Nov 29, 2009

Thanks Jm :)

Wee~~ i had a song dedicated to me (after so many others dedicated to her, jm, this was overdue!!! :P)
But just thought i wanna help to promote one of my closest buddies. Talented, humble, smart but awfully shy guy :P

Nov 26, 2009

I'm terrible at spicy food

Yesterday, i went over to my uni to study and renew a book. Came out and walk for an hour plus at the famous cheras wednesday pasar malam. Walked the whole street and decided to tapau Asam Laksa. I had this theory that the more spicy food you eat, the higher your tolerance towards spicy food. So, I thought i could practice my spicy-eating skill or whatever u call it.

To my horror, this asam laksa is the spiciest piece of stuff i've tasted! It's freaking spicy, for my standard. But i somehow managed to finish the whole stuff. Finished in an hour and throughout that time, tears automatically flowed out. lol. It is that bad, or should i say i am that bad.

Then the next morning, i went breakfast with mum. Along the way, while waiting at traffic light, i suddenly had the urge to lau sai! Yes, on the road while i'm driving. I was farting squirming all the way to the nearest petrol station. And the smart petrol station only has one toilet for female. Good thing it wasn't occupied. Took a good 20 mins in the toilet. And when i came out, a lady was waiting outside with a tulan very annoyed look. I think she must have a shock of her life when she entered the toilet. Lol. Maybe she could even smell the asam laksa. :P

So, to my dearest friends who thinks that i should eat more spicy food, this is why i won't.

Two sides of me

There are generally two sides of me.

The quiet, awkward, unfriendly and 'don't-talk-to-me' side. Some may even think i'm an arrogant because i may look very lansi. I'm like this with stangers or with friends i barely know. Maybe a lot of people are like that with strangers. I think people who barely know me will describe me as quiet, no-nonsense, and forgettable. The girl who does her own thing by herself and left as quickly as she came.

The other side of me, the real side is the talkative, sometimes crazy, friendly, wicked and playful side. This may sound odd for many but ask a few of my really really close friends, i think they'll say the same. I hope they will :) With the right person, i can talk for 5-6 hours straight. So far, i've found 3 person whom i can really talk to with no boundaries and limits.

It'll take me two years for the real side to show, on average. So, if i just knew you and i barely talk, that's because i'm putting on a shield. You haven't seen the real me yet. I was like that in form 6. Took me one and half year to get to know my classmates. Ironically, i got closer to them AFTER school was over, when we hang out late at nights at mamaks, or msn chat :)

So, if i'm quiet around you, don't worry, it's not that you're boring :P
Get to know me better and you'll see the other side...hehe...

Nov 23, 2009


I've triumph over him. Lol...Feel so proud of myself :D
Rejected his request to see me twice! Not that i'm arrogant or egoistic but i've made a deal, and i'll stick to the deal..Sucker like him doesn't deserve any of my time...muahaha... :P

Hehe...anyway, went to ikea with sis last saturday to buy some wall shelves and organiser for our makeup/skincare stash. It's getting really messy, especially when the room is really small. But we ended up getting a bookshelf instead cos it's more practical and sturdier. Hehe..a bookshelf to put our makeup/skincare stuffs. It's really long, approx 2 meter in height.

Because the bookshelf we bought was from the "As is" section (where they sell display units at cheaper price) it was already assembled. However, the staff told us that we can dissemble it easily so that we can bring it back in my small little kelisa. This is when the dumbest thing happened. We tried to dissemble with whatever tools provided by ikea but we still couldn't. Then, the smart sis said "Maybe we can try to put it in the car and see". So we went down to our carpark, and i drove the car to pickup area (where all visitors will come in from carpark). We tried to move the shelf in for about half an hour but failed. Imagine all the eyes watching us. Malu betul!

In the end, we had to call sos. Called big bro to come all the way to help us move into his myvi. :D
Thank god for him. If not, sis and i will prolly buy a saw in ikea and cut down the shelf :P

I couldnt help but laugh when big bro said to sis "And you call yourself a team lead??" Lol. XD

Nov 18, 2009

New found motivation!

I keep seeing people post on fb or on msn - "Two is better than one". Must be the Taylor Swift duet song with erm..some boyband.. Forgot who already. You know, seriously, that song makes people more emo. Yea, it's nice yada yada but emo songs like that can make people depressed and suicidal.

Not saying me obviously. I'm okay now...really..i'm not so emo anymore. I even have the courage to agree to meet him, to settle stuffs and all. I don't want to make one more enemy, and it's always good to have more friends. :)
But anyway, we both agree to meet but at the last minute guess what? Yeap, he ffk again. The reason given was, he has to cut hair. Wth right?? Seriously, couldn't he have given a better reason? He couldn't even be bothered to come out with a better excuse.

