Dec 31, 2006

Farewell 2006!

The most stressful year I have ever had. But it is also the most enjoyable and memorable year. STPM sucks. Going through STPM, i felt like i'm going through a terrible war. But the aftermath of the ‘war’ wasn’t that bad. Hehe….

Oh, before that, thanks for all the concern in the past few weeks people. You know who you are. Thank you for all the comforting advices and talks. I won’t forget u people. *hugss*

Klang people are crazy, I tell you. Hehe…crazily fun! Hanging out with them is so fun! I will so miss u people. Anyway, a lot of u have been asking me how is my new love life etc. Hehe, I would say I’m loving it! We’re officially a couple now and so far so good.

A week after STPM I worked for 2 weeks. Today was my last day of work as a clerk. It was alright I would say. The people there are so nice but I just couldn’t stand the boss. That’s why I left so fast. Hehe…now, I’m without a job and it is fun! So please call me if u guys got any job to offer me! Hey, I need the cash!

Anyway, I believe this would not be the end of our friendship. Surely, there will be mamaks and gatherings. Oh and of course shoppings! But I will really miss those silly jokes we cracked in class when teacher’s out. *more hugssss* Haha…please, do call me for mamak even if it’s in Klang. I will be there in no time!

The best part of 2006? Italy won the world cup!!!!!! Hehehe….
Oh, that would be second best. Haha…the best would be of course having ‘him’ in my life!

Happy New Year 2007 everyone!

Dec 13, 2006

I'm guilty

It’s all my fault.
I wish the person lying on the bed now is me, not him because I can’t stand this guilt.
I wish I had never asked him to join us in Pyramid.
I wish I had never asked him not to take bus there, and then all this would not happen.
I wish I had agreed to his request to send me back, and then he would at least slow down.
It’s all my fault.

Dec 5, 2006

IT's OVER!!!!!!!!

Yea, man. It's finally over. STPM is over.
Wuhoo!!! I feel so damn good now. Seriously, it's like I'm on heaven now. I can't stop grinning now!Lol...I'm so exaggerating..

Ms Christine Kon is finally back! Yeah, man, we gonna party like there's no tomorrow.
Mr Mak's holiday is finishing next week. sorry mak..
As for Sook May and Kok, all the best for physics paper on the 7th!

OK, so here's what I'm gonna do in my holiday.
1) Clean my room!!
2) Mamak with Christine & shah alam geng
3) Go dating! hehehe
4) Go gym, and yoga!!
5) Go vacation with Ida, Elaine, Sue San and the girls
6) Learn swimming
7) Shopping!!!
8) Settle UPU thingy
9) Go out with uncle, Carol, and basically, meet up old friends..
10) Find a work!

Hehe...there's more but if i continue, this thing will be as thick as a scrap book!
Anyway, to those i forget to mention, please let me know if i did promised you people for a movie or etc..Just give me a call ya..:)

Dec 1, 2006

It's almost over, 1 more to go

Okay, i know i'm not supposed to blog now because i still have one more paper to go but so much had happened these few weeks! And like i said, just 1 more to go, so i think i can be spared from spanking right people? Haha

Anyway, the week before exam was almost like hell. I was so terribly stressed up that i did not eat and ended up having gastric. I couldn't sleep at night because of anxiety. I only slept for i think 3 hours on average each day during the week of exam. The worst day was on 29th, where i had two papers in a day, and i only slept for 3 hours the day before.

But i think i did okay for some paper but i totally screw up my bio paper. It was so unexpected and i don't even know i can get B for bio or not!

Okay, here is my target BEFORE exam
PA = A
Bio = A-
Chem= A

Here's AFTER exam (well, minus chem cos i havent took paper 2 yet)
Bio= B-
Chem= uncertain
Maths= A-

I think i did my best for Maths paper because i know my maths standard. And i think i was lucky that i actually can do both maths papers. As for the others, ok aside from bio of course.

Anyway, amidst all these exams, i'm actually trying to work things out with a guy but it's not seriously official because we didnt have time to go dating yet. Not many ppl know yet cos we're keeping it a secret till we're ready to let ppl know. And we didn't want this to distract our concentration. So, hopefully, it'll work out. I have a strong instinct that it will. So, we'll see how it will turns out soon.

I'll keep u guys updated on it ya. On the meantime, it's back to chem book!Gud luck guys and all the best!!!

Oct 27, 2006

wish me luck!

I've decided.
I won't blog anymore until december when STPM is over.
I will only online once a week.
I won't go out for movies, shopping etc .
I can only watch tv for maximum 2 hours daily.
I must study at least 5 hours daily.

So, please help me, make me follow these curfews. If any of you see me breaking these rules, you are free to whack me. Totally F.O.C

Oct 23, 2006

5 sins of sms-ing

1. Credit-wasting

*Some* people just loves to waste credit.

xxx: Hey. How r u?

yeah. A 4- letters sms. Hello, not everyone is as rich and as wu liau as you ok? This is not msn or talking face-to-face! Each sms cost 15 sen ok. one hello = 15 sen , 10 hellos = 1.50 . which can buy me a breadtalk's breadfloss! And what do they expect people to reply??

Me: Yeah, i'm fine u filthy rich dumbass.

Sometimes, i didn't even bother to reply. So, if i dun reply to you, u know what it means.

2. Forward stupid smses.

Hey, if the sms is nice and cute, i dun mind but if it ends like this:

Forward it to 5 people and you'll be blessed with good luck Forward to 10 people, your love of life will surprise u.......

