Dec 30, 2007

It's out!

My result is finally out.

Chemistry A+ (92%)
Biology A (84)

Biology lecturer was so kiamsiap. I was lucky i got an A.

Yipee~~ 4.00...hehe, which means i don't have to belanja Mr Eddy Bakuteh!

Dec 22, 2007


Since I have only two more weeks of holiday left, I’ve tried to maximize my time and I’m still trying. Okay, so I’ve started my marathon of outings since last Saturday, 15th Dec.

Saturday, 15 Dec
I went for Bakuteh very early in the morning with Sook May, Jen Lim, Kean Beng and Wei Kuo. That was the first time I had such a heavy breakfast at blardy early 9am.
Later that day, Lai fu joined us for a movie ‘Enchanted’ in JJ Bukit Raja. It was the worst movie I’ve watched this year. Believe me when I said the worst. I was yawning throughout the movie and thinking “Shit, this is where my RM9 went to??!!” It was the most fairytale movie ever. I won’t recommend it to anyone, even kids. It will only feed their imagination about some prince charming. After movie, we went Oldtown to chit chat about uni lives and stuff for a few hours.
For dinner, I, May, Lai Fu and Kean Beng went for the famous ‘Mee Hun Kueh’ in Berkeley.

Sunday, 16 Dec
This was a ‘girls only’ outing day. Elaine and I went to Sunway Pyramid since she had not been to the new wing. We shopped for 6 hours and the most satisfied item I bought was none other than J.Co Donuts! This time around, we only had to que for 30 minutes plus, we also got a free glazy donuts. Hehe…I went home as a happy little girl with her donuts.
At night, went out with sis to Ikea to buy some stuff for her soon-to-be house. I finally called it a day at around 11pm. Never knew buying furniture would be so tiring..

Monday, 17 Dec
Back to work. Woke up late as usual to work all thanks to the previous late night. At night, stayed at home to be a good girl and ‘pui’ mummy for dinner.

Tuesday, 18 Dec
It was ladies day! So, after work, Me and Elaine went for a movie ‘The golden compass’. This show was much more better than the previous one (Enchanted). It was quite nice actually. I like the scenery and the animation. They looked so real and Nicole Kidman was so gorgeous in the movie. The only drawback was 80% of the cinema was filled with couples. Hey, wasn’t it supposed to be ladies day??? And the most irritating thing was that directly two rows in front of me, sat a couple (my juniors in Klang High School) and these two were kissing each other on the lips in front of me. Wth?? I mean I don’t mind if they kissed or make out or whatever (Hey, it’s a freeshow for me, why not?), but not while I’m watching a movie. It was blardy hell distracting! Caused me to loose my concentration and i ended asking Elaine about certain scene in the movie. Later, Yong Han and his cousin joined us for supper. We had bubble tea and talked until we had to be shooed by the waitresses who were eagerly waiting for us to go back so that they can close the restaurant.

Wednesday, 19 Dec
My last day of work. So, I decided to go back home one hour earlier. Hehe..and also because my boss went back after lunch. Previous day, me and Elaine bought tickets to watch ‘I am Legend’. There were five of us, Elaine, me, Sue , Kar Liang and Phor Xiang. This movie was okay, I prefer the Golden Compass, but it was obviously better than Enchanted. Will Smith was damn tough in the show. Very built and sturdy.
We went for dinner ‘Loo Mee’ behind Klang Parade.
At night, around 11pm, Leong and me went for mamak. We talked for hours until her mum called her to come back home.

Thursday, 20 Dec
This was a public holiday. So, to avoid ridiculous traffic and swarms of people, I stayed at home and read a nice novel by James Patterson.

Friday, 21 Dec
Elaine, Me, Wei Kuo, Yong Han and his cousin went for karaoke in GreenBox Bukit Tinggi. It was fun, some of us sang off tune, but we couldn’t care less. It was supposed to be a ‘release-stress’ day. And best of all, it was very cheap for students, only RM8 and you get to sing for hours plus unlimited drinks and titbits.
After that, Elaine, me and Wei Kuo went to Oldtown and talked for hours again. It’s amazing how we always have things to talk about. There was never a silent moment. For dinner, we went to a hawker stall nearby and had chicken rice.

Saturday, 22 Dec
Which is today. I’m going for another marathon again. This time, it’s Nando’s marathon. I’ll be going lunch in Nando’s with my addicted-to-nandos uncle .Then, tomorrow Nando’s with Ahilah and Wednesday Nando’s with my ex-colleague.

And that was the end of week one. I’ll be back for more updates soon..
Till then, stay tune to Blog Me and have a Merry Christmas! ;P

Dec 20, 2007

My work attitude.

Today was my last day of work. Before leaving the company, I asked my boss
“So, what do you think of the way I work? Any comments so that I can improve myself in the future?”

After 2 minutes or so of deep thinking, my boss finally said,
“Hm…yea, you were good. I mean, without much supervision, you can basically do everything. Some people can do better without supervision because as you go along the way, you will find out how things work etc. You have the right attitude. The only thing is that you should communicate more with people, because other people have different ways of doing work. So, only by communicating, you can know how to deal with certain customers and people.”

He is right about my communicating skills. With my friends, I can talk for hours non stop. Sometimes even till morning, without sleep.
But put me with someone I just met, I won’t say more than 10 words. I hardly talk in the office. Most of the time, I just do what I’ve been told and done deal.

So, it’s not easy for me to make friends. But for me to make best buds, it’s quiet easy, I just need the right people and plenty of time. That’s why I treasure every single one of my best buds. By best buds, I meant those you can call up at any time of the day for help and they will rush to your aid in no time. Right now, in my head, I can list out 4 of them.

Anyway, enough about my gibberish. I guess everyone is like that.

But the one thing my boss said that make me feel so good was that he said
“All the best to you. If you need any help, just let me know. You have my mobile, right? So, call me la. If you’re free, drop by and we can always go lunch together”

Aw..That was the nicest thing i've heard from any of my previous boss.

Dec 18, 2007

Last Day of Work.

I will miss this company. Tomorrow will be my last day of work. But boss decided to do a farewell lunch for me earlier, which was today since he has appointments tomorrow.

So, we went to Subang to eat Japanese food in a very cozy and super nice ambience restaurant called Rakuzen. The exterior design of the restaurant was rather modest. But the interior was really nice. Very Japanese like, with all the lighting, bamboos and paintings at the right places. Looking at its nice ambience, it suddenly occurred to me that this lunch would probably worth my one week salary. There were only 4 of us. But what the heck, I don’t have to pay anything. J

I had a Grilled Unagi Set which was really really nice. And of course, my favourite Chuka Lidako. Superb. Fresh and juicy. I don’t really know how to describe food, so pardon me for my lack of vocab. But anyway, I was right. The bill was around 220++ for four persons’ lunch.

Although it was just two short months, I’ve learnt more than I did in any other previous jobs. From this job, I’ve:

1. Gained extra 2 kg, at least. Largely because of me going to pantry to search for food whenever I was free. And usually, I would be free most of the time.

2. Gained Super valuable knowledge about sales and marketing. How to deal with ‘leceh’ customers and scared-of-responsibilities-colleagues.

3. More friends. My colleagues are all great people. Very successful yet humble. Plus, they always treat me lunch because according to them, students like me must save money for college. Lol. I wish all my future colleagues are like them.

4. Experience the fun of going back early, coming to work late. Hehe. But my boss was cool about it.

5. the freedom to buy whatever food I want to eat in office and claim it under companies expenses. Hehe..

6. learnt how to talk nicely to customers although kena scold by them like, must be calm. If not all the four letter words will come out already.

Anyway, I’m on movie marathon now. So far, completed The Enchanted, and The Golden Compass. Tommorow will be I am legend. The day after tomorrow: National Treasure. Then, finally Warlords. Oh and if time permits, Alvin and the Chipmunks too.

So, if anyone wants to join the marathon, just drop me a call/sms. Need more kaki.

Dec 9, 2007

People i avoid.

Some people are weird and scary. Some are just plain morons. Some are one of a kind.
There are so many kinds of people in this world. But I have always avoided certain kind of people in my life.

1. People who avoided me first. It’s my natural instinct to do that. People avoid me for no reason, and in retaliation, I avoid them too. And I reckon that’s why I keep losing friends every year. It’s not that I’m arrogant or anything. I’ve tried to talk to them, to know the reason behind this but they refused to even talk to me. So, fine, let it be. I don’t need a friend like that. The next time they try to patch things up with me, sorry, I’m not a forgiver.

