!! You have got to be kidding me! That's like SGD5k a month. Okay, okay, money aside, I'm absolutely sure i fits into the facebook-ing criteria (To my bosses at work; no, i don't facebook at work!). It's an automatic ritual that i've got to do every night. Online, open mozilla and pops, without me realising it, my fb is on the browser. I am however, not a 'stalker' on fb. I don't stalks people's profile but i enjoy looking at people's pictures (especially those silly childhood photos) and post silly comments on my friends' walls.

I am cool enough to join this program because i am cool. Or so i think. I'll let you be the judge. I'd say i am spontaneous, decisive, works hard and play hard too! Hey, there must be a balance in life isn't it?

Spontaneous. Let's start with deciding to drive up to Genting spontaneously for a 2 hours 'mamak' sessions at 12am! One phone call, and 10 minutes later, me and 3 other girlfriends were on our way up to Genting. The funniest part was, none of us knew how to get there! We were ALL not locals (not from KL at least), all females and i was driving my small little kelisa. I must stress that it wasn't as reckless as it sounded at that moment. We just had a stressful week packed with finals and assignments, so when it was finally over, we just had to go somewhere. But, we ended up in Genting safely!

Decisive. It's not hard for me to make a decision. I usually do that in my group of friends. Where to eat, what to do, where to go etc. I can finish shopping in a five levels shopping mall in Bangkok (Platinum Mall) for 3 hours but still ended up with at least 5 dresses. I do however find it hard to pick that perfect man in my life.

Work hard and play hard! That's my motto. I've always had that in my mind. When i study, i make sure i study really hard. And when i party, it's gonna be hell of a party! I used to study for 8 hours straight,7 days a week. When i say study, i really mean just-sit-down-and-study-and-do-nothing kind of study. No handphones, radios, TVs and computers allowed. Locked doors and a big bottle of water. The same goes to work. I make sure my task is completed before going home and even if that means staying up in the office till 11pm.

Play hard. This is by no surprise, the easiest of the lot. After a long and arduous examination week, my friends and i will hit the club until 3am, followed by a monopoly session in a friend's house for 2 hours and a morning dimsum and more chit chats for breakfast! We'd usually hit the sack at 11am. XD

I've not achieved the ultimate coolness in my own judgment. I've yet to bungee jump (or possibly sky diving) and travel around the world. But joining this program would be super cool too. Definitely increase coolness by a few thousands mana points. ;)

Jul 7, 2010


Soooooo tired. What have i got myself into? Maybe the first week is always the hardest. Or perhaps i havent adjusted my biological clock yet. Used to sleep at 4am during uni days (6am if exams the next day) but now need to get up at 6am. So it's totally opposite now, i guess it's right to say i'm adjusting my clock back to normal again. There's just so many things to learn in a totally unknown terrain, kinda scares me. And it especially stresses me up that people expect so much from someone so new.

Jun 25, 2010

Goodbye Gli Azzurri

What an agonising match yesterday. And if you havent knew this,

Italy - Slovakia: 2-3

So devastating. I was watching it with my shirts pull over my head during the first half cos it was just so frustrating! And when it was 2-0, in the second half, all hopes were gone. Seriously, the way Italy played yesterday was so uninspiring. Even Pirlo coming in on the 56th minute wasn't enough to save Italy. The only time i felt Italy can get through was when Quagliarella qualise 2-2 in 80th minute but was ruled offside. Bad call on the referee. It was too close of a call to be honest. But Quagliarella really fought back during the final minutes when all others have given up. He was superb yesterday, which is why i think Lippi shouldn't bench him in the first 2 matches. Iaquinta and Pepe have been so disappointing yesterday.

But off all, the saddest thing was to see Cannavaro goes off in such a manner. His last WC :(
What a great career he has had. My favourite defender ever. Undeniably the best defender during his time (I was too young to know Maldini and the likes, but Cannavaro deserves to be in their league, if not better).

