Nov 24, 2008

Goodbye my precious..

My precious 28 years old house..

Yeap, i am moving house soon...
As some of you may already know, the house i'm staying right now have been sold (finally after 5 years!). I'll be moving to Shah Alam as well but to a much smaller house :(

You see, we didn't want to sell the house but since the house belongs to my grandpa, my uncles have decided to sell it off. But thankfully, my dad bought a house in section 20 some few years back. So, that's why we're moving to a smaller house. Will be moving out by early next year, probably Jan or Feb.

But anyway, as for myself, i will be moving out to cheras by end of Jan 09. It's more convienient for me to go Uni. But i will miss not having to do laundry, cooking, washing up, basically all the housework, oh and of course my family :)

So, if anyone going to Cheras Wednesday pasar malam, call me yea..

Just a short update for now..will update more soon :)

Nov 8, 2008


Pardon me for my absence (again!) :(

But i just don't know what to blog about anymore. I've thought for weeks on what to blog about but eventually, i ended up not blogging at all. Some of my ideas were writings about:
  • beauty products since i'm such a make-up junkie now. And i felt that i could contribute my opinions based on my experience as beauty consultant. (part time one lar...) But then i realised that 60% or more of my readers are male. (and straight!)
  • entertainment like TV series such as Heroes, Grey's Anatomy etc. I'm so in love with Heroes! Can't wait for episode 8 of season 3. Been waiting for 2 weeks for it because of US election. Somehow this seems like a good idea at one point but then i decided not to because it would such a mega-spoiler for some people.
  • my current internship in Abbott. I was so tempted to pour out my frustrations and everything else on this blog but then again, i would be playing with fire, jeopardising my internship grades. Who knows if one day my boss from Abbott decided to googled up "oily orangy diarrhea" and found this blog.
  • my part time work. Well, right now i actually have many part time jobs. One, i sell things online now, and i do event jobs like roadshows or product launching, and also weekend promoter. My online business is nothing to shout about, just trying to clear my items. And those events that i'm doing were exclusives by invites only and i think i'll get sued if i blog it out.
  • my daily emo life. This i could blog for hundreds of post a month without any problem. But my blog would have 0 hits in years if i were to do that.

So, in the end, i chose not to blog about anything at all.

Gosh, this is the longest post i've written in months. I just had an inspiration, i could blog about things i can't blog on.

Jeez, and to think i have nothing to blog about.