Dec 29, 2009


A few more days and there goes 2009. Looking back at my older posts, so much had happened this year.

2009 has been my most emotional year so far. Learned how to deal with my emotions and my needs. I finally knew what and who is right for me and rediscovered true friendship all over again. Sorry for the emotional rantings here but please allow me to be emotional for one last time in 2009.

Discover clubs and sad to say, i don't like it that much. Usually only go when i had problems plaguing me and just want to drink to forget it.

Found out my family is somewhat dysfunctional but which family is perfect? I'm blessed to have a family to begin with :) . What more with great sis, bros and parents. I love all 5 of you! :D

Moved out of home to cheras so it's nearer to uni and hated it. In that period of time, got so emotional, most probably due to loneliness.

Learned basic Japanese cos sis drag me along with her. But it was nice to know some basic greetings and all. Just hope i wont forget them all.

Moved home to another part of shah alam, lost my handphone AGAIN, got a new lappie, and best of all, met many new friends! I must admit, i'm somewhat an anti-social person but i'm trying hard to be more sociable now. :)

Fell for a loser and got hurt in the process. But i am feeling great now. I think i'm proud to say i've gotten over him completely, thanks to great friends like Eddy, Stephanie, JM and u people out there :)

Wokay, anyone wants to date me now? :P

Dec 28, 2009

Million dollar question.

Why is Joan so lazy?
a. Cos she has a lot of things to do
b. Cos she has not enough time
c. Cos she has too many distractions
d. Cos she's just plain lazy. Period.

Dec 21, 2009

A lappie, finally!


Finally got a laptop of my own. As some of you already may know, the previous Dell laptop was causing so much problem that i had it returned and refunded. .After 2 months only Dell refund my money...-_-

Bro brought me to buy new lappie today, Lenovo SL400 :D
Don't ask me why i chose this cos it was bro's decision, i have zero knowledge on laptop and stuff. Thank god for big bro who settled everything for me :D

So far so good, hopefully it's better than Dell.

Come to think of it, i am blessed with great siblings and the best parents ever... So to Mick, Pete, and Vick, if you ever read my blog, i just wanna say thanks for being so patient with your lil sis :D

Dec 19, 2009

What to do with my life?

I cannot imagine myself in one year time, let alone 5 years. Honestly, i have zero sense of direction now, i've no idea what job will i take on next year, or what company i would apply to. Extremely hate it when people ask me "So, have you thought of which company to apply or what do u wanna work as?".

I actually hate what i'm studying now. I do, i'm not a health freak and i don't care what i'm eating. In fact, i'm the worst person to ask about nutrition and food. If you'd ask me why i took this course in the first place, i had no choice back then. It was either this or computer science in some stupid local uni.

I think my problem is that i have no clue what my talent is. My only hobby is reading and reading. I can't even play any sports, i'm bad with numbers, i have bad sense of direction, and i lose focus easily.

Geez, am i so terrible?

Dec 17, 2009

What is it with guys and twilight??

I just don't get it. Guys seem to loathe twilight. Is it cos they're jealous of the good looking vampires or the buffed up werewolves?
Ok ok, i gotta admit, their acting sucks, but who cares? lol. The actings in American Pie or Scary Movie were more worse, but guys seem to like watching these shows.

Uncle Lim even said "You've watched twilight? No wonder i can sense gayness from here" Lolx.

I got caught in the hype cos after all, which girl can resist this:

Or this:


Dec 15, 2009

Ai wei

Yes, that's me. A lot of people won't know that's my name cos they're so used to calling me Joan. But at home, my family and relatives call me Ai Wei. Some close frens occasionally call me Ai Wei too. It's a nice name isn't it? :P

Many find it weird that i have an english name in my IC but i'm not a christian. I am a Buddhist and proud to be one :D
I was told that it's my family tradition to have an english name, all my cousins surnamed Yee have an english name in their IC. Anyway, the name Joan was given by my dad. He said he wanted me to grow up to be as strong as Joan of Arc, considering that being the youngest child, i'm the most pampered and protected one in the family. I'm a cry baby, lol...yes, i am. My mum always says i have 'crying' eyes, i even have a big mole below my right eye (which to some Chinese masters meant eyes for crying)

Ironic. But i think my name got twisted somehow to Joanne, instead of Joan. Maybe that's why i dont have the power of Joan of Arc! That explains why i'm such an emotional and weak girl! :P

You see, my name got twisted to Joanne when i was in standard 1. During my first day in school, my class teacher (i still remember her name, Pn Sapura!) pronounced my name as Joe-An, just like how malay would pronounced it. And from that day on, everyone in class started calling me that, up until now. No one corrected that teacher for some reason and i myself got stuck with that name. I got so used to the name Joanne that i even introduce myself as Joanne. :D

Lol. So that's the history of my name. :D