WTH. Do u believe that? What's the fortune teller or feng shui master for then? To advice u on how to forward an 'auspicious' sms??!!!

3. Too kiam siap syndrome (overly use of short forms!)

yyy: i xnoe u lidat1.i dn1 let u noe cz o tis.y u tel him?cn help me2tel him truth? etc etc....

yeah, imagine 'encoding' the rest of the sms. Kills me, man. No wonder so many youngsters have heart attack nowadays. I know they're trying to save cost but please be considerate! Do they know how much does it cost to organise a funeral?? Like hello, 10000 times more than the price of an sms.

4. Alzheimer syndrome

I pity these people. Really. So young but yet, so old.

Yesterday, AAA: I send you this sms to bring you good luck for your exam etc etc...

Today, AAA: I send you this sms to bring you good luck for your exam etc etc...

The same sms from the same people on 2 consecutive days. How terrible can the disease be? Even my grandpa can remember what he eats yesterday! These people needs professional help

5. Mentally-retarded-assholes

It will take them at least one day to fully understand what the coconut i'm trying to tell them. And sometimes, they will reply after two days and say:

BBB: Hey, sorry for late reply. The class starts at 12 actually.

Yeah, like i dun know. The class was yesterday! And i know it's not digi or maxis' fault because the next day i saw her,

Me: Hey, your area's line is really bad huh? I just got your msg yesterday.

She: oh ah...about that hor, i was ah...a bit slow la...not digi's fault

Yeah, obviously, you are SLOW. i don't mind if your credit's out or expired but if it's because you're slow, sorry coconuts, i cant forgive that. Seriously, dont be like William Hung,and go seek profesional help!

Oct 21, 2006


Stpm- the word dreaded by all form sixers.

And it’s only one month to go to MY Stpm. But yet, I don’t feel as pressured as the rest of my friends. It’s weird to read my friends’ blogs, writing about how pressured and stressed they are. Of course, I do feel the heat but not to the extent of breaking down and stuff like that. Instead, what I’m actually feeling now is sad. Yeah, sad to leave school and sad to be an adult!

Honestly, I’ve never felt like this before, not even when I left my secondary school. Well, that’s probably because I kind of dislike my ex-school for its racism etc. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed school, and I look forward to each schooling day!

I love talking nonsense with my girl friends (Elaine, Susan, Shiau Mei, Ida. Etc...)
I love attending chem. class (only when Ida and Susan make fun of Pn Tan’s English! ‘Toxic is toxic’! LOL)
I love doing club activities and making silly jokes with all the members. (Particularly interact club – wei kuo, may, wee hong, jian ming etc…)

And the list goes on…

Sigh, I feel so extremely guilty now. I don’t know why I still relax and online while all my friends are busy studying and they don’t even have time to sleep! Darn, someone please knock my head and wake me up from my comfort zone!

Oct 8, 2006

Interesting Facts

Hey people, here are some informative and interesting facts that you got to know!

There are few things which perhaps we didn't
1. Coca-Cola was originally green.
2. The most common name in the world is Mohammed.
3.The name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with.
4. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.
7. Women blink nearly twice as much as men!
9. It is impossible to lick your elbow.
10. People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze, your heart stops for a millisecond.
11. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.
12. The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language.
13. If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die.
17 What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers all have in common?
Ans. - All invented by women.
18. Question - This is the only food that doesn't spoil. What is this?
Ans. - Honey
19. A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.
20. A snail can sleep for three years.
21. All polar bears are left handed.
23. Butterflies taste with their feet.
24.Elephants are the only animals that can't jump.
26. On average, people fear spiders more than they do death.
30. The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
32. Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over million descendants.
33. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
34. The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.
35. Most lipstick contains fish scales.
36. Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different
37. And finally 99% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow

Haha, i did that, i tried to lick my elbow. Thank god i'm not the 'special' 1%!

Oct 7, 2006

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Dated 5th Oct 2006

Event No 1: Accident
I took off early at 8.30 am to my friend’s house in Kelana Jaya. Stuck in traffic jam as expected. Then, even with the help of a map, I got lost there. Called my friend for help. Then, she came and brought me to her house. Purpose of going to her house was to ask her for help to buy things for my sister. So, once I reach her place, she brought me to the shop but we ended up buying nothing because the things are too expensive! On the way back home, her car got hit by another car right in front of my eyes. My car was behind her car as I didn’t know the road back so, I had to trail her. Luckily, it was a minor accident. The man who hit her car paid her. Right after he went off, the same man, hit another car also right in front of my eyes. Yup, the same person! What happened to him and the other car I don’t know because I didn’t want to stay and block the traffic.

Event No 2: Lost and Found
After the accident, I went back on my own as my friend had to go to her college. Got lost again in Sunway. The road changed totally compared to the last time I went there which was like a month ago. Finally found my way out after 20 minutes of turning around, but got stuck in the after-office-traffic jam for another 20 minutes.

Event No 3: Tyre puncture
Got out of the jam and was gleefully cruising on the federal-subang highway. Just right before the subang toll, a Stupid nail punctures my car tyre on the stupid toll. Stopped at the side of the road and saw a huge nail on the front tyre. I figured out that the tyre can last till I reach home. So, I drag it till I reach home to Shah Alam. Thank god my mum was asleep and dad just came home. Thank god dad didn’t scold or lecture. Quickly ask dad to help me and he fix it before the lion roars. Close call.

