Aug 23, 2007


"Save the cheerleader, save the world."

Finally finished watching all 23 episodes of Heroes season 1 . I've got to say, my moronic brother , Pete is right, the show is really interesting. Coincidentally, he has the same first name with the hero who saved the world, Peter Petrelli. But there are times that i wish i could just slap Claire Bennet, the spontaneous regeneration girl for whining so much about "being different". That was the most irritating thing i found about the show. Other than that, i think Isaac Mendez and Peter Petrelli should not have died. Such a waste of talents. And oh, Mr E-sac should teach Nakamura how to pronounce his name correctly.

Now i cant wait for Season 2!

Aug 16, 2007

Got a job!

I found another job for one week. This time, it's in Subang airport as a data entry clerk. It's a fun job beacuse the people there are so funny and i get to meet new people everyday! It's a french company, called Eurocopter which is the world's second largest helicopter company. Tommorow would be my last day :(

And it's really weird when you have to step into a company in Malaysia only to find tons of french speaking people. Even the malaysians working there speak french! i would say 30-40% of the workers there are foreigners. I went out to have lunch with my collegue today and i just felt like i was in France, with Malaysian weather. I mean, sitting in a car full of french and they speak french and i was like so out of place. Then on the lunch table, you have chinese and malay speaking french to each other... how weird can that be??

Anyway, this is really a good experience for me. I get to see helicopters everyday, meet so many people from so many countries and get to earn money at the same time! Oh and not to mention, i get to "cuci mata" everyday! hehe...

Aug 14, 2007

Nutrition and Food Science Careers

Adapted from

There is a high demand for graduates of nutrition and food science in a range of areas including public nutrition education programs, nutritional advice, development of new food products and research related to food and nutrition in health and disease. Potential employers include community health centres, hospitals, nursing homes, food suppliers and manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, supermarket chains, airlines, wine companies, teaching institutions, Commonwealth and State research laboratories and public health departments. Graduate nutritionists often undertake a further one-year program of study in a specific professional area, such as dietetics, food science and technology, health promotion or teaching.

Ah...what a me great pleasure to know that the course i'm about to take is not that bad after all.

Aug 9, 2007

You've got a mail!

I've received a mail just now from Nottingham University. They are offering me 25% scholarship and i'm entitled to get PTPTN loan. Which means, i need to pay only RM7000+ per year, after getting full loan from PTPTN. 4 years chemical engineering course. What do you think?

It's holiday again..

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. All thanks to Payless Books warehouse sale!
Out of sheer boredom, I went to this warehouse sale in 3K complex, near Summit, hoping to find some good bargains on Sidney Sheldon’s books. But luck wasn’t on my side; I couldn’t find any books by him, not a single book. Nonetheless, I bought 10 books for just Rm34. Now, that’s what I call a warehouse sale. I was there for at least an hour, browsing through hundreds or maybe thousands of books there! While I was driving home with all my newly bought books, I could see books everywhere. The old uncle who was driving so slow in front of me had no head but a book attached to his body! Hahaha… It was as good as Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Sense saying “I see dead people books ”

Ok, enough about my craps. I'm beginning to enjoy my holiday now. Well, I have to. Even if I don’t, I have to pretend that I’m enjoying it! Especially after so many bouts of stupid people asking stupid questions unsuccessful interviews. I wanted to continue to work for Chanel but the pay is turning me off and the job can be very very boring at times. So, I’m at home now. My daily routine is pretty much the same. Wake up, watch channel 79 until I get bored, and then I play the computer. For those who don’t know, channel 79 is a crime and investigation channel in astro. Pretty much like CSI in real life.

Amazingly, I learnt a lot from this channel. Like the finger print system in CSI: AVIS does really exist, but it is not as sophisticated as the one in CSI. And do you know that the name of coca-cola comes from cocaine?? Yes, the drug, cocaine. In fact, the original coke really had cocaine in it!

Anyway, I would be free until end of this month. So, don’t forget to call me if there’s mamak or any outings at all!