Apr 26, 2010

Joan's current obsession

Ron Ng Cheok Hei.. So macho and stylo.


Apr 21, 2010

My blog got hacked -_-

The previous post wasn't by me! Apparently, some people likes my blog a lot that they decided to post rubbish on my blog. Anyway, for those who clicked on the link, i'm sorry...hope nothing happen to your pc/laptop. I'm innocent :(

Anyway, i'm so happy my exam is over today!!! Weee~~~~~

No more exam! (At least not so soon)
So, right now on mind's to do list would be "finishing thesis and finding a job", on top of cleaning room, washing car, helping mum with housework, etc etc etc....

But somewhere in the list, there's "Going mamak with the gang", "movies wit whoever" and "singing karaoke".
Lol. ;)

Apr 15, 2010

One more to go!

I've just finished a paper on tuesday. One last paper to go next tuesday, and then no more exams!! Wee~~

On a bizarre note, i got a call from my aunt this morning. Her phone call woke me up. The last i spoke to her was one year ago. So, it came as a surprise, and i did not have her number.

Aunt: Hello Joanne?
Me:....................................... *still dreaming about the faceless guy i was dating in my dream*
Aunt: Joanne???
Me:........*ok, woke up from dreamland. Trying to digest everything*
Aunt: Hello Jooooooooooooooooane????
Me: hmmmmm? *very soft hum*
Aunt: Oh! Were u sleeping? I'm so sorry to disturb!
Me: hmmm.... *almost awake now*
Aunt: How are u?
Me: hmm...good
Aunt: So are u still studying? In form 5 or form 6 now?
Me: I'm in college now. I'll be graduating soon.
Aunt: Oh, already in college ah? That's fast. Hey, i'm sorry to disturb u from your sleep. Can i have your dad's number?
Me: Oh sure. You hold on yea, i need to check my hp. *Press press press....then realized my dad is looking at me from my room's doorway, he thought i was dream talking*
"oh pa, auntie Helen on the phone" *throw the phone to dad, and went back to sleep...zzz*

It's bizarre cos my aunt rarely talk to me, let alone calls me. And it made me realised that everyone in the Yee family thinks i'm still a baby girl, still in school, still the baby of the family. Ok, i maybe the youngest YEEs in my family but i'm already 23!! Those days, woman of 23 years of age have 2-3 kids already. It's funny that among my friends, i am the mature, and independent one, but in my family, i'm the small, kiddy little girl.

My friend, Sandra told me this just last two weeks ago. She said i should stop being so independent, and tough. Girls need to have a guy by herself that she can rely on. I like what she say, i mean who doesn't need a person who will be there for u, that u can trust on? I need someone like that, it's just i havent find one yet. And i was brought up by my family that if you can do it by yourself, don't ask for people to help u. Do it yourself. So, i have this sense of guilt if people were to do something really nice for me that i can do it on my own. Like for example, if my guy friend offered to check my car tires' pressures while i just sit in the car waiting, i will feel very bad. I'll walk over and offer my help instead.

Anyway, enough ranting. lol. Time to study...5 more days to go!! ahhh...i hope i can finish all in time...
Wish me luck!! :D

Apr 3, 2010

It's a sad thing

It's so sad that friendship for years can end because of a man in between. It really is. Maybe not end, but not on talking terms and too much friction between us. It all comes down to a man. It's really surprising that both of us aren't trying to save the friendship. I guess we both are stubborn and very opinionated people. We both think we're right and the other party is wrong. And we've never bother to talk things out. Perhaps she doesn't see each other as life long friend, hence the ignorance of what's happening between us.

I have always known she's the kind of person who puts her partner above everyone else, including families and friends. But not to this extent.
My biggest mistake was too honest with her. I should just lie and pretend that he's a perfect guy for her, just like the rest of the girls. And not talk about him at all.
Then things would be so different.

But oh well, i guess things like this happen. I hope when i'm in a relationship in the future, i won't forget friends. If i ever do, pls scold/whack/slap me out of it. Seriously, i mean if ever that day comes when she breaks up with him *touch wood* she will find that she has lost all her friends. I'm sorry to say that, i'm not being bitter or jealous about it, but i'm just being honest with what i think. Yes, blame it on the honesty again, but hey, isn't this my personal blog/diary that i can afford to say whatever i want?