Event No 4: Burst
My house toilet was almost flooded because of a pipe burst. A plumber came and changed it but I had to clean up the mess as I’m the one at home with my parents. Damn it, the toilet hasn’t been washed for more than a week as we hardly use it.

Event No 5: Gone….
My 20 years ciku tree was cut down to make way for bro’s car park. 20 years….the tree was even older than me. It was planted by my late grandma and dad decided it’s time for it to go. No more ciku, no more shade, no more memories of Ah Ma...

So, there you go. A series of unfortunate event, all in one day.

Sep 28, 2006

Happy Birthdays!!

It was 10.30pm on the 26th when i received the first birthday sms. Then my phone stopped ringing. Even after 12.00am it still did not ring. So, i was a bit dissapointed. I was doing my maths, so, i didn't bother to check my HP (cos it did not ring!). When i finally did, it turns out tat my hp was on silent and msg inbox was full. And tat was already 12.45 am..LOL

So, for those who wished me, thanks a lot for remembering my birthday. I really feel so thankful to know that i have so many friends that care for me. Really 'kan tong'

Anyway, happy birthday to Elaine, Xin Ee, Garry Ee (27th sept)
happy birthday to Shiau Mei (26th), to Sze Thin (23rd) and to
Grace , Kok Zhen Yi, Wilkinson, Julian ( 28th)

So many people were born in sept, especially on the 27th..hehe
Anyway, we had a party just now with all my girl friends and it was so fun! I've never taken so many pictures in a day before! Haha...feel like a model..Although not many came but it was so nice...we chit chatted and cracked silly jokes, teased each, FUN!
It was a blast, too bad someone had to sit in the loo the whole day and can't attend this party. Haih...but i bet u had fun doing ur 'cake' in the toilet..wahaha..right jian ming?

Anyway, thanks a lot people! It surely is one of the best birthday i ever had.

Me, Sue San and Elaine.

Me and Elaine

From Left: Shiau Mei, Elaine, Me, Xin Ee, Grace and Sze Thin.

Sep 19, 2006

Something better than 'the' vanity test

Well people, since my last attempt to spice up my blog failed (the vanity test WAS intended to make my blog more interesting!), i shall try something new. And this is it:

Seven things i want to do before i die :

1. Tell my mom that I love her very much
2. Go to Italy (yeah, I am obsessed with Italians!)
3. Attend Jay Chou’s concert
4. Tell him that I still like him despite all the misunderstandings between us.
5. I want to have a primary school friend’s gathering. Yup, I miss all my childhood friends. Always wonder how they are now…
6. Learn how to say sorry and be polite…Truthfully; I owe a lot of people of apology.
7. Um…be less vain! Hahaha….sounds impossible but I know I can do it some day.

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Erm…be on time. Ask my friends, they know better. If they say 7pm, I’ll reach at 7.30..hehe…Malaysian time what…
2. Study consistently. I’m the last minute type of person. Exam tomorrow? No problem, I’ll start studying today.
3. I cannot live without my radio. Yeah, you got it right, I said Radio, not hp or computer….I CAN live without my hp, tried and tested. Make no difference with or without it.
4. Call my sister Jie Jie or my brother koh koh…haha, I’m used to calling my siblings by their name. Sounds odd if I call them jie jie or koh koh, they’ll start to ask ‘Ok, say it! What to u want from me?’
5. Workout everyday. Tried but failed. It’s either I’m too busy or I’m too lazy.
6. Without listening to sloppy love songs. I’m a huge fan of Ronan Keating and country songs.
7. Not watch Gladiator for at least once every year. No matter how many times I’ve watch it, I’ll make sure I watch it every year again. I love the underlying message of the movie..oh, not forgetting I love watching Russell Crowe in action. So ‘man’…

Seven things that attracts me to a guy:

1. Funny. Someone who can make me laugh and not those who excessively teases and irritate people!
2. Smart. Must be smarter than me, which is not so hard, I’m not smart at all. It’s annoying when I tried to talk about some crisis in Namibia or anywhere else, he’ll be like ‘Huh, what is Nabelibia?’
3. Taller than me. But oh well, I think almost 80% of the world’s population is taller than me.
4. Mysterious. Someone who I cannot predict his next action!
5. Play any kind of sports. It’s a plus point if he can play basketball!
6. A bit of fat and chubby. Stick like figure makes me sick.
7. Loyal. No point having all that but he can’t stay with you!

Seven things that I say most often
1. Hahahahaha
2. Wahlau eh…Hehe…all thanks to Klang people!
3. Damn
4. Shit
5. Ya meh?
6. Why la?
7. I dunno…

Sep 18, 2006

Vanity test...

Alright people, to prove that i am not as vain as u people think, i took the test. So, let's see if i am THAT vain..Here it goes.

How Vain Are You?Are you a little too full of yourself? Does the world revolve around your beauty? Take this test and see just how vain you really are...

1.In your opinion, which of the following words best describes a person of 'average' physical appearance?

2.In your opinion, which of the following words best describes a person of 'attractive' physical appearance?

3. In your opinion, which of the following words best describes a person of 'unattractive' physical appearance?

4.Have you ever dated or had a sexual experience of any kind with someone less attractive than yourself?

5.Have you ever rejected someone involving dating, sex or flirtation because the person was not attractive enough for your tastes?