Now, how i wish these people are like this cloud. I can just blow them away whenever they get too near me. Saves the hassle of avoiding them.

2. Negative people. I call them whiners. They are those people who whine about every single thing in life. It’s very easy to identify them. Apart from their obvious sulking and frowning, they have limited vocabulary.
Their favourite phrase: “Why me???”

If i was the prime minister, this will be seen in every single corner in the country.

3. People who are interested in me when they don’t know the real me. It’s very irritating. These people have only seen me no more than five times and have talked to me less than a total of 10 minutes. How could you be interested in anyone at all given that time frame?? In my view, these people are desperados.

Desperados makes me sick. Urgh.

4. Buggers. These people just don’t understand the meaning of ‘Away’ on MSN. They keep nudging you till it gets onto your nerve. This is also one of the main reason I’m having less contacts in my friends list and more in my deleted list. In person, if I ever see them, I try to ignore their existence, just like how I’m used to ignoring them on MSN.

I wish i could make this appear on their computers everytime these buggers nudge me on MSN.

5. Women having their PMSes. I have seen and experience the fury. Believe me, you better run before they’ve been possessed by the PMS devils. Scarier than watching Britney Spears on MTV Movie Awards.

Yes people. Be VERY afarid of these women.

6. Two faces people/ Fakes. I’ve known many of these. Some of them had even once become my closest friends. It’s easy to fall into their trap because it’s hard to spot them. And once you do, it is usually too late. I despise these people; they feed on people’s insecurity. I had been manipulated by them before and now, everyone thinks I’m the selfish, unappreciative and ungrateful one. And they get to be the noble, kind and selfless one. What the heck, I don’t live on others’ opinions and expectations.

So, there you go. This is only a fraction from my real list. But the rest are less ‘severe’ than these people. Are you anywhere in this list?

Dec 6, 2007

Bad luck in office.

Today is the one month ‘anniversary’ of me being in the office. I noticed I bring bad luck to the office, from the first day I started working.

First day of work
Air cond broke down for the first time in months. Repairman came the next day and it caused my boss a bomb.
Ok. I think I can forgive myself for that wasn’t my fault. The air cond needs servicing after so long anyway.

Somewhere in first week
The lights at my place went off. For the whole day, I had to resort to ‘disco’ light. By the end of the day, all the lights I see were also blinking although they were perfectly fine. My eyes began to create its own imaginary image. Boss was kind enough to replace it for me the next day. Thank goodness for him!

Second week
Telephone problem. Had to wait for Telekom for almost 2 weeks to fix it! That was an ultimate torture since I have limited access to internet (eg: no blogging, facebook, msn, ebuddy, meebo, you name it, everything is blocked here). Phone was my only source to outside world!!

Third week
Air cond broke down AGAIN!!!! Thank god the repairman came the next day. Save the suffering for me. The bill is not here yet but I bet it cause my boss a bomb too. The repairman had to vacuum, weld, and even climbed to the roof to check!

The water dispenser broke down. And this time, it was my fault. Since there was no one in the office today, and coincidently, the water dispenser ran out of water, plus I was damn thirsty for water, I figured I was strong enough to carry one galloons of water but I was so wrong. I did manage to carry it but when I tried to put it into the dispenser, I heard “crack”. That was when I knew I broke everything in the office.

Air cond, lights, water dispenser, phone…It’s as if everything I used is jinx!
I wonder what’s next.

Dec 3, 2007

Crazy about donuts!

I’m sure everyone has heard about the new donuts store in town. I’m talking about J.Co donuts of course. The first time I had them, it was sinfully delicious! I ate 3 of them one shot. The second time was even better because I get to choose my own flavours. (The first box was courtesy of Sue San, she queued up for almost an hour for it!). It took me 45 minutes to get my own box of made-in-heaven donuts.

Now, I know that those people who are lucky enough to get to eat Krisy Kreme donuts would say J.Co is nothing compares to the pioneer-donuts-maker but we Asians are not so lucky, so we ought to settle for J.Co. Which, by my standard, is good enough.
I just wish that they have more stores here. Such a hassle to buy it.

J.Co Donuts.My favourite one is definately Alcapone, almond flake with white choc (this pic on the top right)

Then, there’s Big Apple Donuts. I don’t know which one is the copy cat but one thing I do know is that the latter’s donuts doesn’t taste as good as J.Co’s. It’s almost like Big Apple is trying to emulate J.Co success but only they failed miserably. Their donuts are oily, toppings are so-so and they leave a sour taste on my tongue. Reminds me of those 3-for-one-ringgit donuts you can buy in Pasar Malam, but only with extra toppings.

Big Apple Donuts. They look identical arent they?? But don't be fooled by their look!

But I find it odd that Big Apple has so many stores in Klang Valley as compare to J.Co which has only one store, so far in Pavillion. But I hope in time, J.Co will take over Big Apple. that I can eat J.Co’s donuts conveniently.

Anyway, this is just my own opinion. In case you’re wondering, I don’t get commission or advert fees from J.Co. So, try them both and be their judge!

Nov 29, 2007

Glorious Food!

3 days 2 nights = extra 2.5 kg.
Yea…that was the time I used to gain 2.5 kg more. All thanks to Penang. The whole Shah Alam gang except Ms Leong made it to Penang after 6 hours bus ride from Shah Alam. The bus ride itself was somewhat a torture because the air cond was super cold. I had to wear gloves and socks, jackets and even extra blankets. Even the kids sat next to me only wore a jacket.

We reach Penang at around 5 in the morning and Sook May’s brother in law, Ching Siang picked us up to his house. The first day on the itinerary was that we explore the island on our own, by public bus of course. And because it was a Friday, Ching Siang couldn’t bring us around the island as he had to work.

Day 1
And so, we started our first day by having breakfast in one of the food stalls nearby our place. Two things I discovered during breakfast were that you cannot survive in Penang if you don’t know hokkien and even if you know, it’s different from Klang Hokkien.

Then we took public busses to Bukit Bendera and Kek Lok Si and I thought I would die. It was such a torture, we had to wait for at least half an hour for each bus and we were given the wrong
instruction by the bus drivers one after another. So we ended up taking 2 hours plus just to get there.

Both May and Mak were busy looking for bus while smart-ass Kok was drinking Slurpee and me, what was i doing? I forgot...

Lo and behold. The majestic Kek Lok Si.

But it was all worth it.
Kek Lok Si was huge! But it was so unfortunate for me. After reaching there for half an hour, my stomach was making funny noises. I ended up going to the toilet twice. But I still managed to take a few pictures here and there.

A pretty shot by Kok. The pagoda that i didnt get to go all thanks to my stomach!

All of us. From left: Mak, May, Me, Sui Jing and Kok.

Bet you couldn’t see that I was grimacing under the big grin!

The view from Bukit Bendera was just alright. It could be better if not for the haze.
But nonetheless, there were still a lot of tourists, probably due to school holiday.

The hazy Penang.

At night, we went to Gurney Drive for some lip-smacking food!
For the first time in my life, I couldn’t be bothered about the super oily fried chicken skin or the pig’s skin. I just chow it down! Heck, when I think back now, I can literally see the oil dripping from the food. It’s as if oil in Penang is free…

Food vocab of the day
Hokkien Mee in Penang = Prawn Mee in KL
Hokkien Char in Penang = Hokkien Mee in KL

Gurney Drive at night.

Day 2
Day 2 was so much better, largely because we didn’t have take public bus! For breakfast, we had Tim Sum in one of the coffee shop where you can see Ah Peks gathering around a table and talking about old times. Everywhere we looked, there were sights of old Ah Peks and Ah Chims. I reckon there were lots of Ah Peks not because of the food but probably because of the waitresses. No, they’re not wearing skimpy, sexy wear. They were Ah Chims, for god sake!

The food was alright. Not too bad but not the best I’ve had.

Then we headed down to Him Heang to buy Tambun biscuits. Him Heang is actually the name of a shop, famous for its Tambun biscuits. Their biscuits were in such high demands that we even had to place our orders earlier and come back to collect later.

Waiting for our turn to place orders...

And so, we went to the sleeping Buddha Temple before going back to Him Heang to collect our biscuits. The temple was big but not as huge as Kek Lok Si. But what I liked about this place was the drawings on the walls, about the story of Buddha. How he got enlightenment etc. We also tried our hands at the “kau chim” area and this is what I got:

Sigh…Guess that I won’t be rich anytime soon...

At the Sleeping Buddha Temple, behind us was the drawing of Buddha leaving his rich prince's life.

