Jul 31, 2008

Oily Orange Diarrhea

I woke up this morning and went to toilet to do my usual business. When I got up, there was this orangy oil on the toilet bowl. No bulky stool, just the oil.

At first I though it might be dirt and grease because the toilet hasn’t been washed for some time. But when I wipe my ass backside, I saw more yellow oil! I was so freaked out. The oil stinks, and it reminded me of cod liver oil.

Terrified, I went to google it up. And I found that apparently, this oily diarrhea is not uncommon and this condition is called steatorrhea. It is the result of our body excreting indigestible fats. It can be caused by a lot of factors, like eating non-digestible oils or fats such as Olestra, and certain food.

One thing caught my eye when I was reading that article:

“Consuming escolar and oilfish (sometimes called butterfish) will often cause steatorrhea. The fish is commonly used in party catering due to its delicate flavor and the fact that it is cheap and readily available.”- Wikipedia

That’s it! It was caused by the stupid fish I ate. Upon reading that, I have two hypotheses:
1. The fish head noodle I ate yesterday in one hawker stall.
2. The ‘codfish’ I ate two days ago in Manhattan Fish Market (MFM)

I was quite sure of hypothesis one because the noodle I ate was cheap and it was from a hawker stall. Besides, it was the most recent food I ate. So, I went to ask my friends who ate the same noodle yesterday and all of them were fine. All three of them were okay except me. Hm..ok, so maybe it wasn’t the noodle.

So, that leaves me with MFM ‘codfish’. But I was doubtful of that because I ate the fish 48 hours ago and it was high quality codfish, not some cheap butterfish! But I stumbled upon this article:

Hong Kong Oilfish controversy
Hong Kong's PARKnSHOP supermarket was selling oilfish as "cod fish (oilfish)" in its stores. Consumers ate the fish believing it is codfish, then suffered oily diarrhea as a result. Afterwards 14 complaints were filed against the supermarket chain, leading to an investigation by the Centre for Food Safety. ParkNShop has denied responsibility, claiming the fish is safe for human consumption. Nonetheless, the chain has since stopped selling the fish product.


Canadians fall ill after eating mislabelled oily fish
Some Canadians have taken ill after eating oilfish, a low-grade fish barely fit for human consumption that may have been mislabelled as cod, the federal food watchdog says.
Oilfish — also known as escolar and snake mackerel — contains high amounts of a waxy type of oil. The fish is indigestible for about one in every two people, causing diarrhea as a side-effect.

I was SURE of hypothesis two when I saw this forum:

“Nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. I was worried initially too until I learned more about it. Up to 20% of the weight of these fish is an undigestible wax esther, which passes right through you. It's orange, and has a faint mineral oil smell. It will stain clothes and furniture. I thought it might be useful to others to note that my first obvious symptoms were 36-48 hours after eating the escolar. So one needs to look farther back than what one has eaten in the past day. Look on the bright side--your backside just got a great moisturizing treatment!”

LOL. My backside is so smooth now.

But that’s just my hypothesis. I have no one to ask because I ate the ‘codfish’ alone. So, maybe one of you could try MFM ‘Codfish’ and let me know if you’re alright or not. It’s a shame because the meal was expensive.

Jul 29, 2008

Countdown to Finals.

10 days to my first paper. My final exam is starting on the 8th and ends on the 19th. And the worse part is i haven't started studying!!! I'm gonna be doomed this semester.

On the brighter side, I'm going to Pangkor and Ipoh after my finals! Wee~~ Cant wait! Pangkor's seafood, Ipoh's chicken rice and Dim Sum...yummy~~

See, that's why i said i'm gonna be doomed for finals.

Anyway, Batman: The Dark Knight is a must watch movie of the year! Seriously, it is that nice. It's the best movie i've watched this year, even better than Red Cliff and 100x better than Journey to the Center of The Earth.

The next movie that i wanna watch is X-Files: I Want to Believe. But that will have to wait. Hopefully, it will still be on the cinema after my finals....

In the meantime, I have many dates to attend to.
Dates with Mr Books.... Wish me Luck!

Jul 18, 2008

I'm addicted to this game.

Try it. I can play the whole day. It's very calming, almost like eating a bar of chocolate. My highest high score: 61,250.

Jul 8, 2008

I hate moral.

First of all, why do we need to learn moral as a subject in uni??? Moral should be taught non-academically at home by our parents. It is something that we need to instill to the young ones, not grown up adults like us. I am pissed because:

1. I'm taking this subject for this semester. It's COMPULSORY. Blame it on the stupid government, not on UCSI.

2. I scored all A's except for one subject in SPM. And guess what's that subject?? Yes, it's Moral. I didnt score an A in Moral because i did not memorize the stupid 12 moral values.

3. I hated my primary school Moral teacher because he has no moral. He molested my friend. And we were only standard 2.

4. I have to get up at 6am just to attend the stupid moral class at 8am, to avoid traffic jam. And i can't skip the class and ask my friend to sign my attendance because the lecturer checks every single person.

But they get me wrong here. Although, i hate moral studies, i'm not an immoral person. I do have moral values because that's what i've been taught in Buddhism.

I just don't see the point of learning moral in school. From primary school, we are forced to 'study' this subject but the truth is, government teachers don't know how to teach moral. How are they to teach Moral when they themselves has no moral?

We should sign a petition and bring it over to 'consult' Najib. If he has the time to listen to Saiful's 'sad' sodomy case, he probably have the time to listen to us sad students right? Heck, he might even offer us scholarships later!

Jul 3, 2008


Ask me out. Ask me out. Ask me out!!!
Hahaha...i have one week to relax before my exams start again.
Hmmm, come to think of it, i owe a lot of people dates and meals.
Better start planning now...