Nov 24, 2005

cool view

I took this on the way back to Shah Alam from Cameron. The little hut was surrounded by fog and it was BEAUTIFUL

Fun, fun, fun!

Cameron Highland wasn’t as bad as some people might say. I went there on the 22nd Oct, Tuesday with my classmates to catch insects for our biology assignment i.e. preserving insects using chloroform and formalin. We were excited during the first hour of ride there, busily chatting and singing to the radio (not to mention eating!!) but gradually, we fell asleep as most of us woke up early, around 3 am so that we could reach Cameron just in time for breakfast!

Indeed, we really got there around 9 am and it was drizzling. Well, truth be told, it was raining the WHOLE DAY!

Somehow, when we reach there, some of us got sore eyes while some felt dizzy. We felt that way right until afternoon. It wasn’t until one of my friend noticed her backpack was wet that we realized we had been intoxicated by chloroform.
What a way to start our ‘quest’ of finding those damn insects!

Anyway, we had so much fun that we looked like vacationing rather than doing assignment. Well, to start things off, we ‘stole’ strawberries on the way to our apartment. Cameron has many strawberry farms offering tourists to self-pluck strawberries and one of those many farms were really, really unlucky that day! We were supposed to pluck strawberries and fill them into a container which they provide at a cost of Rm15. But being an adventurous and hungry-for-strawberries group of teenagers, we couldn’t resist not eating them!! We had this ‘tactic’ to distract the workers from catching us eating strawberries where one of us would pretend to ask him many questions while the rest would eat them mercilessly! Honestly, each of us ate 30-40 strawberries and there were 7 of us! And all we paid was Rm15 in total! Wahaha…worth every cents!

We did not catch many insects on the first day as it was raining. Time was running out, we only booked the apartment for a night. We then planned to buy them from the butterfly farm. Shockingly, one butterfly costs Rm80-100 ++ and we need 5 of them. Out of desperation to bring back butterflies, each of us paid Rm3 and went into the farm to steal them!! Yeap, we stole 10++ butterflies! Haha..don’t ask me how but we just did it!

The apartment that we stayed in was really cozy and most importantly, cheap. 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms equip with Astro, Kitchen utensils and all the necessary stuff for Rm220.

Not bad eh? I might go there again next year! Hahaha

Nov 11, 2005

Addicted to Dota!

Yeah, I’m so addicted to Dota. Seriously. I spent at least 3 hours of playing Dota almost everyday. Well, at least now I’m a little sick of it. But I still play three or four times a week. See, that’s why I said I hate holidays. They’ll make u an addict! Lol!

Nov 10, 2005

November's Chopin

Due to ‘popular’ demand, I shall write a review about Jay Chou’s latest album, November’s Chopin. Haha…well, only one (Xiang Wei) requested it.
Anyhow, because I’m a Jay’s fan, I’m writing this without any obligation. There are ONLY 11 tracks in this album and only a few are really nice. The rest of the songs mainly sound the same as his previous album. Nothing much to boast about this album, his style is still the same, the pronunciations is still terrible and the lyrics are still philosophical. But as always, there are the good ones as well. I especially like Shan Hu Hai, a duet with Lara from Nan Quan Mama and also Hei Se Mao Yi. Both are slow songs which explain why I like them (his rap songs are hard to follow especially hard for pin yin readers like me!). Another song to take note is Fa Ru Xue which is a mixture of both traditional and modern melody, though the only thing I dislike about this song is that he sings with Jolin Chai’s style…you know, the terrible pronunciations topped with a hard-to-describe attitude. As for the rest of the album, well, I can’t tell you everything, can’t I? Lol..if you want to know the rest of the songs, go get one for yourself! In short, the album is worth every penny!

Nov 4, 2005

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The exorcism of Emily Rose is a MUST watch! It’s meaningful, real and scary. Considering that I’m a big time movie critic, you gotta believe me when I say it’s a nice show.

The cinema was full house and the air-cond is not too cold, just perfect for a midnight show. Well, aside from this stupid bitch who sat beside me that talked non-stop throughout the whole 2 ½ hours, everything was fine. Okay, the movie started off with er…darn I can’t remember because I kept starring at that stupid bitch, trying to make her shut her lily-ass mouth off.

Anyhow, the whole show is basically about this girl, Emily Rose, a devout catholic who was possessed by 6 demons, among them, Lucifer, the Satan’s son. A priest tried to help her to chase away all the demons through exorcism, of course, but to no avail as she was on a drug that interfere the brain activity to respond to the exorcism. The drug was given to her by her doctors as they diagnosed or rather, misdiagnosed her with schizophrenia. In the end, she died; the priest could not help her. She died, leaving a letter to the priest, telling him she knew why she was possessed. In the letter, she said, the night before she died, she saw someone calling her name, it was Virgin Mary. She asked Her why does god let her suffer. Virgin Mary said that god wanted people to believe in Demon, to believe that there was a god. Through her being possessed, people can actually see that Demon is real, that there is god. Emily was given a chance to choose; she can either go with Virgin Mary to heaven or she could stay in her body, suffering. She chose to stay because she wanted to help god. But anyhow, she died,er..i’m not sure why.

Yeah, I know I suck in telling stories...but it’s hard enough to tell the story, let alone put it in words. Anyway, this show is really nice in the sense that it is REAL, yes; it was based on a true story. It’s a horror story with no ghost in it. You can’t see a ghost at all but it was a damn scary movie.

I’ll give it 9/10 (I would have given it a 10 if not because of that bitch)

You gotta see it to believe it.