Sep 28, 2006

Happy Birthdays!!

It was 10.30pm on the 26th when i received the first birthday sms. Then my phone stopped ringing. Even after 12.00am it still did not ring. So, i was a bit dissapointed. I was doing my maths, so, i didn't bother to check my HP (cos it did not ring!). When i finally did, it turns out tat my hp was on silent and msg inbox was full. And tat was already 12.45 am..LOL

So, for those who wished me, thanks a lot for remembering my birthday. I really feel so thankful to know that i have so many friends that care for me. Really 'kan tong'

Anyway, happy birthday to Elaine, Xin Ee, Garry Ee (27th sept)
happy birthday to Shiau Mei (26th), to Sze Thin (23rd) and to
Grace , Kok Zhen Yi, Wilkinson, Julian ( 28th)

So many people were born in sept, especially on the 27th..hehe
Anyway, we had a party just now with all my girl friends and it was so fun! I've never taken so many pictures in a day before! Haha...feel like a model..Although not many came but it was so nice...we chit chatted and cracked silly jokes, teased each, FUN!
It was a blast, too bad someone had to sit in the loo the whole day and can't attend this party. Haih...but i bet u had fun doing ur 'cake' in the toilet..wahaha..right jian ming?

Anyway, thanks a lot people! It surely is one of the best birthday i ever had.

Me, Sue San and Elaine.

Me and Elaine

From Left: Shiau Mei, Elaine, Me, Xin Ee, Grace and Sze Thin.

Sep 19, 2006

Something better than 'the' vanity test

Well people, since my last attempt to spice up my blog failed (the vanity test WAS intended to make my blog more interesting!), i shall try something new. And this is it:

Seven things i want to do before i die :

1. Tell my mom that I love her very much
2. Go to Italy (yeah, I am obsessed with Italians!)
3. Attend Jay Chou’s concert
4. Tell him that I still like him despite all the misunderstandings between us.
5. I want to have a primary school friend’s gathering. Yup, I miss all my childhood friends. Always wonder how they are now…
6. Learn how to say sorry and be polite…Truthfully; I owe a lot of people of apology.
7. Um…be less vain! Hahaha….sounds impossible but I know I can do it some day.

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Erm…be on time. Ask my friends, they know better. If they say 7pm, I’ll reach at 7.30..hehe…Malaysian time what…
2. Study consistently. I’m the last minute type of person. Exam tomorrow? No problem, I’ll start studying today.
3. I cannot live without my radio. Yeah, you got it right, I said Radio, not hp or computer….I CAN live without my hp, tried and tested. Make no difference with or without it.
4. Call my sister Jie Jie or my brother koh koh…haha, I’m used to calling my siblings by their name. Sounds odd if I call them jie jie or koh koh, they’ll start to ask ‘Ok, say it! What to u want from me?’
5. Workout everyday. Tried but failed. It’s either I’m too busy or I’m too lazy.
6. Without listening to sloppy love songs. I’m a huge fan of Ronan Keating and country songs.
7. Not watch Gladiator for at least once every year. No matter how many times I’ve watch it, I’ll make sure I watch it every year again. I love the underlying message of the movie..oh, not forgetting I love watching Russell Crowe in action. So ‘man’…

Seven things that attracts me to a guy:

1. Funny. Someone who can make me laugh and not those who excessively teases and irritate people!
2. Smart. Must be smarter than me, which is not so hard, I’m not smart at all. It’s annoying when I tried to talk about some crisis in Namibia or anywhere else, he’ll be like ‘Huh, what is Nabelibia?’
3. Taller than me. But oh well, I think almost 80% of the world’s population is taller than me.
4. Mysterious. Someone who I cannot predict his next action!
5. Play any kind of sports. It’s a plus point if he can play basketball!
6. A bit of fat and chubby. Stick like figure makes me sick.
7. Loyal. No point having all that but he can’t stay with you!

Seven things that I say most often
1. Hahahahaha
2. Wahlau eh…Hehe…all thanks to Klang people!
3. Damn
4. Shit
5. Ya meh?
6. Why la?
7. I dunno…

Sep 18, 2006

Vanity test...

Alright people, to prove that i am not as vain as u people think, i took the test. So, let's see if i am THAT vain..Here it goes.

How Vain Are You?Are you a little too full of yourself? Does the world revolve around your beauty? Take this test and see just how vain you really are...

1.In your opinion, which of the following words best describes a person of 'average' physical appearance?

2.In your opinion, which of the following words best describes a person of 'attractive' physical appearance?

3. In your opinion, which of the following words best describes a person of 'unattractive' physical appearance?

4.Have you ever dated or had a sexual experience of any kind with someone less attractive than yourself?

5.Have you ever rejected someone involving dating, sex or flirtation because the person was not attractive enough for your tastes?

6. Can a particular article of clothing or outfit make you feel significantly more attractive when you wear it?
Yes...duh...there must be a reason why the fashion indutry is making big bucks. Obviously, because clothes CAN make a difference!

7. Do you currently own a particular article of clothing or outfit you know for CERTAIN makes you more attractive than the average person?

Okay, here come the result...

You're almost there, but not everything was perfect.
We're experiencing technical difficulties right now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please e-mail us at -- - to report the problem.

WTH?!!! It took me 30 minutes to paste it in my blog!! @#@$%^$%^%$#!!!!

Sep 16, 2006


Darn! I feel like i've been challenged. My blog is undeniably boring and i know that but for someone like Mr Jian Ming to write a better blog than mine is an insult to me. Why? You see, he's one of the most boring guy i've ever known and he hardly talks in school ( i don't mean to insult u, jian ming but it's the truth!). But yet even he can think of something interesting to write instead of writting pathetic life stories like mine! Hm...maybe i should write about Malaysian drivers......

Today must be my 'lucky' day, i fell down 3 times today, in three separate places. Once in the morning , then afternoon and the last one was at night. It's kinda like taking daily dose of medicine. 3 times a day for a faster way to heaven. I had 5 bruises, two on my leg, two on the arm and one on my finger. Yeah, i even hurt my finger. Bizzare. I'm not the clumsy type of person and it's so weird that i pokai so many times today. Maybe it's a sign that i should start evaluating myself and be a better person.

But i've always been a good person, am i not, people? Well, perhaps after omiting my vainess, i'm almost perfect! LOL, darn, i'm so vain!
So, people, don't be surprised to see me next time with a brand new look (full of bruises look!)

Anyway, to all my friends who will be having exam soon, Good luck and Jiau You!!