May 28, 2006

Sick, Tired and feeling like a loser.

Yeah, that says it all.
Sick because of flu, fever and headache * you might ask me what on earth am I doing here? I should get some sleep!* Well, I’ve slept for more than 12 hours and I’m feeling even worse now!

Tired because, well, I am sick! It’s ironic. The more I sleep, the more tired I’ve become.

Feeling like a loser? It’s because I can’t do anything beneficial at the moment. All I’m doing is sleep, eat, rest and the same cycle again. And I hate it because it’s holiday!! I hate being sick during holidays! It means no more vacation, no more shopping and no more fun!!

And I feel inferior. In spite of my sickness, I went to ACS, Klang IU day and it was very well done. What I am unhappy about is that the Rotarians keep on praising other schools (especially ACS) about how good they are etc and it makes me even sicker! The fact is that well, okay, they are good but hey, we were as good as them during our IU day but heck, the one-sided Rotarians didn’t even bother spending more time during our IU day. They LEFT just about 1 hour into our IU day to attend some loser’s school’s unimportant and dumb Idol Day. I’ve got to admit that ACS did a good job but I was so gloomy (blame it on the fever!) throughout the whole event. The president of ACS was (from my observation) kinda pissed with my unwillingness to go up stage and accept the souvenirs. Instead, I sent my vice president to go up. And I didn’t even bother to explain to him. What the hell, as if I’m obliged to listen to what the ass he said. The crowd was impressive, the hall was over-packed but they were like some kind of underage junk kids trying to rap and beat box etc. but failed miserably. The performers were great, though.

There, that’s my explanation for being so sober and impolite.