Jun 29, 2011

New work, new begining?

I almost forgot i have a blog. I guess i just stopped writing after making this blog private.

Didn't want the whole world to know, i value my privacy! And didn't want all the questioning and stuff.

Anyway, another 3 more days and i'll be starting new job. Just can't wait! Especially after rotting at home for 2 weeks, no, 3 weeks actually. Yes, 3 bloody weeks!! Not that i have a choice anyway. I was hoping to start earlier :(

I've done everything i could think of in the past 2 weeks. Everything. I guess i should grateful and not whine so much. The free time gave me the chance to think about the past one year, which has been great and mistakes-prone! But oh well, people grow from mistakes. The saying 'What doesn't kill us, will only makes us stronger' is so true. I just wished i could stop being so emotional, and over-think things. Need to increase my EQ!

Hopefully, i will find what i want in the new company. Start afresh and not make the same mistakes again. Think before i do, and don't get driven by emotion.