From then on, i've promised not to meet him anymore. I think i've given him enough chances. No point wasting my time when the other party couldn't be bothered. Anyway, i've made a deal with Eddy that if i don't meet him for one year, eddy will spend me any food i want. :D

So, it shall be one year from 15th Nov 2009. Save your money, Eddy. I will succeed! :D

Anyway, had a wake up call this week after talking to my sis (i've never told her this, but she's my role model!) and a pretty successful but humble guy. I need to seriously focus on my studies already. I pretty much screw up my second year, so i need to get excellent results from now on to get first class honours. Cgpa 4.0 is out of the question now, i can only hope for first class honours. By excellent i mean, i need to get A+ for all my 3 remaining subjects, and get 80% and above for my thesis. Tough, i know, but i think if i push myself hard enough, i might accomplish.

My daily mission to accomplish on Nov 2009:
1) Study at least 3 hours
2) Research at least 3 hours
3) Jog at least 30 mins
4) Max limit of 2 hours online
5) Sleep latest by 2am (This is toughest of all!)

Weekends are of course for outings and family time :D

Beginning is always the hardest. Let's hope i can stick to this plan.

Nov 9, 2009

My driving skill

Yea, i know i suck in driving. Lol.. I'm not exactly the most horrible driver on earth but i'm not the best either.

I know nothing about cars, gears, engine etc etc. I can't even drive a manual car!
I would say i'm a very very careful driver. I make sure there's at least 1 meter between my car and the car in front. I absolutely hate tail gating drivers and i get phobia when i sit in my friend's car who tail gates. I would step so hard on the floor, as if there's an imaginary brake. Lol. And my friend will look at me like i'm crazy and started laughing. Blame it on a car accident few years back.

But i drive decently fast on highway, i can't stand drivers who hog the fast lane. Anyway, i brought my car to fix today and i just realised i suck in car stuffs. Then it suddenly occur to me i need a friend who knows about car (so i won't get extorted the next time i bring my car to fix). And guess what? That bugger pops into my mind. Lol. Unintentionally.. It's just that whenever i have car or computer problems, i'll ask his opinion. Well, put in handphone, camera, golfing problems for that matter too. Lol. He is a very resourceful person. He knows a bit of everything, which is good. Anyway, back to the topic. Another evident i'm bad in driving is that i have a terrible sense of direction. Two years in Cheras but i still don't know how to get to KL city from Cheras. I can even get lost in Shah Alam. Lol.. Yes, i am bad...

I think it's the gene again.

Nov 7, 2009

It's over... presentation is finally over. What a big relieve... Gonna have 3 weeks break until Dec 5th for my final exam for one subject....

I drank till i threw up
I wasn't exactly very drunk, just tipsy but i think i threw up cos i didn't had anything to eat before drinking. Good thing i managed to run to toilet in time.

No, i'm not drinking cos i'm sad. I'm drinking cos yesterday was so much fun. Don't worry people, i'm ok now, i'll hold on to my vows...
I guess this is part of life. It's also a good thing cos now i have the experience already :)

For now, let's go enjoy before i start burning the midnight oil 3 weeks later! that last minute... :D

Nov 4, 2009

Presentation Day!

Another two more days to my thesis proposal presentation on Friday.
Good thing mine is on the last day cos i've been procrastinating a lot. Just started to draft out my speech now. Sorry for being so emotional the past few days.

I've vowed to myself that 'I won't let him see me fall!'. I won't fall, i won't be so emotionally driven, i will FOCUS on my future. Suckers like him doesn't deserve my tears and sweat! Funny thing is, until now he's still acting dumb, like as if he doesn't know what is happening. Still asking me why i ask him to leave me alone and don't find me anymore. What is wrong with people like him? I mean, why does he still finds me when he already has a gf. Such a blow to my ego! As if he's showing off or something. I seriously felt like i've been played. So stupid of me!

All this time i was thinking, whether i should let go or tell him the truth, i thought i had the upper hand. But suddenly he tells me he's dating another girl. Imagine my shock and anger. I mean if you don't like me, stop wasting my time, stop playing with me! Stop giving me stupid hints and false hope!

And you know? At the very end of all this, he says "I hope we still can be good friends like before". If he was in front of me at that time, i swear i would have strangled him. Idiotic acting dumb player! Yes, i labeled him as player cos i wasn't his first victim. Should have learn from his history.

Anyway, don't worry people. I'm fine now. Just wanna focus on my studies now. :D
Btw, wish me luck for my presentation on Friday! :D

Nov 2, 2009

New Skin!

Decided to change the old skin cos too boring and too confusing. Took me a few hours to decide the skin, downloaded a few but had problems with the coding. Hehe... so after consultation with uncle Lim, Eddy and Jian Ming, i decided to choose this. Easy, simple and minimal.

The old template caused me so much trouble. I can't use the widgets function, cant edit the layout unless i change the html. So much problem.

Anyway, just a short update here.
I quit from playing the game, and trying to solve the puzzle. For that puzzle has found another new puzzle. Yea, and in the process, i got burned. Pretty bad, i think. I'm just pissed at myself for falling for sucker like him. Should have seen it coming after all the advice given by Eddy and Jian Ming. So stupid of me, felt like i've been played.

I'm an idiot for falling for a sucker like him. Just wish that this won't screw up my thesis proposal presentation this Friday.