Dec 26, 2008

It's the end of 2008

Another year is gonna past,
2009 is coming up,
and i feel so old.

22 years old, no more a teenager,
Don't like being call an adult,
Wanna stay cute and innocent :)
Sigh, but i guess that's not possible.

With adulthood,
comes responsibility.
Oh, 2009,
what plans do u have for me?

I know this piece doesn't rhyme,
but hey, i'm no Shakespeare.
Just feeling sad that another year has passed,
but yet, i've done nothing.

Dear 2009,
please be good to me,
Cos 2008
has been pretty boring.

Dec 17, 2008

My typical work day.

My colleagues say i'm a 'speedster'. Why?
Cos i told them i woke up at 8, bathe, put on my work wear and make up and ate light breakfast.
30 minutes later, i'm on my way to work. Reach office usually late, 10-20 minutes later. Work starts at 8.30am :D

Sometimes, if i'm hungry, will drop by at the pantry downstairs for a cup of mocha/latte. By 8.45, i'm upstairs at the 'interns room' checking emails.

Every half an hour or so, a Mr Moron will come and disturb me. Entertain him for a while (usually for 10-20mins).

By 10am, interns will be holding a meeting on 'what to eat for lunch and who will drive'.
Usually, it will be decided by Mr Cardbox.

My messy work place.

Today, Mr Cardbox decided we eat in Seed Cafe, just 5 minutes away from our office.
Talk-a-lot-guy drove us there. There were 5 of us, excluding Mr Moron cos he was on leave.
SnowWhite, PowerStation, me and Jocelyn were the unlucky passengers.



Clumsy Mr Moron needs a napkin.
Mr Moron caught sleeping!

Mr Moron was on leave today. No wonder i finished all my work earlier than intended.

After lunch, which is about 1-2 hours later, it's back to work.
5pm sharp, save all the files and pack up, time for home! :D

That's my typical work day :)

Dec 9, 2008

Everyone is back now!!! yipee~~~

haha... happy :D

Call me out yea...

i'm growing mushroom already...

Btw, for all my friends who wears contact lenses, Ciba vision is having free trial promo for O2optix monthly disposable lenses..

check it out: here

I went to collect mine today but the shop is out of stock, will go tomoro. But the shop (England optical sect 13 Shah Alam) charges me RM20 for a pair cos they say it's admin fee wor..

But RM20 is still very cheap cos it retails at RM60 :)
So, will go collect my 'free' pair tomoro... hehe ;)

Dec 8, 2008

Joan is wearing contact lens now! Not that it does any difference...but everything look so much clearer now. hehe... I can see you clearer now. You can't hide anymore. Nyek nyek nyek..