Oct 26, 2007

I need to work!!

I’m oficially on two months holiday now!
My last paper, Chemistry was alright, I think I can score an A in it. But my other paper, Biology, might be in trouble. My assignment marks was only 9/15 and my lab reports scored on 10.2/15. Sad case…I might be able to get 4.00 for this semester already….:(
I hate group work…

And I bloody hate UCSI. I have to work for them for 65 hours next semester because that’s the requirement for my scholarship! Not a good scholarship!!!
Work for UCSI 65 hours, weekends working also and next semester I’m taking 5 subjects and I need to maintain a good grade so I wont lose the scholarship.
How the heck can I find the time to do all that? Beats me too..

So anyway, here’s what I’ve planned to do in these two months:
1. Work and save at least enough to pay next semester’s tuition fees.
2. Study for next semester’s subjects.
3. Find an education loan or better scholarship.
4. And if I am able, do online business.

Anyone willing to donate to Joan Yee’s Education Fund, you are welcome to do so by dropping me an email.

Oct 13, 2007


I love this course. Study 2 months, and then 2 months holiday. But first, I have to take my final exams on the 22nd and 24th this month. I hope I can get at least 80% for both subjects. So, wish me luck!

Heroes season 2 is out now! Cant wait to watch it. And I’ll be having holidays starting from 24th. So, right now, I’m looking for a 2 months job. If anyone knows of any job, please let me know. I need money for next semester’s fees. :(

In the meantime, it’s Hari Raya holiday now! Hehe…loads of open houses…welcome unlimited yummy food!! Mum would love this week because she doesn’t have to cook.

To all my muslim friends, Happy Aidilfitri!

P/S: i'm always available for open houses. It's hard to resist good food...