6. Can a particular article of clothing or outfit make you feel significantly more attractive when you wear it?
Yes...duh...there must be a reason why the fashion indutry is making big bucks. Obviously, because clothes CAN make a difference!

7. Do you currently own a particular article of clothing or outfit you know for CERTAIN makes you more attractive than the average person?

Okay, here come the result...

You're almost there, but not everything was perfect.
We're experiencing technical difficulties right now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please e-mail us at -- - to report the problem.

WTH?!!! It took me 30 minutes to paste it in my blog!! @#@$%^$%^%$#!!!!

Sep 16, 2006


Darn! I feel like i've been challenged. My blog is undeniably boring and i know that but for someone like Mr Jian Ming to write a better blog than mine is an insult to me. Why? You see, he's one of the most boring guy i've ever known and he hardly talks in school ( i don't mean to insult u, jian ming but it's the truth!). But yet even he can think of something interesting to write instead of writting pathetic life stories like mine! Hm...maybe i should write about Malaysian drivers......

Today must be my 'lucky' day, i fell down 3 times today, in three separate places. Once in the morning , then afternoon and the last one was at night. It's kinda like taking daily dose of medicine. 3 times a day for a faster way to heaven. I had 5 bruises, two on my leg, two on the arm and one on my finger. Yeah, i even hurt my finger. Bizzare. I'm not the clumsy type of person and it's so weird that i pokai so many times today. Maybe it's a sign that i should start evaluating myself and be a better person.

But i've always been a good person, am i not, people? Well, perhaps after omiting my vainess, i'm almost perfect! LOL, darn, i'm so vain!
So, people, don't be surprised to see me next time with a brand new look (full of bruises look!)

Anyway, to all my friends who will be having exam soon, Good luck and Jiau You!!

Aug 18, 2006

Condolences, Eric

This year is definitely not a good year. Firstly, my grandma past away, then my friend’s father passes away yesterday. I just got to know it today and my whole class went to the funeral during school hour. Yup, we skip class just to see how he was doing.

You see, our friend, Eric is such a nice and wonderful guy. Everybody loves him for who he is. He’s funny, helpful, responsible and reliable. He’s the school vice captain (he should have been the captain considering the work he has done) and has so many other roles in school. I guess it is proper to say that he’s the most popular guy in our school.
It’s so cruel of God to do this to him right at this time. STPM is just 3 months away. And he’s the eldest son in the family. He has such a huge responsibility on his shoulder. Pity him. I really feel sorry for him.

The rest of this post has been deleted due to personal matters.

Aug 14, 2006

3 more months..

It's 'that' close to stpm and i'm hating every single day before it. I finally understand it when my friends used to tell me '' i can't study anymore, i have no mood''. It never happened to me..i mean i had always enjoy studying, and i love reading even when i was studying for spm but not at this moment. There's just too much to study in STPM. Sigh...i guess this has to go on for another few months.

Anyway, i found solace in music and i can't study without my radio turned on. And i love Keith Urban's 'you'll think of me'. Absolutely fantastic. Another must hear song is Ronan keating and LeAnn rimes' ''last thing on my mind''.

I feel so guilty right now. I should be studying, not blogging.What am i doing now?? I'm wasting my time!!! I could have read another chapter of Bio!

Argh....i'm a study freak!

Jul 25, 2006

Goodbye Ah Ma

My grandma left us last Saturday, 9.30 am.

Jul 16, 2006

Back to normal....

World cup is finally over and it’s hard to adjust back to the normal routine. I became so accustomed to turning on the TV at night, hoping to catch a match or two of wonderful football. And unintentionally, I would always read the sports section in the newspaper first whenever I got hold of a paper (which I never even bother to look at last time).

Anyway, Italy’s victory didn’t last long. Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina all had been relegated to second division while Ac Milan had to start from below Serie A. It’s sad to see fantastic Italian players like Cannavaro and Nesta had to be bought at bargain prices, though some might enjoy a better pay than others. But it’s a good thing that these players are finally playing outside of Italy, which means there might be more variety of styles of football (instead of defensive one) in the Azzurri Squad.

Yesterday was one the most tiring day in my life. I went to school at 730 and stayed there until 4.00 for my school’s canteen day. I was running around the school the whole time and it was such a hot hot day! But it was fun, nonetheless, we played water balloons and I got hit the most by the guys. Perhaps I’m an easy target (because I’m short?), but I had fun throwing balloons at the guys as well, hehe, payback time!

Then at 7pm I went for Bon Odori until night. It was so hot and crowded. The amount of people there was immense that the phone connectivity was so low. We couldn’t make any calls at all and consequently, many got lost. I wish I had been there earlier to join the dance performances. Anyway, it didn’t turn out to be as fun as I thought it would be and I was rueful that I actually drag my friend along…

So, out goes the world cup and in comes the school!

Jul 11, 2006


Yeah! Cannavaro lifting the cup for the very first time. Sweet victory for Italy especially during now that the match-fixing scandal case is still on the court.
They truly deserve every bit of it!

Jul 10, 2006

Finally, Azzurri.

24 years.
That’s how long the azzurri last won the world cup.
12 years. That’s how long I have waited for this moment. I have watched and supported them since I was 9 years old. It was during world cup 1994 when I started to have a passion for Italian football. It was the crucial penalty miss by Roberto Baggio that sent Italy to 2nd place in the Finale. The memory was vague but it was stuck in my mind for years. Then more disappointment came along with Italy losing in many major tournaments.