Quagliarella first WC and he was the goal scorer. How devastating for him. Had to be comforted by Cannavaro who put up a strong front as a captain for his team.

Another fresh player, i believed it was his first WC too, Maggio. Again, Cannavaro was the big brother for them.

Totally breaks my heart when i see this. Such a great hero. Cannavaro exiting his last WC in tears T.T
In front of his team, he had to be strong but behind the curtains, he was truly truly shattered.

Cannavaro the hero.
Hope to see him again as a coach or staff in the Azzurri team 2014. He will be missed :(

Jun 22, 2010

Places That We Think Don't Exist

I was reading a book by Neil Strauss called The Game the other day and i came across this country called Transnistria. Out of curiosity, i went online to research on this. Apparently, this is a de facto country of Moldovo and it's not recognised by any UN members. What amazes me the most is that they actually have their own currency, stamps, flag, and even passports. I wonder where can they go with that passport since no other country recognise them and they can't get out of their country legally.

I then came upon a BBC documentary by Simon Reeve (I like this guy a lot now, particularly after seeing this documentary) which shows Simon traveling to these so called countries. This documentary is worth watching, regardless of the accuracy of the information. I was surprised by how advanced Transnistria is. They have basically what every country have, if not more. They exports steel and was once the largest exporter of steel in USSR.They are self sustainable and if i may say, even better than some recognised countries.

You'd be surprised that there are a lot of these de facto countries actually. Click the link below to watch the BBC documentaries of:

South Ossetia
Nagorno Karabakh

I've watch all of them because i was so curious. Some of these countries are very pitiful, like Somaliland. The rest of the world just shut them out. You may say that they brought this to themselves but truth is they're just fighting for their own survival from the brutal and corrupt Somalia Warlords.

Anywho, I've spent too much time on this already. Time to get back to writting.
Enjoy the documentaries! :)

Jun 15, 2010

Why i like Italy football squad so much.

It's that time again for football fever. Another 4 years has gone for the victorious Azzurri. Click here if you still don't know i'm rooting for Italy.

Anyway, although yesterday's match against Paraguay is very disappointing but the Azzurri are well known for being slow warmers. So, i'm sure they will pick it up the next few matches. I'm happy to see Cannavaro is still the captain and Buffon is still the keeper. But no more Nesta T.T
I still don't really like the strikers, Iaquinta and Gillardino. Totti and Inzaghi were way much better back in those days. Pirlo and Gattusso did not play yesterday :(

Okay, so why do i like Italy that much?
1) Super sexy jersey *drool*
2) Their players are all so musculine but well groomed at the same time like Nesta.
3) They have great sportsmanship. They all play very clean, not very harsh tackle and even if they did, it's only 1 or 2 black sheep (like Matterazzi).
4) Full of surprises. Like in 1982, Italy barely scraped through the group stages but went all the way to win the cup and crown champion in 1982!
5) Last but not least, they've such great super sexy tight jersey. Oh, i said that before? xD

Forza Azzurri~~

Jun 5, 2010

I will do it!

I promise to write at least 2 pages of thesis a day. AT LEAST.
I promise i will finish my first draft by June 22nd.
I promise i will not online more than 5 hours a day (I'm on my pc almost 10 hours daily doing nonsense!!)
I promise to keep my promise :P

May 24, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

My friend was talking to me on msn today and he said "Ppl say if want to see ur future wife's look, go see her mom". Upon hearing this, i was happy! My mum has always been the one i want to grow up looking like. Haha..sounds funny i know. Lol. I meant, if i were to choose anyone to look like when i grow older, it'd be my mum.

For someone her age, my mum is very pretty. She's thin (thinner than me! But not too thin), looks very graceful, pretty with minimal wrinkles and dress very fashionable. My mum wears leggings! Haha..She always thinks i wear too old for my age.. xD

It's not only about the physical look, it's also because she's a great supermum who can manages to work and keep the household clean and well fed at the same time. Let's be honest, in my home, there's only 3 out of 6 person who does housework. My mum, me and big bro. But ever since big bro moved out, there's only me and mum. And i gotta admit, i've been very lazy lately. So it's only mum. Yes, she nags sometime but only on very very rare occasions. I think my dad nags more than mum.

