Jun 25, 2010

Goodbye Gli Azzurri

What an agonising match yesterday. And if you havent knew this,

Italy - Slovakia: 2-3

So devastating. I was watching it with my shirts pull over my head during the first half cos it was just so frustrating! And when it was 2-0, in the second half, all hopes were gone. Seriously, the way Italy played yesterday was so uninspiring. Even Pirlo coming in on the 56th minute wasn't enough to save Italy. The only time i felt Italy can get through was when Quagliarella qualise 2-2 in 80th minute but was ruled offside. Bad call on the referee. It was too close of a call to be honest. But Quagliarella really fought back during the final minutes when all others have given up. He was superb yesterday, which is why i think Lippi shouldn't bench him in the first 2 matches. Iaquinta and Pepe have been so disappointing yesterday.

But off all, the saddest thing was to see Cannavaro goes off in such a manner. His last WC :(
What a great career he has had. My favourite defender ever. Undeniably the best defender during his time (I was too young to know Maldini and the likes, but Cannavaro deserves to be in their league, if not better).

Quagliarella first WC and he was the goal scorer. How devastating for him. Had to be comforted by Cannavaro who put up a strong front as a captain for his team.

Another fresh player, i believed it was his first WC too, Maggio. Again, Cannavaro was the big brother for them.

Totally breaks my heart when i see this. Such a great hero. Cannavaro exiting his last WC in tears T.T
In front of his team, he had to be strong but behind the curtains, he was truly truly shattered.

Cannavaro the hero.
Hope to see him again as a coach or staff in the Azzurri team 2014. He will be missed :(

Jun 22, 2010

Places That We Think Don't Exist

I was reading a book by Neil Strauss called The Game the other day and i came across this country called Transnistria. Out of curiosity, i went online to research on this. Apparently, this is a de facto country of Moldovo and it's not recognised by any UN members. What amazes me the most is that they actually have their own currency, stamps, flag, and even passports. I wonder where can they go with that passport since no other country recognise them and they can't get out of their country legally.

I then came upon a BBC documentary by Simon Reeve (I like this guy a lot now, particularly after seeing this documentary) which shows Simon traveling to these so called countries. This documentary is worth watching, regardless of the accuracy of the information. I was surprised by how advanced Transnistria is. They have basically what every country have, if not more. They exports steel and was once the largest exporter of steel in USSR.They are self sustainable and if i may say, even better than some recognised countries.

You'd be surprised that there are a lot of these de facto countries actually. Click the link below to watch the BBC documentaries of:

South Ossetia
Nagorno Karabakh

I've watch all of them because i was so curious. Some of these countries are very pitiful, like Somaliland. The rest of the world just shut them out. You may say that they brought this to themselves but truth is they're just fighting for their own survival from the brutal and corrupt Somalia Warlords.

Anywho, I've spent too much time on this already. Time to get back to writting.
Enjoy the documentaries! :)

Jun 15, 2010

Why i like Italy football squad so much.

It's that time again for football fever. Another 4 years has gone for the victorious Azzurri. Click here if you still don't know i'm rooting for Italy.

Anyway, although yesterday's match against Paraguay is very disappointing but the Azzurri are well known for being slow warmers. So, i'm sure they will pick it up the next few matches. I'm happy to see Cannavaro is still the captain and Buffon is still the keeper. But no more Nesta T.T
I still don't really like the strikers, Iaquinta and Gillardino. Totti and Inzaghi were way much better back in those days. Pirlo and Gattusso did not play yesterday :(

Okay, so why do i like Italy that much?
1) Super sexy jersey *drool*
2) Their players are all so musculine but well groomed at the same time like Nesta.
3) They have great sportsmanship. They all play very clean, not very harsh tackle and even if they did, it's only 1 or 2 black sheep (like Matterazzi).
4) Full of surprises. Like in 1982, Italy barely scraped through the group stages but went all the way to win the cup and crown champion in 1982!
5) Last but not least, they've such great super sexy tight jersey. Oh, i said that before? xD

Forza Azzurri~~

Jun 5, 2010

I will do it!

I promise to write at least 2 pages of thesis a day. AT LEAST.
I promise i will finish my first draft by June 22nd.
I promise i will not online more than 5 hours a day (I'm on my pc almost 10 hours daily doing nonsense!!)
I promise to keep my promise :P