Italy had a fantastic world cup this year, the best I have ever seen in these 12 years. From the match against Ghana onwards, many might have said that Italians were just lucky but I believe that you have to be good to create your own luck. Italians did slack against US and Australia but it was their supreme effort and fantastic comeback against Germany that qualified them into the finale. Subsequently, they were obviously the better side in the final match against France. No one can deny that.

The first half was so exciting. Azzurri’s forward was in full speed and strength, penetrating the French defence with many many shots on goal. The French defence though, Thuram and Viera on particular, was right on the spot and Italians just could not find the goal. Then, it was Zidane’s penalty that really spurred Italians to attack. Matterazi conceded a penalty for his tackle on Henry in the penalty Box and Zidane scored it ever so willingly. It seemed to me that Matterazi had not much contact with Henry and it looked as if Henry took a dive. The referee was poor on that decision. Incidentally, after Zidane scored, I received tons of sms saying Italy will lose and all the bullshits.

Thank god Matterazi scored or else he’ll be the villain! He equalised with a fine header and from there on, things started to heat up. Italy then created more chances with Toni finding the post a couple of times and a superb free kick by Pirlo, which, who had not been Barthez, would have been a fantastic goal!

Second half wasn’t as heart-thumping as the first. Although Lippi made a few substitutions, none of the shots found the net. Iaquinta, and De Rossi came in when Perrota and Camaronesi, I think, were sub-out. France started to attack more and Buffon made many superb saves to deny France of any chance. The score line would have been a bit better if both sides were more aggressive but it was 1-1 at 90 mins.

Extra time did not help much either. Lippi made his last sub with Totti out and Del Piero in. It was so sad to see Totti ending his career without the glory that he dreamt of. It was, however a right decision by Lippi as the As Roma player was slacking more and more throughout the game. After all, he was once the golden boy of Italy but his time was up. Domenech brought in Wiltord and Trazeguet, the pair that sent Italy to their 2nd place in Euro 2000 when Wiltord equalised at the stoppage time and Trazuguet scoring the golden goal. Henry, who had injured himself in the first few minutes of the game came off for France.

Then came the moment that would have made the world talking about it for years to come: Zidane got a red card in the final match of his glittering career for a silly and immature action. He head-butted Materrazi and it was so intense that it sent Matterazi flying to the ground, literally. He got a red card of course but that was only after Buffon came out of his post and complained to the referee. Zidane deserves a red card, without a doubt! He went from Hero to Zero and he rightly deserved it. Italy couldn’t penetrate French defence even though having one man advantage. Thuram, Makelele and Veira were on the spot and their solid defences were perhaps what kept France in the game.

A few compliments must be made to Cannavaro, Pirlo and Matterazi for their fantastic play. Cannavaro was the backbone behind Italy’s strong defence. When the Italians and French were arguing about Zidane’s red-card, it was Cannavaro who pushed away and calmed his countrymen to avoid further controversies. It was his eagle-eye marking on Henry that made the French impossible to penetrate the Italian defence. As for Pirlo, his superb free kicks found Matterazi in the second goal and Italy would have taken the lead if only the strikers managed to head in Pirlo’s absolute precise free kicks.

When the final whistle blew at 120mins, I had anticipated the worst. Italy has not won any of the penalties for the last 20 years or so and the memories of WC 1994 flashed though my mind! I was virtually praying for lady luck to be by the Italians. When Italians had scored 3, (after Trazeguet missed) I was almost close to tears. When the fourth one was struck in by Del Piero, I was already jumping up and down and finally, the hero, Grosso did it. I was bursting with tears of joy! I was too elated and it was beyond words! Seeing Cannavaro lifting the WC and the Italians kissing it, I was ecstatic. It was superb, fantastic and no words can describe it! I would not be as happy as now even if Malaysia wins the world cup (if ever!!!).

Many might not understand my devotion to Italy but seeing a team that you have been supporting for more than 10 years to lift the cup, it was simply breathtaking. It was worth all the sweats, complaints, late nights and most of all, the lack of sleep!
Although I was watching alone at home, it was nonetheless as exciting as watching with crowds of people! I screamed, complained and booed so loud, that I think my whole neighbourhood could hear me. Finally, after 12 years of sheer disappointment, they have proven themselves. Fabulous!

I was however sad that Nesta couldn’t play due to groin injury. Perhaps this world cup could see the end of many great players with the likes of Totti, Cannavaro, Nesta, Matterazi, Toni, Inzaghi and maybe Buffon.
Hopefully, more young talents will emerge form the Italian side to replace the veterans. Perhaps Gilardino might be the next hero to retain their title in South Africa 2010. Till then, victory belongs to Italy!

With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to Germany 2006 which has been a world cup full of joys and tears. Another 4 long years ....

aggettivo eccellente Azzurri!

Jul 8, 2006

Azzuri will win Les Blues

Since Maldini's era, the Azzuri haven't really proven themselves to be worthy of all the supports we gave them. But this time around, they have been really good. They should continue their effort and not let us down again like in Euro 2000 and Wc 1998!!! (remember the Finale where they lost in penalty in both Eur0 2000 and WC 1998??)

I hope Lippi will put in more forwards like what he did with Germany. It's good to see all the previous golden boys like Totti, Del Piero and Inzaghi to play together in the final but that will be impossible. Totti and Del Piero is said to have a feud while Inzaghi, well, just not really on form. Inzaghi used to be 'The' Inzaghi (AC Milan's fan will definitely loves him!) , he scores goal easily and often, will put other strikers in shame because of his intelligence in the offside trap.
Lippi should consider putting Inzaghi in and Iaquinta out cos inzaghi is the master of offsides while Iaquinta has been caught offside for soooo many times!