Whenever mum goes out vacation with her chimui (mum has a group of friends whom she always go karaoke, movies or outing with), the house will be in a mess. Seriously, a mess. Even if it's only 2 days to Genting, the house will be messy, laundry not done and dishes unwashed. Literally like a warzone.

My mum is also a very open minded, and understanding person, more so than dad. For some reason, dad is somewhat protective of me, always peeking out to see who's coming to fetch me and calls me when i'm out very late at night to ask where am i. Mum has never done that. Sometimes i wish she could. I've asked her before why didnt she bother about my safety etc? She said "You're 23 already, i know you can make wise decision for your own sake already. That doesnt mean i dont care, it's just i trust you and i know you have "fan chuin". You're not like your sis, whom i'm always worried about. I trust you."

I've never asked her on that anymore. It has always been a love hate relationship with mum ever since i was young but as i grow older, i've started to understand her more. Her grumpiness, naggings, scoldings and silent treatment were all there for a reason.

Ma, i know you can't read this but i love you. <3

May 21, 2010

Air Asia Free Seats 2010

Wee~ I managed to book on the second day to go Kota Kinabalu. It's only RM12 both ways inclusive of tax and everything! Will be going in Jan :D

Lee Elaine, here i come!! Haha... You better spend that 5 days exclusively with me okay?? Ask Wei Yang dont kacau us :P

I cant wait for the next zero air fare promo which will cover May 2011 - Dec 2011 travel period. I read online that booking will be open somewhere in Nov this year. I wanna go HK!!!

Apr 26, 2010

Joan's current obsession

Ron Ng Cheok Hei.. So macho and stylo.


Apr 21, 2010

My blog got hacked -_-

The previous post wasn't by me! Apparently, some people likes my blog a lot that they decided to post rubbish on my blog. Anyway, for those who clicked on the link, i'm sorry...hope nothing happen to your pc/laptop. I'm innocent :(

Anyway, i'm so happy my exam is over today!!! Weee~~~~~

No more exam! (At least not so soon)
So, right now on mind's to do list would be "finishing thesis and finding a job", on top of cleaning room, washing car, helping mum with housework, etc etc etc....

But somewhere in the list, there's "Going mamak with the gang", "movies wit whoever" and "singing karaoke".
Lol. ;)

Apr 15, 2010

One more to go!

I've just finished a paper on tuesday. One last paper to go next tuesday, and then no more exams!! Wee~~

On a bizarre note, i got a call from my aunt this morning. Her phone call woke me up. The last i spoke to her was one year ago. So, it came as a surprise, and i did not have her number.

Aunt: Hello Joanne?
Me:....................................... *still dreaming about the faceless guy i was dating in my dream*
Aunt: Joanne???
Me:........*ok, woke up from dreamland. Trying to digest everything*
Aunt: Hello Jooooooooooooooooane????
Me: hmmmmm? *very soft hum*
Aunt: Oh! Were u sleeping? I'm so sorry to disturb!
Me: hmmm.... *almost awake now*
Aunt: How are u?
Me: hmm...good
Aunt: So are u still studying? In form 5 or form 6 now?
Me: I'm in college now. I'll be graduating soon.
Aunt: Oh, already in college ah? That's fast. Hey, i'm sorry to disturb u from your sleep. Can i have your dad's number?
Me: Oh sure. You hold on yea, i need to check my hp. *Press press press....then realized my dad is looking at me from my room's doorway, he thought i was dream talking*
"oh pa, auntie Helen on the phone" *throw the phone to dad, and went back to sleep...zzz*

It's bizarre cos my aunt rarely talk to me, let alone calls me. And it made me realised that everyone in the Yee family thinks i'm still a baby girl, still in school, still the baby of the family. Ok, i maybe the youngest YEEs in my family but i'm already 23!! Those days, woman of 23 years of age have 2-3 kids already. It's funny that among my friends, i am the mature, and independent one, but in my family, i'm the small, kiddy little girl.

