Jun 28, 2008


Italy football squad...

Jun 21, 2008

Italy will send Spain home!

Wahaha...Italy made it to the last eight!
And the Azzurri will send Villa and Torres home tomorrow. But with the absence of Pirlo and Gattuso, it's gonna be a tough match. Nonetheless, Italy will win and move on to fight Holland in the semifinal.

Going back to the previous match, Italy Vs France, the Le Blues were very unlucky. From the moment Ribery was injured, it was all going down for the French. Pirlo should be awarded man of the match instead of De Rossi. Anyway, it's all over for France now. (Aw..dont't be so sad Eddy :P)

Now, let's see how Italy will fare against Spain.

Jun 18, 2008

Mutu must screw up today.

I'm referring to Adrian Mutu. Romania's No 1 striker. Today's match (2.45am Malaysian
Time) Romania Vs Holland is the crucial one. That's because in order for Italy to advance to the Quarter final, Romania cannot win that match (provided Italy win against the France).

The previous match, Italy Vs Romania was a torture to watch. Luca Toni missed so many chances, i bet if Inzaghi were to play, Italy would have won Romania at least 3-1, instead of 1-1 draw. Donadoni better replace him today with Cassano. Also, if not for Mutu's missed penalty, Italy fans like me would have been crying and cursing for the early exit.

And today, i'm hoping that he will again screw up Romania (although i pity him because according to the press, his grandma passed away recently and that has caused him to be distracted throughout the match). Either that or Marco Van Basten's second team perform extremely well.

Finger crossed for Holland and Italy to win today.

Jun 10, 2008

why is everyone having holiday now?????

So sad....almost everyone i know is having their holidays now... ALL my close girl friends are having holiday now...That just mean i have to spend more time meeting up with them. Worst part i that i'm having exams now....Wa...CRYYY

Anyway, i've decided not to worry so much about saving money. As long as i don't overspend, that's good enough for me... Worry is a waste of time....

So, whoever wanna find me and yamcha or shopping, go ahead and call me. No worries, i'll try to find time for everyone...Like i said worry is a waste of time and also energy

Hehe...so, mum and dad, don't scold me if i get bad grades this semester, scold my friends!

Jun 7, 2008

WA...petrol increase!!! Extreme measures to save money....

When my bro called me to tell me the petrol price was going to increase to RM2.70, i rushed to petrol station immediately after class. To my horror, there were already three very long ques in the small petrol station nearby my house. In the end, it took me 1 hour to pump my car. And that was before the announcement.

Anyway, in light of the increase, i've decided to take these steps in order to save more cash to feed pump my car:

1. Roti for breakfast and lunch. Dinner at home. I will pack sandwiches for lunch the previous night for me to bring to uni. Actually, i've been doing this even before the increase due to the all the gatherings . But now, after the increase, i think i have to switch the usual wholewheat bread to plain bread.

2. Skip class if there's only one class on that day. My timetable this semester is really dumb. For two days a week, i have one class per day only. Fridays and wednesdays. So, i have to get up early and brace the stupid morning jam to reach the class, and it usually took me 45 mins to reach uni. Sits in class for 1 hour and 30mins (sometimes one hour only) and then another 45 mins to travel back. Stupid isn't it? Well, i've been doing that for a few times now But not every week la, i'll skip on alternate weeks..

3. Less outings and dinners in restaurant. Even if mum didn't cook on that day, i'll cook Maggi, unless of course it's a special occasion. This also means less mamak, movie and shopping. At least now, i have excuse not to attend gatherings i don't want to go

4. Less SMSes and phone calls. SMS and call only when necessary and urgent. Things like forwarded sms and silly talks on phone are big no-nos.

5. Open to suggestions.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions on things i could work on to save more $$$?

Jun 1, 2008

I'm lost.

I seriously need to do some soul searching therapy or something like that. Why? Because i feel kind of lost sometimes. My timetable is really packed this semester. Now, besides from taking 5 subjects, i need to work for the uni, and today i just found out that i have to give classes to my juniors also. Sort of like will group. I was thinking of working on weekends to get extra cash but then, i wouldn't have time to study.

I don't know why but i feel so cranky and moody these few days. My uni friends will know, i get pissed off at them easily. And I'm finding it very hard to study, I've lost motivation. My life is like a routine now. Classes, work, teach, sleep. And i hate routine, i hate following rules and a bloody timetable.