It's so sad that Nesta is out.Btw, i have a picture of Nesta which i put on my desk in class and he has really given me the 'inspiration' and motivation to study see, whenever i get bored studying, one glance at his picture and ill be

Nobody has yet to get pass Cannavaro and Buffon and i have faith in them! Cannavaro has been absolutely outstanding in this WC. Long gone the Cannavaro who used to be under Paolo Maldini's shadow. He had a fantastic game so far in this tournament, saving Italy from many crucial goals. I think, by far, he's the best defender in this Wc and he should really be given the 'Golden Boot'. I mean, why all previous golden boot awards went to forwards (maradona, Ronaldo, Zidane etc..) and not defenders? They should be given the recognition for all their hardwork!!

Lippi will probably put 2 defenders to guard Zidane. So, we will have to see if Lippi's gonna put more players at the back or he's gonna attack.

Anyway, no matter what's the line-up, let's hope Italy can be crowned Champion again!!

Jul 5, 2006

Azzurri triumph

Azzurri is aiming for another world cup title and they definitely can do it with that kind of performance played against Germany. They bounce back after some slow and slacking group stage matches and they have proved the critics wrong. Who says they can's play beautiful football? Look at how they played against Germany- fabulous and heart-thumping game!

Italy will win the cup this year.

Jun 21, 2006


The best defender Italy ever had. Hail Alesandro Nesta!

England sux

I love Alessandro nesta.
Italy's the best. Azzurri will make a fantastic comeback. The hell with England.

England won't win the cup. Not a chance.

Jun 9, 2006

Freaking Streamyx!

Two damn weeks. That’s how long the streamyx in my house has been down. We’ve been calling them everyday for the past 2 weeks and yet it took them so long to fix a technical problem. So inefficient! Imagine 2 weeks without internet connection!!!
No Msn, no Dota, no access to outside work (it’s holiday now)!! No life!

I hate streamyx.
Originally written on June 8, 2006

Sun Burnt!

NEVER forget to put on sun block

That’s one thing I learnt from the trip to Port Dickson. Although we (there were 22 of us from the Form 6 Society) were only there for 2 days but the extent of our sun burn was as if we were there for years! Really, I’m not exaggerating at all. Just take a look at my face and you’ll know. It’s red like roasted pig! When you have pig, it’s cute but when you have a roasted pig, well….it’s roasted, it won’t look nice! (But it would taste delicious though…teehee...)
It was my entire fault for being lazy to put on sun block and thinking ‘Nah, It won’t be that bad’. But it was really that bad. The sun was exactly on top of our heads and it was >37°C.
*I bet you people are saying ‘Serve you right!’

But the trip was worth it. Mainly because everything was free and we didn’t even have to pay for our own food! It was fully paid by the Society (yea, I know, damn rich, isn’t it?!)
We really honestly had fun. Everybody was in that ‘holiday mood’, we were so crazy, especially the guys. They were monster eaters. Yeah, what else can u call a bunch of guys (12 of them) who can eat 400 satay sticks, barbequed chickens, ketupat, and meatballs in less than 1 hour? Monstrous act!!! AND they were not any kind of monster but monster-sakai-water. Sakai-water as in they’ve never seen water before! Imagine, swimming in the morning, then afternoon and then gets up in the middle of the night to swim again! Oh yeah, they went to the beach in the evening as well. We, girls were like ‘Where do they come from again? From the deep forest?’
Weird fellas!

Then at night, while some of the guys were asleep, one guy went to brush his teeth and spitted out his salivary toothpaste onto their sleeping friend’s faces!! But only one guy did that special ‘salivary toothpaste’. The others were saner; they used just toothpaste to paint on their friend’s faces. But it was equally disgusting.

We talked and crapped a lot! But the talks were fun and genuine.
On the whole, it was fun ONLY IF it’s a short trip. There wasn’t anything much to do in PD except playing in the beach. By the third day, you’ll probably run out of things to do.
As for the pictures of the trip, I’ll post it as soon as someone uploads it on friendster (then, I can grab it!)

Originally written on June 2, 2006

May 28, 2006

Sick, Tired and feeling like a loser.

Yeah, that says it all.
Sick because of flu, fever and headache * you might ask me what on earth am I doing here? I should get some sleep!* Well, I’ve slept for more than 12 hours and I’m feeling even worse now!

Tired because, well, I am sick! It’s ironic. The more I sleep, the more tired I’ve become.

Feeling like a loser? It’s because I can’t do anything beneficial at the moment. All I’m doing is sleep, eat, rest and the same cycle again. And I hate it because it’s holiday!! I hate being sick during holidays! It means no more vacation, no more shopping and no more fun!!

And I feel inferior. In spite of my sickness, I went to ACS, Klang IU day and it was very well done. What I am unhappy about is that the Rotarians keep on praising other schools (especially ACS) about how good they are etc and it makes me even sicker! The fact is that well, okay, they are good but hey, we were as good as them during our IU day but heck, the one-sided Rotarians didn’t even bother spending more time during our IU day. They LEFT just about 1 hour into our IU day to attend some loser’s school’s unimportant and dumb Idol Day. I’ve got to admit that ACS did a good job but I was so gloomy (blame it on the fever!) throughout the whole event. The president of ACS was (from my observation) kinda pissed with my unwillingness to go up stage and accept the souvenirs. Instead, I sent my vice president to go up. And I didn’t even bother to explain to him. What the hell, as if I’m obliged to listen to what the ass he said. The crowd was impressive, the hall was over-packed but they were like some kind of underage junk kids trying to rap and beat box etc. but failed miserably. The performers were great, though.