Next up, we spent some time shopping in Gurney Plaza but none of us bought anything, perhaps because the things there were too expensive (Versace, Guess etc) for us poor students.

Our stomachs were grumbling after the long walks at the temples. So, we went to eat cendol and it was really really good! The cendol stall was a small stall manned by an uncle, his son and another Indonesian lady. People don’t seem to mind standing at the roadside eating cendol. All kinds of people were there, from those in office suit to little boys back from school. While having our Cendols, our nose quickly picked up a familiar smell, Char Koay Tiaw! Just beside the cendol stall, there was a small cornet lot restaurant. The Char Koay Tiaw was the best I’ve ever had! Fresh, juicy prawns and just the right taste.

Yummy...delicious cendol!

We then went to Batu Ferringi to enjoy the beaches there. But sadly, it was not up to my expectations. Pangkor was so much nicer. We strolled along the beaches, feasting our eyes with pretty Kwai Lohs and Kwai Muis.

The beach at Batu Ferringi. We tried hard to take a picture of Kwai mui in bikini but instead, this is what we got. A little girl playing with sand.

Then, we explored the other side of the island, Balik Pulau. It was a completely different scene. This area was under-developed with many kampong houses and beautiful mountains.
We stopped at the huge dam and one can just sit there and be in peace with Mother Nature. You can even hear the wind blowing. It was so quiet and serene.

Beside from us, there was only another family there. Very Peaceful...

Then, came the main itinerary of the trip, seafood!!!
We went to a very hidden and secluded restaurant in Balik Pulau, and it took us around 1 hour plus to reach there. But the view was superb. The restaurant was located at the seaside and we reached just in time to watch the sunset with fresh seafood in our mouths!
And the best of all, it’s not very expensive. With such a beautiful view and fresh seafood, they could charge me as much as they want.

On the table were prawns, crabs, chicken, fish, cuttlefish, and vege.

Look at this view near the restaurant! Simply marvellous...

After our delectable dinner, we went home and stayed up till late, watching Mr Bean, and chit chatting.

Food vocab of the day
Seng Kak Chui = Teng Lang Teh (Chinese Tea)
Tau Sar Peah = Tambun Peah

Day 3
Our final day in the island. All of us woke up late, all thanks to the late night chats. We had tapau chee cheong fun for breakfast and stayed at home, watching more Mr Bean before going out for lunch. We had Hokkien Mee for lunch and it was the only food I didn’t enjoy in Penang. It was too oily for my liking.

Pig's skin. Just look at the oil!

To burn off the super-oily Hokkien mee we had for lunch, we went shopping at Quensbay mall. Surprisingly, the mall has more varieties of clothing compared to the ones in KL. But I only bought a working shoe.
After a few hours of shopping comes more food! Yea, we were eating non-stop. It’d be a miracle if I don’t put on weight. We had Nasi Kandar for dinner and it was just ok.

Then, we went to explore the industrial area in Bayan Lepas. Ching Siang was our tireless tour guide. He brought us to a snake temple but sadly, it was half closing when we reached there. All the snakes were kept inside and we couldnt see them.

So, we went back home to pack up and wind down after the tiring shopping trip. Then, it was our final feast in the island. We had Tong Sui, Char Koay Tiaw and Hokkien Mee, and that’s just for supper!

For our final trip, Ching Siang took us to Fort Cornwallis, a historical fort used to defend the island during the British invasion. Aside from the historical monuments, there was nothing much there. But it was nice to enjoy the cool breeze of air and watch the locals fished at the seaside.

Fort Cornwallis.

And so, that was the end of our trip.

At last, we headed home to Shah Alam. The ride back home was so much better and I fell asleep as soon as I got in the bus.

The verdict.
Best Char Koay Tiaw: The corner lot restaurant beside the Cendol stall, near Komtar.
Best Hokkien Mee: The stall near Tong Sui shop. I could give you the name of the place if only I remember…
Best Laksa: The one in Gurney Drive, although Chin Siang said that there is another one in Air Itam, just below Kek Lok Si.
Best Cendol: Definitely the one near Komtar. Delicious!!!!

Now, i just wish i have more money to go to the next trip....

*Pictures courtesy of Sui Jing and May

Nov 8, 2007

Three’s a company.

I’ve started working this week in a company in Shah Alam. And it has only 3 staffs…including me.

There’s a country manager a.k.a boss and there’s another technical guy, and there’s me. My position is called sales coordinator but I was wondering since I’m the only one in the sales department, doesn’t that make me the head of sales? Sales Manager sounds good…I wish…

But the job’s quite fun so far…My daily routine would be recording the sales and coordinating sales between customer and the head office in Singapore. So far so good. My boss and the other colleague are great! My boss is very supportive, taught me everything from A-Z as I’m pretty new to all these sales thingy. The other guy is very friendly and caring, always making sure that I feel comfortable in the office, offering me snacks etc..

Not to mention, the office is like less than 5 minutes away from my house and I can practically go back home for lunch! And the best part? The salary! Quite good pay but not the best I’ve had but still, I get to learn tons of stuff..

The company I’m working in is called ISP Chemical, which deals which chemical stuff. They produce tons of chemicals from the basic one like polymers to really “deep” stuff like Gafquat. And they have offices worldwide.

Anyway, I have the weekends off so I still have time to hang out.

Right now, I’m listening to Matt Wertz and Jeff Buckley (the latter thanks to uncle), and I strongly recommend these two great singers.

Oct 26, 2007

I need to work!!

I’m oficially on two months holiday now!
My last paper, Chemistry was alright, I think I can score an A in it. But my other paper, Biology, might be in trouble. My assignment marks was only 9/15 and my lab reports scored on 10.2/15. Sad case…I might be able to get 4.00 for this semester already….:(
I hate group work…

And I bloody hate UCSI. I have to work for them for 65 hours next semester because that’s the requirement for my scholarship! Not a good scholarship!!!
Work for UCSI 65 hours, weekends working also and next semester I’m taking 5 subjects and I need to maintain a good grade so I wont lose the scholarship.
How the heck can I find the time to do all that? Beats me too..

So anyway, here’s what I’ve planned to do in these two months:
1. Work and save at least enough to pay next semester’s tuition fees.
2. Study for next semester’s subjects.
3. Find an education loan or better scholarship.
4. And if I am able, do online business.

Anyone willing to donate to Joan Yee’s Education Fund, you are welcome to do so by dropping me an email.

Oct 13, 2007


I love this course. Study 2 months, and then 2 months holiday. But first, I have to take my final exams on the 22nd and 24th this month. I hope I can get at least 80% for both subjects. So, wish me luck!

Heroes season 2 is out now! Cant wait to watch it. And I’ll be having holidays starting from 24th. So, right now, I’m looking for a 2 months job. If anyone knows of any job, please let me know. I need money for next semester’s fees. :(

In the meantime, it’s Hari Raya holiday now! Hehe…loads of open houses…welcome unlimited yummy food!! Mum would love this week because she doesn’t have to cook.

To all my muslim friends, Happy Aidilfitri!

P/S: i'm always available for open houses. It's hard to resist good food...

Sep 27, 2007

How did I celebrate my 20th birthday?

I woke up later than usual because I was studying biology the night before. I was preparing to go to uni when my mum called from downstairs to ask me to eat “mee sua”.
Mee Sua = longevity noodle (direct translation), supposedly brings long life and usually eaten during someone’s birthday.
So, I started the day with a warm, tasty bowl of noodle.
I reached the class earlier than expected, and the class went by very quickly, in probably 45 minutes or so. After class, went to the library to teach my Iraqi teammate on his Chemistry lab report and it took me another 40 mins.

Then, drove to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch with my "uncle". (Thanks for the treat uncle! :D and so sorry for being late for about an hour!!). Got home and had a quick shower before going out to have dinner with Ahilah and Leong. (Thanks Ahilah for the cake and Leong for the earring!).
I had a really nice day talking with uncle, Ahilah and Leong. I haven’t had the luxury to talk for so long with someone I’m close with, especially these few weeks where Uni has been quite miserable for me, socially. I would say this year’s birthday is a simple celebration but with much joy in it.

Lastly, thanks for all the birthday wishes people! I’m finally an adult…yeay!

