Feb 5, 2006

cny pictures

Chinese new year celebration in sj's house. Everybody came, including CLK! yup, what a fun gathering!
From right, standing: Chong z.hao, xw, Jensen, Eric, CLK, Thary, C.weng Loong, Kok, Aaron, Adrian
From right, sitting: Steph, May, ME, Lim, SJ, Mak.

My best friends. Sadly, Chris couldn't make it. Sj was the camera man.
From right : me, steph, lim and may.

Feb 4, 2006

Angpau angpau and more angpaus!!

I just love cny. Mainly because of angpau and also angpau. Hahaha...I'm not that money minded mind u, but it's the ONLY time when we can get money without working for it!!

This year was fun but also tiring. 1st and 2nd day, were occupied by going to relative's (as usual), 3rd day went to catch Fearless with family (really really nice show 10/10, DO NOT MISS IT), 4th day went to Klang area to collect angpau...(yes!!) and finally went to Shah Alam's frens houses.

Hehe...Let's see, I went to 15 houses in Klang on the 4th day and man, it was tiring!
But surprisingly, I did not touch the card the whole day, I was a good girl that day..hehe..
then on the 7th day, went to shah alam area..which is today. There were 6 houses and each stop we gamble like mad. Big winner were er...Mak and Kok,I think. oh, only chee meng's house was spared.
And I lost. Over Rm50. Yup...no luck this year...hope next year will be better. :(

But anyhow, cny is not abt money and gambling, it's about the family gathering, and friends' reunion. We had fun chit chatting and making silly jokes, reminds me of the carefree life in Form 5...I miss those days!!

hehe..anyway, I'm still free for gambling..hehe, not enough kaki? Just gimme a call!! :P