There, that’s my explanation for being so sober and impolite.

Mar 30, 2006

iu pics

Rain, rain go away, here comes the rainbow!
The very colourful backdrop, with our theme 'colours of nation'.


Rush, rush rush!!
Final rehersal for the performances.
The girl in purple went crazy that day! hehehe..

A clearer view of our backdrop. The twin towers and Kl tower at the side, monorail below and rainbow in the middle.

Before the event. Our teacher advisor, Pn Prema, supervising us.


Here come the guests... Finally!
Registration counter, 8.25 am

5 mins before the event starts.

Rotarians and teachers.
The president of Rotary Klang, Dr, Xavier accompanied by rotarian Yoga and rotarian Anthony.

8.35, taken during the opening performance, dance.!
Delivering my short and messy speech.


Will u marry me?
Haha...wei kuo proposing to Sally!
Performance 2- skecth.
A very very funny skecth indeed.

9.25 am

The two emcees, Rufus and Chuan Keat were briliant!
kudos, guys!

Let's play some games!
Chairs were pushed to the side to make way for games in no time at all. Good job on the fast arrangement!


Wanna know the ending?
Episode 2 to be continued..haha...i havent got the rest of the pics.
Will upload asap after i get it!

Mar 26, 2006

It's over!

It's over!
Yes. It’s over. I.u day is finally over! We had it yesterday, 25th March.
I’m so relieved that it’s finally done. Well, it wasn’t the best I’ve seen but it was certainly a blast!

Although not many turned up but those who came really enjoyed it, all thanks to the wonderful interactors who really pumped up the event with their silly jokes and fun attitude. In fact, the crowd that came was less than what we expected but that doesn’t dampen our spirit. Perhaps the reason for the small turnout was because too many events were held that day in other schools. Some schools had their sports day, some had IU Day, some are having district meetings, school projects etc.


The hardest part was the preparation part. We stayed in school from 1pm to 11 pm to settle everything, plus the time spent in class, overall, we stayed in school for 17 hours. Yup, all of us smell like urgh. We had to work non-stop until late evening, 11.30 pm to finish up the backdrop etc. By the time I reached home, it was already 12 am (luckily, my mum slept earlier than that, or else….). I have to admit, many things were done last minute and we were rushing like hell. We did the backdrop, booklets, and cleaning up only a day before the Iu day. So, yeah, just imagined how rushed we were. You might say it was lack of time management but there were tons of problems even before we manage to plan anything. Our previous i.u director quitted last minute (a month or so before the i.u day), no one wants to be responsible for being the chairperson, financial status was so terrible, lack of members and time, u name it. All that happened in a month before the Iu day! I wanted so much to cancel it but after much thinking, I decided we must do it to prove our capability as seniors (all interact presidents in klang are form 5 students). Call it kiasu, I decided to have it despite the protest from my committee members.

In the end, our vice-president stepped up and took the chairman’s role. Organisation was a mess but what the heck; we had fun doing the work. Last week was the most stressful week ever in my life, I almost broke down and gave up but somehow I managed to pull it off.

The day itself
All of us came back to school early in the morning at 5am to arrange the chairs and some last minute preparation. Up until 8am, some of us were still in their t-shirts (supposedly uniform) running around, getting things done (the event starts at 8.30 with the guests coming in at 8).
And when the Rotarians came at 8.15, we were panicking because there were only less than 10 people who came at that moment. Mind you, the Rotarians are extremely particular about punctuality. When u say it starts at 8.30, u must starts at 8.30 even though the VIPs have not arrived. That’s how punctual they are. When the first performance was performing, the guests were still registering.

It was kind of messy, the emcees where making lots of mistakes due to last minute changes in the agenda but they were brilliant for getting the crowd excited. The refreshments were delayed and we had to slot in an ‘interacting time’ to keep the crowd busy while we settled the refreshments. Then, the games was a complete mess, the game master was so terrible in explaining that even I did not understand him, but nonetheless, thank god for the supportive crowd, everyone got up and played the games. The performances and registration were very brilliantly done, especially the performances. The crowd really loved them because they were so funny.

All in all, although it was a bit messy, we really, really had so much fun and I got to say that the form 3 members were the best! They stayed with us to cleaned up when most of the committee left, they got up and took part in them games to encourage the crowd to play, they entertained the crowd and best part of all, they did not complain (although some did because they were too tired). I have to say, I am very proud of them.

SO, now that it’s finally over, I better concentrate on my studies. Heck I only have 8 months to prepare for Stpm!

Mar 4, 2006

ups and downs

First of all, i received a lot of feedback regarding the 'i hate them' post.
Well, please don't ask me who this girl is or who her so called-bf-angkat is, cos i won't tell. And if u know who they are, please keep it within yourself, i wouldn't want people (guys who like her) to whack me!