Sep 25, 2007


The fourth week in UCSI, things got better. No more conflict between who should drive how much petrol money I should pay u and vice versa… Because, I am driving MYSELF only. But that doesn’t come easy. There was so much conflict in the first few weeks, to the extend that I actually couldn’t stand it anymore and I finally told “her” off. I refused to drive them anymore. It’s not that I care about the money; it’s just the way I’m being treated. I was treated like it’s my responsibility to send her to college, that I’m some sort of taxi driver. One day, she will follow me, the next day, when she feels like no mood, she will follow others. And they amount of money she paid me was so meager that couldn’t even eat a bowl of porridge with that money. And I accepted that but the fact that she even argued with me because she refused to pay that much really puts me off. And that was it. That was the final straw. I didn’t even argue with her when she refused to drive me to class (although she will pass by Shah Alam anyway). And yet, she would argue with me because of the amount of money that was not enough for me to wipe my ass to eat lunch. By the way, just to clarify, “her” is not Sue san.

Ok, my annoying brother Mickael Yee Kok Chye wants to play Dota now because tommorow he cannot play during work ( written as requested by him)


I have become so lazy since joining UCSI.
I should be reading in the library instead of surfing the net in the computer lab.
I should be listening to the lectures instead of daydreaming.
I should have attended the class instead of sleeping at home.

BUT, every time I tell myself that I cannot be so lazy, somehow, I seem to rationalize every wrong action I made.
I am surfing the net because I’m researching for my assignments (of course there are other things too, like chatting on msn, checking friendsters etc)
I am daydreaming because I already know what the lecturers are teaching about.
I did not attend the class because I had to work the day before, so that was why I couldn’t wake up in the morning.

You see, I have become a lazy person who procrastinates a lot.
“There are always tomorrow.”
“I am too tired from all the traveling/ working. This can wait”
“I don’t have to study now; I still have time before exam”
And a million more reasons…

Someone gotta tell me why I shouldn’t procrastinate. Because I’m enjoing life by procrastinating.

Sep 6, 2007

A pretty bad start in UCSI.

First day
Everything was good at first but on the way home, in the car, arguments ensued regarding financial matters and convenience among 4 of us who were car-pooling. Everyone went back in a very somber mood. Stupid orientation that took us 9 hours didn’t help a bit.

Second day
The original driver couldn’t make it to uni due to some important matters, so I had to drive us to Uni. Initially we were looking forward to this day as there was a very important segment in the orientation- the course selection, whereby we need to select the subjects taken in this semester, but due to some stupid unforeseen errors in the computer registry, we couldn’t do it, so we had to postpone it to the next day.

Third day
Was the stupidest ever! Woke up very early just to be on time for the 9 o’clock class. When we finally reach the class (on time!), it was empty, so we went to find the lecturer. And we were told that she was on MC and that there was not to be any class that day. Took us 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there and there was no class. KNN CCB!!. Nonetheless, we did our course selection and got our timetable.
For this short, 2 months semester, I’ll be taking:

Chemistry with Lab
Biology with Lab

Yup, only two subjects. And the syllabus is the same with what I’ve studied in Form 6, so this semester would be relatively easy. That’s why I’ll be working on the weekends too. And then, holiday on Nov and Dec.

AND I LOST MY HANDPHONE. My beloved 3 years old hand phone. T_T
Don’t ask how I lost it because I have no idea too. It might be stolen or I lost it, and I don’t know until now.

Fourth day
Which is today. Finally got to see the lecturers and attended the lectures which were utterly boring. To the point I was daydreaming about living in Italywith a cute hunk. Just finished reading all the lecture notes.

And now, I have to go to eat dinner!

Aug 23, 2007


"Save the cheerleader, save the world."

Finally finished watching all 23 episodes of Heroes season 1 . I've got to say, my moronic brother , Pete is right, the show is really interesting. Coincidentally, he has the same first name with the hero who saved the world, Peter Petrelli. But there are times that i wish i could just slap Claire Bennet, the spontaneous regeneration girl for whining so much about "being different". That was the most irritating thing i found about the show. Other than that, i think Isaac Mendez and Peter Petrelli should not have died. Such a waste of talents. And oh, Mr E-sac should teach Nakamura how to pronounce his name correctly.

Now i cant wait for Season 2!

Aug 16, 2007

Got a job!

I found another job for one week. This time, it's in Subang airport as a data entry clerk. It's a fun job beacuse the people there are so funny and i get to meet new people everyday! It's a french company, called Eurocopter which is the world's second largest helicopter company. Tommorow would be my last day :(

And it's really weird when you have to step into a company in Malaysia only to find tons of french speaking people. Even the malaysians working there speak french! i would say 30-40% of the workers there are foreigners. I went out to have lunch with my collegue today and i just felt like i was in France, with Malaysian weather. I mean, sitting in a car full of french and they speak french and i was like so out of place. Then on the lunch table, you have chinese and malay speaking french to each other... how weird can that be??

Anyway, this is really a good experience for me. I get to see helicopters everyday, meet so many people from so many countries and get to earn money at the same time! Oh and not to mention, i get to "cuci mata" everyday! hehe...

Aug 14, 2007

Nutrition and Food Science Careers

Adapted from

There is a high demand for graduates of nutrition and food science in a range of areas including public nutrition education programs, nutritional advice, development of new food products and research related to food and nutrition in health and disease. Potential employers include community health centres, hospitals, nursing homes, food suppliers and manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, supermarket chains, airlines, wine companies, teaching institutions, Commonwealth and State research laboratories and public health departments. Graduate nutritionists often undertake a further one-year program of study in a specific professional area, such as dietetics, food science and technology, health promotion or teaching.

Ah...what a me great pleasure to know that the course i'm about to take is not that bad after all.

Aug 9, 2007

You've got a mail!

I've received a mail just now from Nottingham University. They are offering me 25% scholarship and i'm entitled to get PTPTN loan. Which means, i need to pay only RM7000+ per year, after getting full loan from PTPTN. 4 years chemical engineering course. What do you think?

It's holiday again..

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. All thanks to Payless Books warehouse sale!
Out of sheer boredom, I went to this warehouse sale in 3K complex, near Summit, hoping to find some good bargains on Sidney Sheldon’s books. But luck wasn’t on my side; I couldn’t find any books by him, not a single book. Nonetheless, I bought 10 books for just Rm34. Now, that’s what I call a warehouse sale. I was there for at least an hour, browsing through hundreds or maybe thousands of books there! While I was driving home with all my newly bought books, I could see books everywhere. The old uncle who was driving so slow in front of me had no head but a book attached to his body! Hahaha… It was as good as Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Sense saying “I see dead people books ”

Ok, enough about my craps. I'm beginning to enjoy my holiday now. Well, I have to. Even if I don’t, I have to pretend that I’m enjoying it! Especially after so many bouts of stupid people asking stupid questions unsuccessful interviews. I wanted to continue to work for Chanel but the pay is turning me off and the job can be very very boring at times. So, I’m at home now. My daily routine is pretty much the same. Wake up, watch channel 79 until I get bored, and then I play the computer. For those who don’t know, channel 79 is a crime and investigation channel in astro. Pretty much like CSI in real life.

Amazingly, I learnt a lot from this channel. Like the finger print system in CSI: AVIS does really exist, but it is not as sophisticated as the one in CSI. And do you know that the name of coca-cola comes from cocaine?? Yes, the drug, cocaine. In fact, the original coke really had cocaine in it!

Anyway, I would be free until end of this month. So, don’t forget to call me if there’s mamak or any outings at all!


Jul 31, 2007


i need a job!!!

Two days at home is like two days in Mr Lim's maths class!

Anyone got a job for me?

Jul 26, 2007


MSN Messenger on July 26th, 9.30PM

sid guan just sent you a nudge.

sid guan says:
how are you?
joan says:
fine fine...
joan says:
sid guan says:
den waiting for the unisel again ah?
sid guan says:
me soso lor
sid guan says:
unisel or usc ah?
joan says:
joan says:
sid guan says:
oh oh
sid guan says:
paishe paiseh
joan says:
dont downgrade me ok
sid guan says:
joan says:
unisel is a "sai" college
sid guan says:
k la k la
sid guan says:
dun angry 1st
sid guan says:
joan says:

UCSI = Unisel...???!!!
WTH...They are two bloody different uni!

Is UCSI that bad???

Jul 22, 2007

Done deal!

I went to UCSi today to register with Susan and Shi Lee. I'm so glad that i have a direction to go now. And honestly, after hearing what my friends told me just now about their lives in public Unis, i'm a bit glad about my decision. Ya, i might need to pay more but it's a good investment. I can always get back that amount of money when i work in the future. Now, i'm just keeping my fingers crossed so that i can get PTPTN loan!

By the way, there's a really good book that i think everyone should read. It's called 'The Secret'. It's motivational book that works if you really understand the principles of it.

