Jun 14, 2009


It's been two weeks since i last moved. Most hectic two weeks ever, and stressful.
I think i've lost some weight :D

It's exam week now.. What a bad timing to move.

Can't believe it's gonna be July soon. There goes half of 2009.

I can't sleep early nowadays. Even if i have morning 8am class the next day, i will still sleep at 2-3am. It's not that i'm that busy but it's just that i cant get used to sleeping early. Usually will be half awake in morning class. Grr...hate morning class so much. Why do people have to sleep and wake up so early?

And if there's morning exam, my brain will only start to think halfway through the exam. Thank goodness morning exams are only for quizzes and midterm.

Jun 2, 2009

So, this is it...

We're moving end of this weekend!

Frankly, i don't like my new house, it's so much smaller and the neighborhood sucks. The malays there are so different from the malays back in section 11. I would say they're more racist and unfriendly... Oh well, i don't have any choice..

Anyway, none of my friends know where is my new house is but it's still in Shah Alam, 10 minutes ride from my old house. Maybe after we've settled down and everything, there will be a housewarming. MAYBE. But not so soon.

Shah Alam folks, if you guys wanna lend a hand this weekend to help me move, you're very much welcome :)

Klang folks, stay tune for more info...hehe

Others, please do pick up the phone when i call ok.