Anway, these days my life is like a bed of roses, full of thorns that is. So many things to settle, notably, interact I.U Day which is schedule to be on the 25th March, another two weeks but nothing is settle yet. This is so frustrating. So freaking little time but so many things to be settled.
Plus, i have to handle sports day (sigh, unfortunately, i'm the treasurer for my house) and also in Form Six Society (i need to figure out ideas for souvenirs).

My Biology test is next week, and i failed my maths but luckily, i got an A for chemistry ( yes! my first time in form 6!). I think it might be luck because i only studied the day before the exam, perhaps i studied the right topic.

Nonetheless, I'm happy to say that i'm coping as best as i can with it. I hope I.U Day won't turn out to be so terrible. I hope.

Feb 5, 2006

cny pictures

Chinese new year celebration in sj's house. Everybody came, including CLK! yup, what a fun gathering!
From right, standing: Chong z.hao, xw, Jensen, Eric, CLK, Thary, C.weng Loong, Kok, Aaron, Adrian
From right, sitting: Steph, May, ME, Lim, SJ, Mak.

My best friends. Sadly, Chris couldn't make it. Sj was the camera man.
From right : me, steph, lim and may.

Feb 4, 2006

Angpau angpau and more angpaus!!

I just love cny. Mainly because of angpau and also angpau. Hahaha...I'm not that money minded mind u, but it's the ONLY time when we can get money without working for it!!

This year was fun but also tiring. 1st and 2nd day, were occupied by going to relative's (as usual), 3rd day went to catch Fearless with family (really really nice show 10/10, DO NOT MISS IT), 4th day went to Klang area to collect angpau...(yes!!) and finally went to Shah Alam's frens houses.

Hehe...Let's see, I went to 15 houses in Klang on the 4th day and man, it was tiring!
But surprisingly, I did not touch the card the whole day, I was a good girl that day..hehe..
then on the 7th day, went to shah alam area..which is today. There were 6 houses and each stop we gamble like mad. Big winner were er...Mak and Kok,I think. oh, only chee meng's house was spared.
And I lost. Over Rm50. luck this year...hope next year will be better. :(

But anyhow, cny is not abt money and gambling, it's about the family gathering, and friends' reunion. We had fun chit chatting and making silly jokes, reminds me of the carefree life in Form 5...I miss those days!!

hehe..anyway, I'm still free for gambling..hehe, not enough kaki? Just gimme a call!! :P

Jan 27, 2006

I hate them!

I just don't understand why some people can be so selfish. I knew a girl in my class, who looks good, and sweet on the outside but she's the most selfish person I've ever known. She is one of those popular, pretty and outgoing girl and well-liked by everyone. You know, like those high school girls we see in American movies...

Call it coincidence or (bad) luck, she sat with me today because her partner and mine skipped school. I had the chance to talk to her about a lot things. There were many rumors about her and guys in school, so I took this chance to ask her. Apparently, she changes bf every month and finds nothing wrong in 'using' guys. She let them approach her, and giving them false signal to use them. When she finds that they do not have any value, she'll ignore them. If they keep bugging her, she'll tell them she has a bf, which is true. Worst of all, she thinks she's not at fault because the guys are the one who 'misunderstand' her over-friendliness. She thinks it's perfectly alright to use guys. For example, she'll ask them to be her chauffeur, bodyguard etc, and when they do not play any role in her life, she'll cruelly 'discard' them.

I'm disturbed by this because she's not the only one who is like that. I USED to like a guy who is just like her, attitude wise. And guess what? He is her so called 'boyfriend angkat'....wth..have u even heard of such thing?I know there are 'kai brother/sister' but bf? sick..

I heard (from that selfish girl) that a girl used to like him, obsessively. Note: the girl is not ME!!
She calls him everyday, SMS him every now and then and worst part of all, he replies, he flirts with her openly. So, eventually, she thinks she has a chance. Then during their first date, he told her he has a gf. Imagined how she would feel. Perhaps I'm being naive but I really think he's wrong. And I heard he even two-timed his ex.

These people play with people's feeling, and hurt others, when in fact they are the most insecure people. Well, at least that's what I think. OR perhaps they have been hurt before by that particular kind of people. Anyhow, they will soon realized they are wrong because I believe in karma. What they do to others now, they will get it back.


Jan 14, 2006


Happy New Year!!!!

New year to me is always a new beginning, a time to start everything all over again and a time to forget the past and move on with life.

2005 was a memorable year but it wasn't the best. I got a taste of working, met many people, learnt many principles in life, learnt how to avoid nasty situations and see many faces of people.

Honestly, I felt that I've grown into a better person who knows how to deal with many kind of people. I've finally seen the bad side of my closest friends, after 5 years together.

Conclusion: everyone is selfish but for some people, it is to certain extend. It is also a year for me and my mom to understand each other better. I wasn't close with my mom throughout my high skool life, perhaps because too busy with each others' work or perhaps lack of communication. But somehow, last year, i finally had an enjoyable time with my mom, I can talk to her about school, about the stupid driver who stares at me, and about my friends. There were times when my mom would suddenly 'disappear' from the house from morning to night, and I would not know where she went, I wouldn't even bother asking her where she went. That was two years back.

Anyway, I started 2006 with laughter, literally. I had steamboat with a group of ex-classmates from secondary school. We really had fun! All the silly jokes, all the catching up, and so much more! I think it's a good sign like what we always says in canto ''hou yee tau''.
Hopefully, everything goes well this year!

So far, 2006 has been a hectic year. Homework to finish, assignments to be done, experiments to do...Etc etc...All I can say is, three words
busy busy busy!hehe...