My classes will start in September. So, i have another month of break! Yipee :D

Jul 18, 2007


Everything is just not right. I’m jinx. Everything bloody thing I planned has gone down the drain. Went to UCSI yesterday, and I was told that if I take the offer from UCSI, I can’t take up PTPTN loan. Ok, fine, I thought. Maybe my family still can support me for the rest of the 45k. But I was very naïve. If there’s one thing I learnt from all these is that you can never rely on anyone, not even your closest family members especially when it comes to money because everyone is realistic. The fact is that they are able to support me but the question is, are they willing to do so?

I’m so frustrated with all these. Sometime I just feel like stop studying and work. 3.75 and yet, I couldn’t go anywhere. The best they can give me is computer science. Bullshit. I have a friend whose pointer was only 2.1 and yet he got a engineering course. Just plain bullshit.

These were my initial plans:
1. Wait for the appeal result for the course of Physiotheraphy in UKM in July - FAILED
2. 50% scholarship from UCSI to do nutrition in September - ????
3. Pharmacy in AIMST in September - TOO EXPENSIVE
4. Full scholarship from Nilai to do Computing/ accounting / business - TURNS OUT TO BE 50% BEACUSE I HAVE AN A-
5. Biomedical Science in UTAR in January 2008
6. Chemical Engineering in Curtin, Sarawak in September -

But now i can only hope on UCSI and UTAR. UTAR would be a safer choice because i can take up full loan from PTPTN but i have to wait until January 2008 and i don't want to wait that long because i feel like i've wasted enough time. UCSI on the other hand is a very risky decision. I can try my luck to borrow PTPTN but if i dont get, i'll be wasting the first semester fees.

Does anyone knows of any instituitons or banks i can borrow money from??

Jul 16, 2007

I've made up my mind

I'm going to UCSI for September intake.

In the meantime, i'm working in Sunway Pyramid. Drop by at the Chanel counter if you want to see me.

I need $$$$$!!

Jul 10, 2007

Life is so bloody boring.

Work is boring, weekends are even worse, and staying at home is like unbelievably BORING. There’s nothing to do, nothing exciting and new. I spend like at least 3 hours a day sitting down doing nothing but stares into the blank wall. Well, that’s what I do at work. And then when I got home, it’s either TV or games on the com. It’s pretty much the same routine. I bloody hate this. There’s no meaning to life. By the way, for those of you who are wondering what am I working as, I’m working as a beauty consultant (BC) (again!!) but for different brands this time. Chanel, Anna Sui, Dior etc…I’m a freelance bc.

I hate it when people ask me what is my next plan and all I can say is I’m not sure yet. It’s very degrading. Most people will give me that ‘look’, you know, the look that says ‘this girl has no idea what she’s gonna do with her life’. Sigh. Especially with what I’m working as now, people would think I’m a bimbo.

I guess life’s like that. There will come a time when you are at a super high point in your life and then, all of sudden, it comes down. Reminds me of graphs now. Heck, now I miss studies. I’m a study freak. Last few months were great; I had so much fun, even at work, or at home. But now, I miss all that. Now, everything’s just empty.

Ah….life is a bed of roses…full of thorns.

Jun 24, 2007


Right now, I’m lost and confused. I’ve been given the course of Computer Science in an unknown university in Melaka, UTeM. The result was announced on the 18th and for that one whole day, I was totally blank. Who could have thought that a biology student would get a computer course??? Just plain ridiculous and brainless. It’s not like I’m a lousy student, hey, I got 92/100 for my total percentage! And what university is this??? I’ve never even heard of it! Even my teachers were staring me in blank when I told them I was offered a course in this unheard of uni.

If only I knew this is the outcome, I would never have taken STPM. All the hard work, stress, tears and anxiety of taking STPM for nothing! It’s juste very very unfair!!!! STPM is one of the hardest tests in the world and yet, it’s not recognized. And this is all because STPM students are mostly Chinese. I so bloody hate Malaysian government. So blatantly unfair.

I have a few choices now.
1. Wait for the appeal result for the course of Physiotheraphy in UKM in July
2. 50% scholarship from UCSI to do nutrition in September
3. Pharmacy in AIMST in September
4. Full scholarship from Nilai to do Computing/ accounting / business
5. Biomedical Science in UTAR in January 2008
6. Chemical Engineering in Curtin, Sarawak in September

Arranged according to my preference.
In the meantime, I must find a job until end of July when the appeal result is out. I need the $$$$... Anyone knows of any temp jobs?

Jun 9, 2007

In one week's time.

Next Friday is my last day of work. I've work there for 5 long months, which is not really long but for me, it's very long. It's the longest job I've ever had! Everyone in the company seems to know that I'll be leaving soon and it's really nice of them to wish me luck for my studies. I got a shock yesterday when my Managing Director (MD), an American asked me if i wanted to stay longer there. He would arrange a position for me upstairs in the main office if i wanted to stay. I was thinking to myself "No way in hell, man!". Lol. But of course i didn't say anything like that, i told him i need some time off for myself before university starts. In fact, i think i was a bit tongue tied when he asked me that because he was the last person i would expect to ask me that. Heck, even my own boss couldn't be bothered about me leaving!

A part of me is sad to leave but another part of me is glad to leave this company. There's just too much of politics here. The environment here is simply absurd. There's just too many things to do here but so little capable people. There were 3 new staffs who came in to work for the first day in the company and the next day, they left. And these are all non-related to each other, they are independent cases, in different departments. The capable ones are leaving because of a group of lousy and useless people who would wreck havoc everything! And some of these group of people are in the top management. It's just so sad to see that the capable ones are struggling in their everyday work and just trying to survive in the company. It's not like the MD is not doing anything about it but there's just too much going on in the company that i think even he couldn't handle it.

But i do feel a bit sad of leaving and saying good bye to a few great people there. My two best friends there, Ahilah and Sofea, the ever so courteous and polite German manager (not to forget handsome!), Oliver, the MD who always asks me how am i doing, Tracy and the accounts lady who helped me with everything, Ms Teoh. These are the few people whom I'll miss dearly.
I wish to work with them again in the future but in a much better environment, of course.
I wish them all luck!

Let's see what will happen in my last week of work there.

May 30, 2007

I am sick for 5 days in a row.
I finished up all the medicine the doc gave me.
I have no idea why I'm sick.
I want to sleep. I'm not at home, I'm at work.
I hate work.

By the way, UCSI is offering me 50% tuition fees waiver on the course Bach in Food Sc and Nutrition. Intake in September. Full tuition fees = 58k

May 14, 2007


Pangkor is the cheapest vacation place I've ever been to. Seriously cheap. 3 days and 2 nights for Rm 200, including souvenirs and food, everything!

We took a bus from Klang to Lumut. From Lumut, we took a ferry to Pangkor. It took us around 4 hours to get there and we didn't have to wait long for the bus also. Rm 16.60 for one way. The ferry was Rm 10 for two ways!

It was a really great that we found a place to stay, which was really cheap and comfortable. A two-storey terrace house, equip with Astro, Air- cond, water heater and everything else that you might need. All for RM 30 a night/ person. Talk about budget!

But the best part was that we managed to found a rented car for just RM 60 for 3 days!! And it wasn't a small and faulty car but it was a new Proton Iswara.

It was just a small island, and the view was just average. The nicest beach there was the one in Teluk Dalam. The water there is much cleaner, the beach was quieter and best thing is that you won't find any screaming kids running around the beach. But the setback was that the road leading to Teluk Dalam was very dangerous, very steep and a lot of sharp curves. But it was worth it.

There wasn't much interesting places there besides from the beach. There were Dutch Fort and a few temples. That was all. But the main reason for me to go there was the food!!
The seafood was very fresh and depending on where you eat, it can be very cheap. The first night we were there, we ate Fried Sotong, Laksa Fish and a vege ( can't remember what vege was it). All for Rm 10/ person. The fish was really really nice! The restaurants in Pangkor Town was a bit expensive, and wasn't so fresh also. The best place to eat is in the Chinese town, slightly after the jetty, near the huge Chinese temple. It's much cheaper and fresher there.

If you want to buy some souvenirs, try buying dried satay sticks or dried fish fillet because it is much cheaper and more variety there. I suggest you to buy in Lumut town, which is much cheaper and please, don't ever buy in Teluk Nipah! They are mainly for Kwai Lohs and foreign tourists. And because they are so many of them selling dried food, you can always haggle with them. We really had fun bargaining with the traders there and we did it in a good and polite manner, mind you.

