Apr 30, 2008

Result's out!

Wee~~~ Someone owe me Kim Gary..:D

EE008 Calculus & Analytical Geometry 1 2008-01 A 88
LAN2003 Pengajian Malaysia (Ijazah) 2008-01 A 84
MF108 Structural Biochemistry 2008-01 A 81
MF110 University Chemistry 2 with Lab 2008-01 A 86
MF118 Java Programming 2008-01 A 81

Got a few unexpected result. Some i expected higher but some was better than i expected. So, overall, was alright. I think i was damn lucky for a few subjects....i didn't read much, but i spot a few questions which really came out! Lucky me....Hehe..

I'm gonna work harder next semester!

I fooled someone today...

I was working today in UM. This is a conversation between me and my friend who was working with me.

Wk: Eh, you don’t look like Chinese la.

Joan: Ya, I know. When I was working for another job, a lot of Chinese auntie come and speak to me in Malay…

Wk: ….no la, you don’t really look like Malay la..

Joan: Then, I look like what? Ang mo?

Wk: Actually, ya lor..

Joan:* :D* haha..you know why? My grandpa is portugese mix.

Wk: Oh, really ah? No wonder la..

-------------------- After a while--------------------

Wk: Eh, but then why you have Chinese name?

Joan: Oh, cos my grandpa’s mother is portugese, but dad is Chinese ma..

Wk: Oh, so means your great grandma is portugese la..

Joan: *nodd*

Hahaha….i fooled him! He didn’t know I was folling him, maybe until now, after he has seen this post…wahahaha

I look like angmo~~~ ^_^

Apr 28, 2008

This is Malaysia.

I was working last weekend and i made some new friends. One of them was a malay girl, who just finished her SPM last year. And she's waiting for July for her university's intake. Apparently, she was offered to study MEDIC in indonesia under a goverment scholarship, which cover everything, including air flight tickets, accommodation, living expenses, you name it. Curious, i asked her SPM result and i was shocked when i heard she said she got 7A...Bloody hell, just 7A, and yet she got a scholarship to study medic?? wtf... and she was almost boasting about it, grrr...i was so tempted to tell her," cheh, 7A only ma, i got 9A's also never bising like you lar..."

Sigh, i know this is an outdated topic but it's just so bloody hell unfair. I mean if she would have gotten 9 or 10 A's ok la, but she got 7A's only!!! This make me more anti malays... Look, i'm not questioning about their rights or anything but it's just so unfair to everyone else, including the malays themselves. I have tons of malay freinds who have gotten better result.

This is why i said i'm living in a shitty country. And this is just one of the many many reasons.

Apr 22, 2008

My first successful trade :D

I finally sold some of the books...
It wasn't easy, though. I had to carry two big bags of books from shah alam to KL Sentral by train to meet the buyer. But thanks to my chimui (aka Tan Lai Fu), everything was easier...:D

Anyway, from this week onwards, i'll be working from friday to saturday. So, if anyone wanna find me watch movie or yam cha, i'm free on mon to thursday ok?

Apr 19, 2008

UCSI is getting desperate..

I was driving today, somewhere in Bandar Baru Klang and i stopped at a traffic light.
I turn my head to my right and to my horror, i saw a UCSI banner on a lamppost. No big deal, just one banner. Green light, so i drive on and there were more UCSI banners! In fact they were on every lamp post in that street.

Why so surprised, you asked? Well, firstly, this was in Klang, about 50km away from UCSI (even places nearer to UCSI like PJ don't have these kind of banners...) and secondly, because i'm in my 3 weeks semester break and i don't wish to see or hear my college's name. It's stressful just to hear 'UCSI'. I know i'm exaggerating but i'm beginning to get sick of that name. I hear it in the radio every morning in the car on the way to UCSI, and in the newspaper. Heck, i can even see 'UCSI' on a mineral bottle, file, t-shirts, books....just about everywhere. I'm just wondering when they'll start producing UCSI donuts so i can eat them!...

Apr 17, 2008

Ah...i love holiday..

I'm just in my first week of holiday and i'm loving it!
The past few days was spent on cleaning up my room, making stuff out of rubbishes (some people called it artwork) and reading James Patterson's thriller. I wish i had a camera to take down all the pretty stuff i made out of rubbishes. I made earring stands out of old cardboard and CD holder (which were quite pretty..) , i baked chocolate cakes (hehe...my family finished it in one day!) and i've finished 2 novels so far.

I didn't wanna go out and spend more money, so i was stuck at home. I watched tons of TV shows, volunteered with housework (very rare, my mum was so happy!) and surf the net. It was quite fun, i'm enjoying my 'alone' time with myself. Yea yea, i know, i'm always alone but i never really had the time to be alone to ENJOY what i like to do.

Anyway, i'm a warehouse junkie, i admit. Hey, where can a girl go shopping when she has no money?? So, when i knew about Metrojaya and LOreal's Warehouse sale next week, i'm overjoyed!! Hehe...i'm saving up now, trying not to spend a single cent this week, so that i have enough for next week...:D

I thought i would share this 'great' news with you all. Anyone, wants to tag along next week? I'll be the first one there...(hehe..call me kiasu, i'm a Malaysian)

Apr 14, 2008

Books for sale...

I was cleaning my room (finally!) yesterday and i found tons of books. My sister's IT books, bro's comic, magazines and etc. I've already sent the magazines to recycling centres along with a huge pile of lecture notes. Wanted to do so with the rest of my sis's textbooks but too sayang la... i mean, those books are still quite new and not cheap eh...Plus, i'm seriously short of cash now..

So, i decided to sell them online...Lowyat was the first, followed by ucsi forum. Sad to say i dont have eBay or Lelong account, and i don't intend to create one because the transaction method is a bit complicated for me (i know, i'm terrible in online trading and stuff).

Anyway, here's the progress so far,
There's no reply from ucsi forum. :(
Lowyat has 30 hits so far (i've posted it for almost 8 hours now) and no reply. Not to mention, my post is already on the 8th page (someone pls bump my page!)....Lowyat has 127,615 members and, on average more than 2000 people are online at one time. This is not looking good, i mean 30 out of 120k people???? That's less than 0.03%!!!!

I never knew selling things online would be this hard...

This is the thread in lowyat: Pls go and check it out.

Apr 13, 2008


I had my last paper on the 10th and I’m so so glad it’s over. Not because I have 3 weeks holiday but because the night before the 10th was torturous. Two major papers in one bloody day, Chemistry and Biochem. And knowing me, naturally, I would only study during the very last minute (which I really regret now). Somehow, I managed to finish 6 chapters in one day. I sat on the exam hall for 6 hours that day. Let’s hope my result wouldn’t be so bad…

Anyway, I have 3 weeks holiday now! Even before the final paper, I had already written down a ‘Things to do after final’ list. On top of the list is cleaning my room. Not surprising because that’s always on top of my list whenever I have exam! I haven’t been blogging recently. There’s nothing interesting to write anymore, considering my life only revolves around books books and books. Boring, I know….

I need a new hp!!! Currently, I’m using the superold nokia phone, with no camera, mp3, only had the basic. So, basically, I can only make calls and sms…

Anyone kind enough to sponsor me?? :P