May 24, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

My friend was talking to me on msn today and he said "Ppl say if want to see ur future wife's look, go see her mom". Upon hearing this, i was happy! My mum has always been the one i want to grow up looking like. Haha..sounds funny i know. Lol. I meant, if i were to choose anyone to look like when i grow older, it'd be my mum.

For someone her age, my mum is very pretty. She's thin (thinner than me! But not too thin), looks very graceful, pretty with minimal wrinkles and dress very fashionable. My mum wears leggings! Haha..She always thinks i wear too old for my age.. xD

It's not only about the physical look, it's also because she's a great supermum who can manages to work and keep the household clean and well fed at the same time. Let's be honest, in my home, there's only 3 out of 6 person who does housework. My mum, me and big bro. But ever since big bro moved out, there's only me and mum. And i gotta admit, i've been very lazy lately. So it's only mum. Yes, she nags sometime but only on very very rare occasions. I think my dad nags more than mum.

Whenever mum goes out vacation with her chimui (mum has a group of friends whom she always go karaoke, movies or outing with), the house will be in a mess. Seriously, a mess. Even if it's only 2 days to Genting, the house will be messy, laundry not done and dishes unwashed. Literally like a warzone.

My mum is also a very open minded, and understanding person, more so than dad. For some reason, dad is somewhat protective of me, always peeking out to see who's coming to fetch me and calls me when i'm out very late at night to ask where am i. Mum has never done that. Sometimes i wish she could. I've asked her before why didnt she bother about my safety etc? She said "You're 23 already, i know you can make wise decision for your own sake already. That doesnt mean i dont care, it's just i trust you and i know you have "fan chuin". You're not like your sis, whom i'm always worried about. I trust you."

I've never asked her on that anymore. It has always been a love hate relationship with mum ever since i was young but as i grow older, i've started to understand her more. Her grumpiness, naggings, scoldings and silent treatment were all there for a reason.

Ma, i know you can't read this but i love you. <3

May 21, 2010

Air Asia Free Seats 2010

Wee~ I managed to book on the second day to go Kota Kinabalu. It's only RM12 both ways inclusive of tax and everything! Will be going in Jan :D

Lee Elaine, here i come!! Haha... You better spend that 5 days exclusively with me okay?? Ask Wei Yang dont kacau us :P

I cant wait for the next zero air fare promo which will cover May 2011 - Dec 2011 travel period. I read online that booking will be open somewhere in Nov this year. I wanna go HK!!!