All in all, it was fun and best of all, it didn't burn a hole in my pocket! ;)
p/s: If anyone wants contact numbers for the accommodation, car rental or any questions to ask me, feel free to drop me a comment and I'll reply you ASAP!!

May 11, 2007

Adventure in KL

KL is the last place i would spend my holiday at but somehow me and my collegue, Ahilah, just thought of going around KL for our labour day 2 days break. It was fun actually. I woke up 30 minutes later than i intended and she had to wait for me at the train station. Hehe... so bad of me..

We took a train to KL Sentral and then from there we took a cab to Butterfly park.
We started out in Butterfly park and it was funny. The lady at the counter actually asked for my Mykard to verify that i'm a local! (they have different entrance ticket rate for local and tourist)
What??!! Do i look like some Ah lian for China??? WTH....
The butterflies were just alright not as nice as the one in Cameron Highlands... But the Koi fish was HUGE! Seriously huge...i've never seen such huge fishes in my life before...
The Koi fishes in Butterfly park were HUGE!!
Okay, they don't look so huge in this picture, but they were seriously huge in real.

Next, we went to Orchid Park and Hibiscus park. It was so so so hot. I had to apply sun block wherever i go and Ahilah was like "Do you need to??" Hahaha... Hey, i get sun burned easily...
The flowers were nice. The nicest part is that we got ourselves some souvenirs from there. Hehe...we plucked the branches of the hibiscus flowers so that Ahilah's mum can replant them at her house! It was really hot in Orchid park, but luckily i was fully prepared. I had an umbrella, caps, hand fan, sun block for face and body, and even sunblock for lips!! This time around, i want to make sure i wont get sun burn again!

Water lily in the Orchid park. Ahilah took this beside the pond and i was so afraid she would fall into the algae filled pond!! Thank god she didn't!

Then we went to the Planetarium, and we had to walked for some distance to get there. It was really fun at first but when the kids started to come in, it was really out of control. They were shouting and running around and we decided to go into the Theater to have some quiet time. The theater was really nice, especially the part where it was pitch black and all we could see was the starts and the planets... So calming and peaceful..

Looking through the telescope at the Planetarium. I can't remember what i saw though.

Then we walked back to KL sentral and took a train to Petaling Street to have our lunch. It was a mistake to go there. Packed like sardines and we had to squeze into the street just to get to a restaurant to eat. But i got myself some delicious egg tart and Siew Pau... Yum yum..
I felt like we've shed a few kilos because we walked so so far!!

By the time i got home, i was so freaking tired. But i had always wanted to do something like this, only i didnt have the chance to do so. It was really exciting and i hope to do it again. But of course, not in KL. Somewhere else, far away from home....

May 2, 2007

Enjoying to the MAX!!!

Holiday is so much fun! Since I got home from work everyday at 5.15 PM, I thought I might do something good with my time. So, every weekday I won’t be free except for Monday and Wednesday. Weekends are of course, always free. Anyone interested to join me for a swim on Fridays or want to join me to visit some cute, less fortune kids on Thursdays, just give me a call! Tuesdays is specially allocated for TV nights, because there is Desperate Housewives!!!

I’m so excited to go to Pangkor this weekend. It’s gonna be fun!! But it would be so much better if Christy can join us…if only.

Last Saturday was one of the best nights out ever. Although we didn’t go anywhere, we just stayed in Christine’s house but it was nonetheless, a night filled with genuine laughter and super lame jokes! Four long years, Christine, we will so miss you!!!

Farewell Christine! Take care!!!!

Apr 15, 2007

Tell me, is this not racism?

Adapted from Wikipedia.


After the SPM, students would have a choice of either studying Form 6 or the matriculation (pre-university). If they are accepted to continue studying in Form 6, they will also take the
Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia or Malaysian Higher School Certificate examination. Form 6 consists of two years of study which is known as Lower 6 (Tingkatan Enam Rendah) and Upper 6 (Tingkatan Enam Atas). The STPM regarded as one of the hardest tests in the academic world due to the wide scope of its syllabus.

Additionally all students may apply for admission to
matriculation which is a one or two-year programme run by the Ministry of Education. Not all applicants for matriculation are admitted and the selection criteria are not publicly declared, which has led to speculation that any criteria existing may not be adhered to. A race-based quota is applied on the admission process, with 90% of the places being reserved for the bumiputeras, and the other 10% for the non-bumiputeras. The matriculation programme is not as rigorous as the STPM. The matriculation programme has come under some criticism as it is the general consensus that this programme is much easier than the sixth form programme leading to the STPM and serves to help Bumiputeras enter the public university easily. It is considered easier because in the matriculation program the teachers set and mark the final exams that their students sit, whereas in the STPM the final exam is standardised and exam papers are exchanged between schools in different states to ensure unbiased marking.

Tertiary education in the public universities is heavily subsidised by the government. Applicants to public universities must have completed the Malaysia matriculation programme or have an STPM grade. Excellence in these examinations does not guarantee a place in a public university due to government's quota policy. The selection criteria are largely opaque as no strictly enforced defined guidelines exist.

In 2004, the government formed the Ministry of Higher Education to oversee tertiary education in Malaysia. Racial quotas for university admission exist in Malaysia, and the then minister Dr. Shafie Salleh was quoted to be pro-racial quotas.
Although the government announced a reduction of reliance of racial quotas in
2002, instead leaning more towards meritocracy. However, in 2004, 128 non-Malay or non-Bumiputra students with excellent results had their applications to study medicine at public universities denied.

The net outflow of academics from Malaysia led to a "brain gain" scheme by then (1995) Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamed. The scheme set a target of attracting 5,000 talents annually. In 2004, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister, Datuk Dr
Jamaluddin Jarjis in a parliamentary reply stated that the scheme attracted 94 scientists (24 Malaysians) in pharmacology, medicine, semi-conductor technology and engineering from abroad between 1995 and 2000. At the time of his reply, only one was remaining in Malaysia.

Racial Quota

The government introduced racial quota in Malaysia education system. The government gives more chance for Malays to get into public universities (IPTA), narrowing the chance of other races to get into it. Years ago there was a case where more than 100 of non-Malay top students who achieved well in STPM were rejected from certain public universities. Further researches showed that the universities were accepting more Malays than other races, although there are students who have better results and qualifications who were rejected by those IPTA, making it unfair to all other non-Malay students. This is the main reason many of Malaysia's top students are now working in Singapore after pursuing their postgraduate studies in Singapore

Apr 14, 2007

Why no calls????

Waaaa!!!!! T_T
The Star didn't call me!!

Apr 12, 2007

I'm tagged :(

Okay….Since, I'm so free and bored now, I thought I would do something silly, and that is this, a stupid test about friends and stuff. Since I have so many friends..hehe…I'll divide this into 2 parts. One for SMKSSAAS and the other one for High School Klang.

Can you name 13 of your classmates in high school that u can think of right of the top of your head? Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 13 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first. No Cheating!!!

1. Wan Min
2. Sook May
3. Christine
4. Sui Jing
5. Renukha
6. Indrani
7. Vithiya
8. Mak
9. Adrian
10. Kok
11. Maurice
12. Aaron
13. Hanum

How did you meet 10?
Classmate since form1…. Cant really remember, but he was with mak and Geng…

What would you do if you had never met 1?
My life would be so much simpler! :P But honestly, I would be so alone if it were not for her. *wink*

What would you do if 6 and 2 date?
Na…The last I checked, they are both straight…

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
Hm…no, come to think about it…Yea, I haven't seen her cry before!

Do you think 10 is cute?
Hahahaha….erm..ya, he's adorable. He's like a brother to me. A younger one that is.

How did you get to know 8?
Through Sook May? Hehe…they were always together…now he's like a big brother of mine. 'Boss' is what I always call him.

Would you ever go on a date with number 12?
Hahahaha…Aaron? Yeah, sure, why not? He's cute although a bit vulgar, but no harm in going a date with him ;)

What's 7's Favorite color?
Erm…Vick's fav colour… Haha…I've no idea…

What would you do if 5 confessed he/she loved you?
Na…although she's in our special group but she's straight too…

About 9
Who cares?

Who is 4 going out with?
Erm…a guy from her school which has the same surname as me…sorry dear, cant remember his name…

What is number 5 to you?

Is 2 single?
Yes, but that's because she chose to be single. There are so many guys after her! May, loosen up a bit!

Where does 7 live?
Sect 19, near train station

What do you think about 3?
Smart and pretty and cute and artistic and everything that is nice

What's the best thing about number 8?
Haha..big mouth? But he's a joker and that's his most valuable asset! Not to mention he's a leader!