My friend, Sandra told me this just last two weeks ago. She said i should stop being so independent, and tough. Girls need to have a guy by herself that she can rely on. I like what she say, i mean who doesn't need a person who will be there for u, that u can trust on? I need someone like that, it's just i havent find one yet. And i was brought up by my family that if you can do it by yourself, don't ask for people to help u. Do it yourself. So, i have this sense of guilt if people were to do something really nice for me that i can do it on my own. Like for example, if my guy friend offered to check my car tires' pressures while i just sit in the car waiting, i will feel very bad. I'll walk over and offer my help instead.

Anyway, enough ranting. lol. Time to study...5 more days to go!! ahhh...i hope i can finish all in time...
Wish me luck!! :D

Apr 3, 2010

It's a sad thing

It's so sad that friendship for years can end because of a man in between. It really is. Maybe not end, but not on talking terms and too much friction between us. It all comes down to a man. It's really surprising that both of us aren't trying to save the friendship. I guess we both are stubborn and very opinionated people. We both think we're right and the other party is wrong. And we've never bother to talk things out. Perhaps she doesn't see each other as life long friend, hence the ignorance of what's happening between us.

I have always known she's the kind of person who puts her partner above everyone else, including families and friends. But not to this extent.
My biggest mistake was too honest with her. I should just lie and pretend that he's a perfect guy for her, just like the rest of the girls. And not talk about him at all.
Then things would be so different.

But oh well, i guess things like this happen. I hope when i'm in a relationship in the future, i won't forget friends. If i ever do, pls scold/whack/slap me out of it. Seriously, i mean if ever that day comes when she breaks up with him *touch wood* she will find that she has lost all her friends. I'm sorry to say that, i'm not being bitter or jealous about it, but i'm just being honest with what i think. Yes, blame it on the honesty again, but hey, isn't this my personal blog/diary that i can afford to say whatever i want?

Mar 14, 2010

Bangkok anyone?

Yup, i'm planning a trip to Bangkok in end of July, starting on 22nd July for around 8 days.
I've only found hotels and air tickets now but have yet to finalised on the itinerary. It's not entirely backpacking, maybe semi back packing. Estimate to spend around 1k for everything. Will be taking AirAsia.

Anyone wants to join?
At the moment, only two of us confirmed, me and Kwan Elaine :)
Oh, and anyone can advice me on the places to visit there or anything u know about bangkok traveling? :D

Mar 13, 2010

I won something again!


I am so happy today. Hehe. I can't believe my luck!!
Yup, i wont another item from a blog giveaway. I took part in it cos it's so easy to enter, and i was just trying my luck. It was pure luck because the winner was picked randomly, no fancy slogans or anything like that.

This time, i won Estée Lauder CyberWhite EX Advanced Performance Brightening Essence, courtesy of Yani and Estee Lauder.

I think it's my lucky year this year. :D

Mar 9, 2010

My babies grew fungus!

These are my babies. Lactic Acid Bacteria. They are supposed to grow on this nutrient rich MRS agar plate. But they are not growing!! Look!!

They even grew fungus! Where is those white little spots of bacteria?? Arghh...i hate you fungus for contaminating my agar. Now my babies can't grow cos you ate all the nutrient!

Ewwwww..... You stupid fungus! You're not supposed to grow here. Go grow on some expired white bread.

It's already March and i'm supposed to submit my thesis on June. I'm only on the first stage of my project you know. I can't even grow the bacteria, how am i to test them?

Ok, here's my problem now. I am to test 3 different brand of soybean powder with probiotic. Brand A has no problem. Brand B and C are giving me problem. The bacteria in those powder refused to grow on my agar. Because they can;t grow, i can't do any further test on them. My supervisor is asking me to find other brand but i've searched almost the whole of klang valley, and still can't find any to replace that two stupid samples.

