Jul 13, 2009

Lost my hp...

hey friends,

Today is the unfateful day that i lost my phone.
I was 18 when i got my first phone ( i use my one month salary to get it!). Then, 2 years later, i lost it. Then i got a cheap nokia phone (my bro's spare hp), those old old super big nokia phones. Finally last year my bro bought me a new phone for my 21st birthday. The phone was not even a year..
In 4 years time, i lost 2 phones. kanasai.

Lol. But it's ok la... I'm gonna get a cheap phone already, don't want an expensive phone. No one's gonna steal an old big, and no value nokia phone.

I'm gonna buy Toto, my hp number and today's date. Lol.
9758 and 1307. Don't say i never tell you.