What do you like about number 11?
Nothing…I don't like anything about him. Haha, don't hate me Maurice, just being honest here…

Favorite Memory with 1?
Haha…. During English lesson with Muthu where Ms Leong was caught eating in class but I wasn't, when in fact I was the one who started eating! I won't forget the blur look she had when Muthu called her name! :P

How you describe number 13?
Smart, crazy, fun, hip and happening!

High School Klang (Random order)

1. Victoria
2. Shiau Mei
3. Eric Gideon
4. Elaine
5. Keng Hoo
6. Sue San
7. Why Kit
8. Wei Kuo
9. Sid Guan
10. Ida
11. Shalani
12. Lai Fu
13. Jian Ming

How did you meet 10?
This siau po sat in front of me with Elaine and I tell you, she can really talk. Non-stop!! And I remember the first time I really talked to her was when I told her about some ghost stories of mine and she freaked out! hehe

What would you do if you had never met1?
If I had never met her; I would not have tasted good food – no delicious cookies and cake. And most importantly, no stupid jokes and 'band 6' antics.

What would you do if 6 and 2 date?
Hahaha…Why not? They are the best of best friends. Always see them together.

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
Yep. Seen and I even offered her tissue. But only once. She's usually cheerful and happy go lucky.

Do you think 10 is cute?
Na, she's more like childish. Haha, but seriously, she's pretty in a lot of ways

How did you get to know 8?
Interact Club, more precisely Interact Installation day in La Salle. He was the most arrogant and snobbish guy I ever knew. That was 2 years back. Now, we're good friends. Oh and he owes me bakuteh! everyone knows, you cant run away, wei kuo!!

Would you ever go on a date with number 12?
Hahahaha…Yeah, of course. The sweet and funny Lai fu. Who wouldn't?

What's 7's Favorite color?

What would you do if 5 confessed he/she loved you?
I would be happy and I'd replied 'Yeah, I love you too!' Muahahaha…as if!

About 9
Again, who cares?

Who is 4 going out with?
Haha…She and David is such a clingy couple. It's just like David and Victoria Beckham!

What is number 5 to you?
Hm..L.A.M.E :P

Is 2 single?
Oh no, no way. She's practically married. But I have yet to see that lucky guy.

Where does 7 live?
Meru…. Don't know the exact address but I know where.

What do you think about 3?
Cute, Hardworking, Funny, responsible and future leader of Malaysia! He can endure hardship and he's a strong man, mentally.

What's the best thing about number 8?
A big bullshiter. Talk crap for non-stop and look so much like an uncle. Muahaha…but he's nice to hang out with...

What do you like about number 11?
Shal is such a nice friend. She'll always call u when there's a mamak or anything at all. So sweet…She will make a wonderful wife..

Favorite Memory with 1?
Not many. I just remember the cakes and cookies. Haha…frankly, no because all the time spent with her is my favorite memory!!

How you describe number 13?
Funny at times. Shy, anti-social guy, but he's a wonderful guy, only thing is that he's afraid to show his feelings. He's very loyal too. A good listener and a great guy! ;)


Apr 11, 2007

Tagged by Jian Ming.

Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I hate cats. If I see any cats anywhere near my house, I will get into action. By 'action' I mean spraying them with water or scare them away…But then again, it's so easy to scare them. Once, I took my bro's toy rat and I put it in front of the cat. Guess what happened? The cat was freaked out that it ran away! Mind you, only cats, but not other animal. I love dogs, they are so cute!!

2. I daydream all the time. When I'm alone and I have nothing to do, my day-dreaming-mind springs into action. I'll be in Venice, with a handsome Italian husband and two adorable kids, shopping in some high fashion boutique. I wouldn't have a maid because I don't trust them with my handsome husband. I'll spend my time baking, cooking, shopping and playing with the kids. Ah, what a wonderful life..Haha…and this is just one of the example. Sometimes, I'll be in Germany or Melbourne or some other places. So imaginative of me right? Hehe…

3. I talk to myself. Especially in the morning. There was one time I was in the office toilet and the stupid flush couldn't work. So, when it did finally work, I got out of the toilet and started saying ' How come the stupid flush won't work? Maybe the first time I did it I wasn't using much energy etc etc' Then there was one lady from the other department heard me and she looked at me like I'm some kind of alien. Haha…Thank god she's not a big mouth lady…

4. I talk when I'm dreaming. My sister used to sleep with me some time back when we were younger and she heard me talking when I'm dreaming, a lot of times. Sometimes, she will play along and asked me questions like 'is it? Oh yes ah…Why like that?' And surprisingly I'll answer her but I'll be mumbling, so she couldn't really hear me…

5. I get really nervous when I'm with super cute guys like one of my colleague. You know, all that palm sweating, heart pumping, etc kind of stuff. It's nerve wrecking for me. Yeah, I know, I'm weak at heart. Haha…

6. Sometimes when I pick up my house calls, I'll unconsciously say 'Morning, Clipsal'.

7. I hate Japanese.

8. I despise guys who love to watch Korean sloppy drama or Japanese love series or what-so-ever kind of love drama in any freaking language. I knew a few of them who are like that and I so so so look down on them.

9. I hate staying in Shah Alam. It's so boring.

10. I want to get out of Malaysia if I have a chance.

Six people I want to tag
1. Uncle Lim Yoong Kang
2. Christy!
3. Xiang Wei
4. Sui Jing
5. Wee Hong
6. Uncle Lim YK and his friends

Apr 2, 2007

Cheng Ming

It's that time of the year again. But this year it is far worse. Usually, it will take us 1 hour to reach Nirvana Memorial Park but this time, it took us 2 and half hours. Worst jam I have ever seen. So many people and worse still, the road was only one-lane. If any car broke down, we will all get stuck there for longer hours. Because of the long ride, naturally, the first thing we did once we got out there was to find a toilet.
Goodness sake, the toilet was packed all the way up to the door! I had to wait for 30 minutes just to get in and pee. I can't imagine how those Ah Ma can tahan for so long. There were people everywhere; my dad said it was worse than Pasar Pagi.

The weather wasn't any good either. It was raining heavily when we were in the car but as we reached there, it stopped and the sun came shining on us, which was not a bad thing. But it got unbearably hot and humid. It was so freaking hot and I regretted for not reapplying my sun block. Yea, this time I DID put on sun block but I guess because of the long ride, it was washed off by all the sweats and oil. So, yea, I am sunburned again. As usual, the praying part was fast as there wasn't much cleaning to do. The ride back home was better, although it still took us 1 and 1/2 hours to reach home.

Cheng Ming isn't that memorable anymore. When I was younger, I remember I used to have fun playing 'gardening' with my cousins and siblings. We would pluck the weeds nearby the grave and it was such a satisfaction after we finished, when we see the clean, and visible grave. Mind you, those days, it was so hard to locate a grave as it was covered by overgrown weeds and even trees. It would need the expertise of uncles' memories, not to mention huge and thick glasses. After all the cleaning and scrubbing, we would eagerly wait for the joss stick to finish off. While our parents prayed, we would be eyeing on the delicious roasted pork and fried chicken. It was such a happy scene, parents chatted happily while kids were fighting for their favourite part of the chicken.

Those were the days.

Mar 28, 2007

Pray people, pray!

Pilihan 3 * : KF00 FARMASI (UKM)
Pilihan 4 * : SF00 FARMASI (USM)
Pilihan 5 : KM05 DIETTETIK (UKM)
Pilihan 7 : SM05 DIETETIK (USM)
Pilihan 8 : KM14 FISIOTERAPI (UKM)

That’s the 8 courses that I’ve applied. Hopefully I can get the first one, but I know that’s almost impossible. But then again, I will be glad if I get any of these courses.

Scholarships applied:
1. Sime Darby
2. Bank Negara
3. The Star
5. CCM

Let's hope my efforts will pay off. Hehe...i'll belanja u guys if i get ok? So, must pray for me!!

Mar 25, 2007

Bloody STPM

If anyone wants to ask me about STPM, don't bother. Here's why.

