Oct 1, 2008


hey guys,

I'm back. I know i've been very emo lately. SUPER emo.
But i guess i'm much better now, but still, don't provoke me. I bite!
On normal days, i'm fine but if u provoke me, that's it. You're dead.
I won't talk to you for days!

But anyway, just a few short updates here.

-UCSI is now a University, no longer a University college! It's official, according to the VP.
-i received 3 awards from ucsi!
1) Deans List
2) NST-MAPCU scholarship
3) Extra Cocurricular award

kind of surprised to get the last one...

Oh and Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes and presents!
I'm free this whole week, so if u wanna belanja me, it's still not too late. LOL.
Also, if u guys wanna get me anything, save the hassle of thinking, just ask me! HAHA

Lastly, Selamat Hari Raya!

*Let's hope this week my emo alter ego is gone.