Anyway, anyone knows of any soybean powder enriched with probiotics? Any at all. Desperately need it to replace my sample. :(

Thank u!

Mar 6, 2010

Busy busy months ahead

Sorry for the absence again...
Was enjoying too much of my CNY holiday and when i finally got back to Uni, tons of works await me.. Exams, Assignments, lab work and thesis. But me ain't complaining cos the more work i do, i feel a sense of fulfillment, like at least i feel i'm doing productive things (Finally!) Lol. Just hope i don't slack off in between and starts binge eating losing time.

I'm counting the days to when i finally finish my thesis :)
That should be in June if all goes according to plan. But i'm not gonna start work in July cos i wanna go holiday some where, any where.

Anyone got any vacation plan on July? ME want go backpacking!! Air Asia having promo now :D

Feb 12, 2010

I actually won something!

I've never really won anything since maybe secondary school, 3 years back? Unless getting parking summons counts as winning too.

I'm not a very lucky person, which is why i dislike gambling. My mum has always taught me that there's no such thing as free lunch in the world. So, i'm a skeptic when it comes to things like this.

I'm not the kind of person who likes competition because i hate the attention. I grew up being overshadowed by my sis, who's always the outspoken and more social one. And i'm happy with that cos i cant deal with too much attention on me. Yes, i know i'm weird. Lol.

Anyway, guess what i won?? This:

FreshKon Mosaic Cosmetic Lenses in velvet blue :D

I won this from an online contest from a blog. It's very simple actually. The question is: Why would you love to try out FreshKon Mosaic Cosmetic Lenses?

My winning answer:
I’d love to try out FreshKon Mosaic Cosmetic Lenses because with just one look is all it takes to dazzle the man of my dreams with ease and total comfort, FreshKon gives me that extra ‘Kon’fidence to go after him!

Cheesy and lame isnt it? Lol. But what the heck, it works! I take this as a good start to a new CNY :D

Feb 11, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Every year of first day of CNY, my house will be filled with people. We had this tradition to do a mini open house specifically for my dad's and mom's friends. Every year without fail, up until this year. New house too small, can't accommodate too many people. So mum and dad decided not to do anymore. Which is good in a way cos then i dont have to clean up and serve dad's friends. Hehe...this year will be a very different CNY.

It used to be even merrier last time when grandma and grandpa was still alive and living with us. For some reasons, both of my parents' sides never had this tradition of having family reunion dinner. So, first day of CNY was the only time i can see all my relatives when they came over to visit my grandparents. But after both of their passing, my house got so quite. Relatives no longer visit us. :(

There are even some cousins whom i dont talk to for years. Some i cant even remember their names and i bet it's the same way around. I guess that's what happen in a very very big family.

Anyway, for those of you who wants to pay me a visit, you're free to come! :D
Just call or sms me..

Happy CNY!

Feb 7, 2010

Do you know what's worth fighting for?


Do you fight for what you believe on, at the extend of others?
Or do you think everything is destined?

Jan 28, 2010

Joan is bad with money

I'm sure many of you would agree with me...Lol. I don't plan for my savings, heck i dont even have a saving! If not for PTPTN loan, i wouldnt have survived til now.

Really, i mean my monthly allowance is RM300 for everything which includes petrol, toll, lunch, breakfast, university's items and outings. The first two alone already eats up all my money. I feed my car more than i feed myself.

I cannot imagine surviving without ptptn's money. Remember this post? That was my worst time ever. I practically had zero life then. Weekdays, i had classes in the morning to afternoon, after class work for Uni and certain days after that, teach my juniors. On average, i was in uni from 7am - 7pm. On weekends, work part time as promoters from 10am - 10pm. That was the very worst ever. Thank goodness for ptptn! Oh, i'm ranting

I'm not a money person, i mean if you were to give me RM100 and ask me to do something good with it, i probably would have spend it without knowing what i did with the money. Lol.