[A] for Adrian = My junior
joan = me

[A] for Adrian says:dunno wanna go form 6 or wat
[A] for Adrian says:haih
joan says:erm...if u have a choice, dont
joan says:better to go private
[A] for Adrian says:y not?
joan says:cos 1)very tough
joan says:2) even if u scored good, chances of u getting the course u want is very slim unless u want some bloddy course like perikanan
joan says:3?) public uni sucks. standard damn low
[A] for Adrian says:never think of enter overseas uni?
joan says:no money, result not good enuf
[A] for Adrian's good already
[A] for Adrian says:like new zealand
[A] for Adrian says:u need B,C,C or C,C,C
[A] for Adrian says:u got a's
[A] for Adrian says:u got 3 a's i b tat's very GOOD!!!!
joan says:result not good enuf to get scholarships
[A] for Adrian says:omg but u r talented...
joan says:na, talented is of no use if u are a chinese and u stay in malaysia
joan says:some bloody malays with 2A's can get courses they want but we cant
[A] for Adrian says:i cant believe that u couldnt get scholarships with your results, it's so freaking good!!!!
joan says:cant...competition nowadays is so stiff
joan says:so many getting 4A's, thats why if u have a choice, dun go form 6
[A] for Adrian says:omg! this is bad
[A] for Adrian says:wait ar...sumone call up

Yeah ppl, dun ask me about STPM. STPM sucks.

Mar 17, 2007

I'm sorry

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Mar 16, 2007

STPM Result

General Studies: A
Biology: A
Mathematics: A-
Chemistry: B+

CGPA: 3.75

Mar 13, 2007

I hate love songs

i freaking hate love songs.
Dont ever send me any.
I'm so sick of them.

Mar 12, 2007

Terrible mood.

i'm sorry if you people are offended by my terrible mood these few days.
i'm sorry if i scolded you for no reason or if i cursed at you for just a tiny matter.
i'm sorry for being such a terrible friend.

I hope this wont last long.

This is killing me.

I don't know how long i can hold on to this.

I hope i'm not making a mistake.

I'm going to let him go.

Mar 10, 2007

STPM 2006 - out on 15 March 2007.

Yesterday, i dreamt of getting 3 Bs in STPM. What a nighmare.
Good Luck everyone!

Feb 28, 2007


Today, by far is the busiest day since I started this work. From 8am morning till now, 12.08, I have been receiving calls, visitors, and mails - non-stop. Probably it’s because of the one-week Chinese New Year break, a lot of things were left undone and now that the deadline is drawing nearer, everyone is rushing to complete their task. Plus, these 3 days the big bosses are having meetings with overseas big bosses. So, it’s kind of like the mother of all bosses meetings.

Friday was so much worse. There was nothing to do at all, only a handful of calls and very very few people in the office. I read 2 papers; NST and Star, magazines and I even did filing. I did everything I could (including talking on the phone with my friends :P) and yet I have so much time left.

Anyway, this job is kind of boring at times, especially in the morning because that’s when the papers haven’t arrived yet. The worst thing is that I got to wake up so early in the morning. It feels like going back to school again. I can’t be late because if I am late for even one minute, the HR manager will screw me. And on top of that my salary will be deducted.

Oh yeah, for those of you who are wondering what job I’m working now, let me say this one last time, I am working in a company which produces low voltage accessories, which includes switches and stuff. Look at your wall and find the switch to your room’s light. Observe the tiny wording below it. If it says ‘Clipsal’, that’s probably one of our company’s product. If it doesn't says clipsal, go to your kitchen, take a knife and carve the name clipsal on it.

Gosh, i am so lame.

Feb 17, 2007

Happy CNY!

happy chinese new year!
If u guys wanna come to my house to collect angpow, feel free to call/sms me anytime.'s the season of sharing and giving! og and of course, the season to gamble. lol.

Feb 10, 2007

1. are you missing someone right now? yeah..i guess i am

2. are you happy? no..not now

3. are you talking to anyone right now? no

4. are you bored? extremely. Pls kill me (heck, if im not bored, do u think i'll do this shit?)

5. are you german? no

6. are you irish? no

7. are you chinese? yupp

8. are you asian? yupp..

9. are your parents still married? yes..

10. do you like someone right now? yes

1. have you ever been in love?

2. do you believe in love?
yeah of course i do. Love is not only between lovers but also between friends and family.

3. do you consider yourself a player?

4. have you ever been heartbroken?

5. have you ever broken someone'sheart?
i dunno but i dun think so.

6. have you ever fallen for one of your best friends?
erm...yea, used to.

7. have you ever liked someone but never told them?
of course. everyone is afraid of rejection.

8. are you afraid of commitment?

9. has someone ever kissed your hand?

10. have you ever had a secret admirer?
hmm..i dunno and i dun think so..

1. love or lust:love

2. hard liquor or beer: erm...i dont drink.

3. night or day: night

4. one night stands or relationships: relationship

5. television or internet: internet. You can always watch whatever that's in the tv through internet.

6. pepsi or coke: coke

7. wild night out or romantic night in: romantic

8. colored pictures or black and white pictures: coloured

9. phone or in person: in person

10. friendster or myspace: friendster

1. have you ever been caught sneaking out? no

2. have you ever kissed someone you dont love? no

3. have you ever done something you regret? yeah, regret even up to this day.

4. have you ever bungee jumped? no but i want to.

5. have you ever been on a house boat? no..

6. have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker? no what's that by the way?

7. have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurts? yeah

9. have you ever danced in the rain?
no but sounds romantic, would love to try. Just hope that i dont end up sick after trying.

10. have you ever had a hang over? no

Feb 5, 2007

Another new job!

Yeap, people, I quit my job again. Hehe…just after 3 weeks and I’m off to a whole new environment. This time I will be in office, as receptionist. Today was my first day and it was exciting. A lot of things to remember and kinda fun. But one thing bad is that this job starts so early, 7.30 am and sometimes can get very very busy until wanna go pee also no time. Imagine Joan Yee using a ‘tampun’ to pee. Sigh..

The people there are generally friendly and helpful. But there’s just so much to do and I’ve only got 2 hands.
My mum was saying ‘You ah, cannot stick to one job wan izit? Why must always change??’ Hehe…change to learn more things ma..

Anyway, I dyed my hair again! Hehe…In conjunction with CNY, I dyed my hair red!
Hehe…Ong ma! :P

Jan 29, 2007

10 wishes for this CNY

I wish that:

1. Mum can retire by the end of this year.
2. Dad can stay at home more often to accompany mum.
3. Sis will be happy in Taiwan and that she can meet the right guy for her this year.
4. First bro will get promoted in Freescale very soon and that he and Aileen can live happily ever after.
5. Second bro can sangsang sengseng work and play less Dota/CM/any other games.
6. Deardear can talk things out with his mum and that he can find a job soon.
7. I can successfully plan two different trips for Klang friends and Shah Alam friends. Hopefully by March or April we can have fun on the beach (I’m keeping my fingers crossed!)
8. I can find a job that I’m happy with by next month.
9. I can get to study Pharmacy (Before that, I would have to get good results in Stpm)
10. And finally, I wish that Tuapek kong, Tee kong, Amitabha, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Allah and all the other gods/dewa-dewi can bless everyone with good health!

Jan 21, 2007

Work, work, work

Today marks the 12th day of this job, but to me, it has been like 12 months. Maybe it's because i just started and i dont know anyone yet. So time passes very very slow. But then, i've learnt a lot in these 12 days. Seriously a lot. I'm very grateful to my permanent beauty consultant (BC) for teaching me a lot of things. My first assignment was in Jusco Klang's Jcard day and i was so blur there. I gave out wrong informations to customers, i forgot to punch card and i almost lost my belongings. But it was all a great experience for me. Second day was in Parkson subang which was a nightmare. The rules there are so strict and being a newcomer, i didnt know a single thing there. I got scolded by the parkson's management for breaking the rules ( i was caught not wearing my tag when infact i just got in from lunch and was just about to wear my tag), and because of that, my permanent BC got scolded too. I felt so bad. First day in subang and i already screw up, and my BC got screwed because of me...So guilty.

Anyway, everything is fine now. I'm actually at work now in subang. Hehe...and of course, i curi-curi online bad of me..hehe...But then there's really nothing to do at all now. No customer and no one to talk to.

Okie...gtg before anyone caught me breaking the rules (again!)

Jan 7, 2007

Back to work!

Yeah. Pathetic, I know. Tomorrow will mark the first day of another job. This time, it will be long as I will be working under contract for a few months. Hopefully, it will be fun and exciting. I have a feeling that it will be quite daunting but if this job can teach me a thing or two about anything at all, it’s worth it. The nature of this job? Hm…not really sure what I’m supposed to do yet. Tomorrow is the training, and starting this Thursday, you can see me at the counter.

Anyway, my hp broke down yesterday. So, if u guys want to contact me, call my house phone or email me.

I hate working. Sigh.