Dec 31, 2006

Farewell 2006!

The most stressful year I have ever had. But it is also the most enjoyable and memorable year. STPM sucks. Going through STPM, i felt like i'm going through a terrible war. But the aftermath of the ‘war’ wasn’t that bad. Hehe….

Oh, before that, thanks for all the concern in the past few weeks people. You know who you are. Thank you for all the comforting advices and talks. I won’t forget u people. *hugss*

Klang people are crazy, I tell you. Hehe…crazily fun! Hanging out with them is so fun! I will so miss u people. Anyway, a lot of u have been asking me how is my new love life etc. Hehe, I would say I’m loving it! We’re officially a couple now and so far so good.

A week after STPM I worked for 2 weeks. Today was my last day of work as a clerk. It was alright I would say. The people there are so nice but I just couldn’t stand the boss. That’s why I left so fast. Hehe…now, I’m without a job and it is fun! So please call me if u guys got any job to offer me! Hey, I need the cash!

Anyway, I believe this would not be the end of our friendship. Surely, there will be mamaks and gatherings. Oh and of course shoppings! But I will really miss those silly jokes we cracked in class when teacher’s out. *more hugssss* Haha…please, do call me for mamak even if it’s in Klang. I will be there in no time!

The best part of 2006? Italy won the world cup!!!!!! Hehehe….
Oh, that would be second best. Haha…the best would be of course having ‘him’ in my life!

Happy New Year 2007 everyone!

Dec 13, 2006

I'm guilty

It’s all my fault.
I wish the person lying on the bed now is me, not him because I can’t stand this guilt.
I wish I had never asked him to join us in Pyramid.
I wish I had never asked him not to take bus there, and then all this would not happen.
I wish I had agreed to his request to send me back, and then he would at least slow down.
It’s all my fault.

Dec 5, 2006

IT's OVER!!!!!!!!

Yea, man. It's finally over. STPM is over.
Wuhoo!!! I feel so damn good now. Seriously, it's like I'm on heaven now. I can't stop grinning now!Lol...I'm so exaggerating..

Ms Christine Kon is finally back! Yeah, man, we gonna party like there's no tomorrow.
Mr Mak's holiday is finishing next week. sorry mak..
As for Sook May and Kok, all the best for physics paper on the 7th!

OK, so here's what I'm gonna do in my holiday.
1) Clean my room!!
2) Mamak with Christine & shah alam geng
3) Go dating! hehehe
4) Go gym, and yoga!!
5) Go vacation with Ida, Elaine, Sue San and the girls
6) Learn swimming
7) Shopping!!!
8) Settle UPU thingy
9) Go out with uncle, Carol, and basically, meet up old friends..
10) Find a work!

Hehe...there's more but if i continue, this thing will be as thick as a scrap book!
Anyway, to those i forget to mention, please let me know if i did promised you people for a movie or etc..Just give me a call ya..:)

Dec 1, 2006

It's almost over, 1 more to go

Okay, i know i'm not supposed to blog now because i still have one more paper to go but so much had happened these few weeks! And like i said, just 1 more to go, so i think i can be spared from spanking right people? Haha

Anyway, the week before exam was almost like hell. I was so terribly stressed up that i did not eat and ended up having gastric. I couldn't sleep at night because of anxiety. I only slept for i think 3 hours on average each day during the week of exam. The worst day was on 29th, where i had two papers in a day, and i only slept for 3 hours the day before.

But i think i did okay for some paper but i totally screw up my bio paper. It was so unexpected and i don't even know i can get B for bio or not!

Okay, here is my target BEFORE exam
PA = A
Bio = A-
Chem= A

Here's AFTER exam (well, minus chem cos i havent took paper 2 yet)
Bio= B-
Chem= uncertain
Maths= A-

I think i did my best for Maths paper because i know my maths standard. And i think i was lucky that i actually can do both maths papers. As for the others, ok aside from bio of course.

Anyway, amidst all these exams, i'm actually trying to work things out with a guy but it's not seriously official because we didnt have time to go dating yet. Not many ppl know yet cos we're keeping it a secret till we're ready to let ppl know. And we didn't want this to distract our concentration. So, hopefully, it'll work out. I have a strong instinct that it will. So, we'll see how it will turns out soon.

I'll keep u guys updated on it ya. On the meantime, it's back to chem book!Gud luck guys and all the best!!!