I think it's in every Librans. Really, not lying. We're born with it, it's a package!
Librans are bad with money

*note: i'm not the person asking this question in forum! lol*

Jan 23, 2010

Chocolate craving...

I suddenly craved for chocolate and carbs just now at 11pm. Perfect quick fix - Chocolate cake!

So i googled and found a great recipe for a super duper quick fix.

5 minutes chocolate cake in a mug! Made it in 2 minutes, microwaved for 3 minutes. Now, i'm enjoying it. I don't even have to worry about washing up later, just need to wash a mug and a spoon! How great is that...

Sorry, i didnt take any pics..was too eager to eat it! Mine turn out to be a bit rubbery, i think i baked it too long. Depending on your microwave watts, time varies. I'm not sure how many watts my microwave is but i did it in 3 minutes.. I think i'll try 2 mins and 30 secs next time. But it still taste nice, i added an extra spoon of cocoa powder so it's more chocolaty.

You can get the recipe here.

Jan 21, 2010

Counting my blessings

I'm blessed. Really, i am. I've decided to count my blessings everyday to remind myself how lucky i am. And to avoid whining too much. To start off today,

I am blessed because i have great friends who genuinely care for me. You know who you are :) Despite me being whiny and complaining too much at times, you guys are still there to listen to me. Thanks a million for that! *hugs*

“My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life.” - Lido Anthony "Lee" Iacocca

I'm not ready to die yet!! :P

Jan 17, 2010

Loving this song. =)

I like it only cos of the lyrics. So romantic but the song is kinda high school-ish. But what the heck, i still like it :P

Great song to "kau lui" :P

Jan 16, 2010

Joan is a happy girl! :D

Lab wasn't all that bad. I'm getting used it it already. And i think i'm beginning to like it :D

Now, that's not the good news. The good news is I've lost 2 KGs! Double weeeeee~~
All thanks to daily jogging for 30 minutes...hehe

On another note, i think i have low EQ. My friends say i think too much and over-analyse the situation which i think is true. I over think things, things that don't exist yet or is not real yet. Do i think too much?

Jan 11, 2010

Lab Day 1: Freaking tired

First day at lab is so taxing.

Woke up at 6am, attended class till 12.30pm.
Started lab at 1pm, finished at 6pm. Went to gym for one and half hour. Went home, stuck in jam and finally reach home at 9pm.

My daily routine is gonna be like this everyday for 3 months, except on Thursday and weekends, which are allocated for my thesis writing.

Just day 1 and i'm already hating it. How can i survive 3 months?

Jan 7, 2010

Waiting for an email that has yet to come..

Where is THAT email??!!

I need to see the dateline. Progressing so slow now.

AAAAaaaa.... Where is that email???

Jan 4, 2010

I attended first day of class!


This is worth mentioning since i skipped most of my first week of new semester. But i attended today's class and i was the second earliest in class! Woohoo! Hehe... I figured it's my last semester already, so i better attend first day of class for once.

Went to see my supervisor today and she got promoted! Good news for her, bad news for me. Cos that means she has less time to care about my thesis already. I requested her to set a dateline for us to hand in every chapters and she was a bit surprised. She said "Most students want the other way round, which is more flexible for them to arrange their time. You guys are weird". Lol. Without a duedate, i'll take my own sweet time and procrastinate, i need something to push me. I've been lacking motivation since the previous few sems. Dunno what's up with me already.

Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Goodbye to an emotional 2009. Hello 2010! :D

This year's celebration was somewhat down to earth and peaceful, just the way i liked it. Instead of the usual party scene in public places, i went over to a friend's house for BBQ. It was nice atmosphere with a nice gang of retards people =P

The Retard Gang :P

As usual, no new year resolution for me this year. Just hope for good health for my family, a job that i'm passionate about, and a smooth sailing journey in my studies.

Happy New Year people!