Jan 29, 2007

10 wishes for this CNY

I wish that:

1. Mum can retire by the end of this year.
2. Dad can stay at home more often to accompany mum.
3. Sis will be happy in Taiwan and that she can meet the right guy for her this year.
4. First bro will get promoted in Freescale very soon and that he and Aileen can live happily ever after.
5. Second bro can sangsang sengseng work and play less Dota/CM/any other games.
6. Deardear can talk things out with his mum and that he can find a job soon.
7. I can successfully plan two different trips for Klang friends and Shah Alam friends. Hopefully by March or April we can have fun on the beach (I’m keeping my fingers crossed!)
8. I can find a job that I’m happy with by next month.
9. I can get to study Pharmacy (Before that, I would have to get good results in Stpm)
10. And finally, I wish that Tuapek kong, Tee kong, Amitabha, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Allah and all the other gods/dewa-dewi can bless everyone with good health!

Jan 21, 2007

Work, work, work

Today marks the 12th day of this job, but to me, it has been like 12 months. Maybe it's because i just started and i dont know anyone yet. So time passes very very slow. But then, i've learnt a lot in these 12 days. Seriously a lot. I'm very grateful to my permanent beauty consultant (BC) for teaching me a lot of things. My first assignment was in Jusco Klang's Jcard day and i was so blur there. I gave out wrong informations to customers, i forgot to punch card and i almost lost my belongings. But it was all a great experience for me. Second day was in Parkson subang which was a nightmare. The rules there are so strict and being a newcomer, i didnt know a single thing there. I got scolded by the parkson's management for breaking the rules ( i was caught not wearing my tag when infact i just got in from lunch and was just about to wear my tag), and because of that, my permanent BC got scolded too. I felt so bad. First day in subang and i already screw up, and my BC got screwed because of me...So guilty.

Anyway, everything is fine now. I'm actually at work now in subang. Hehe...and of course, i curi-curi online la..so bad of me..hehe...But then there's really nothing to do at all now. No customer and no one to talk to.

Okie...gtg before anyone caught me breaking the rules (again!)

Jan 7, 2007

Back to work!

Yeah. Pathetic, I know. Tomorrow will mark the first day of another job. This time, it will be long as I will be working under contract for a few months. Hopefully, it will be fun and exciting. I have a feeling that it will be quite daunting but if this job can teach me a thing or two about anything at all, it’s worth it. The nature of this job? Hm…not really sure what I’m supposed to do yet. Tomorrow is the training, and starting this Thursday, you can see me at the counter.

Anyway, my hp broke down yesterday. So, if u guys want to contact me, call my house phone or email me.

I hate working. Sigh.