Jun 24, 2007


Right now, I’m lost and confused. I’ve been given the course of Computer Science in an unknown university in Melaka, UTeM. The result was announced on the 18th and for that one whole day, I was totally blank. Who could have thought that a biology student would get a computer course??? Just plain ridiculous and brainless. It’s not like I’m a lousy student, hey, I got 92/100 for my total percentage! And what university is this??? I’ve never even heard of it! Even my teachers were staring me in blank when I told them I was offered a course in this unheard of uni.

If only I knew this is the outcome, I would never have taken STPM. All the hard work, stress, tears and anxiety of taking STPM for nothing! It’s juste very very unfair!!!! STPM is one of the hardest tests in the world and yet, it’s not recognized. And this is all because STPM students are mostly Chinese. I so bloody hate Malaysian government. So blatantly unfair.

I have a few choices now.
1. Wait for the appeal result for the course of Physiotheraphy in UKM in July
2. 50% scholarship from UCSI to do nutrition in September
3. Pharmacy in AIMST in September
4. Full scholarship from Nilai to do Computing/ accounting / business
5. Biomedical Science in UTAR in January 2008
6. Chemical Engineering in Curtin, Sarawak in September

Arranged according to my preference.
In the meantime, I must find a job until end of July when the appeal result is out. I need the $$$$... Anyone knows of any temp jobs?

Jun 9, 2007

In one week's time.

Next Friday is my last day of work. I've work there for 5 long months, which is not really long but for me, it's very long. It's the longest job I've ever had! Everyone in the company seems to know that I'll be leaving soon and it's really nice of them to wish me luck for my studies. I got a shock yesterday when my Managing Director (MD), an American asked me if i wanted to stay longer there. He would arrange a position for me upstairs in the main office if i wanted to stay. I was thinking to myself "No way in hell, man!". Lol. But of course i didn't say anything like that, i told him i need some time off for myself before university starts. In fact, i think i was a bit tongue tied when he asked me that because he was the last person i would expect to ask me that. Heck, even my own boss couldn't be bothered about me leaving!

A part of me is sad to leave but another part of me is glad to leave this company. There's just too much of politics here. The environment here is simply absurd. There's just too many things to do here but so little capable people. There were 3 new staffs who came in to work for the first day in the company and the next day, they left. And these are all non-related to each other, they are independent cases, in different departments. The capable ones are leaving because of a group of lousy and useless people who would wreck havoc everything! And some of these group of people are in the top management. It's just so sad to see that the capable ones are struggling in their everyday work and just trying to survive in the company. It's not like the MD is not doing anything about it but there's just too much going on in the company that i think even he couldn't handle it.

But i do feel a bit sad of leaving and saying good bye to a few great people there. My two best friends there, Ahilah and Sofea, the ever so courteous and polite German manager (not to forget handsome!), Oliver, the MD who always asks me how am i doing, Tracy and the accounts lady who helped me with everything, Ms Teoh. These are the few people whom I'll miss dearly.
I wish to work with them again in the future but in a much better environment, of course.
I wish them all luck!

Let's see what will happen in my last week of work there.