Sep 27, 2007

How did I celebrate my 20th birthday?

I woke up later than usual because I was studying biology the night before. I was preparing to go to uni when my mum called from downstairs to ask me to eat “mee sua”.
Mee Sua = longevity noodle (direct translation), supposedly brings long life and usually eaten during someone’s birthday.
So, I started the day with a warm, tasty bowl of noodle.
I reached the class earlier than expected, and the class went by very quickly, in probably 45 minutes or so. After class, went to the library to teach my Iraqi teammate on his Chemistry lab report and it took me another 40 mins.

Then, drove to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch with my "uncle". (Thanks for the treat uncle! :D and so sorry for being late for about an hour!!). Got home and had a quick shower before going out to have dinner with Ahilah and Leong. (Thanks Ahilah for the cake and Leong for the earring!).
I had a really nice day talking with uncle, Ahilah and Leong. I haven’t had the luxury to talk for so long with someone I’m close with, especially these few weeks where Uni has been quite miserable for me, socially. I would say this year’s birthday is a simple celebration but with much joy in it.

Lastly, thanks for all the birthday wishes people! I’m finally an adult…yeay!

Sep 25, 2007


The fourth week in UCSI, things got better. No more conflict between who should drive how much petrol money I should pay u and vice versa… Because, I am driving MYSELF only. But that doesn’t come easy. There was so much conflict in the first few weeks, to the extend that I actually couldn’t stand it anymore and I finally told “her” off. I refused to drive them anymore. It’s not that I care about the money; it’s just the way I’m being treated. I was treated like it’s my responsibility to send her to college, that I’m some sort of taxi driver. One day, she will follow me, the next day, when she feels like no mood, she will follow others. And they amount of money she paid me was so meager that couldn’t even eat a bowl of porridge with that money. And I accepted that but the fact that she even argued with me because she refused to pay that much really puts me off. And that was it. That was the final straw. I didn’t even argue with her when she refused to drive me to class (although she will pass by Shah Alam anyway). And yet, she would argue with me because of the amount of money that was not enough for me to wipe my ass to eat lunch. By the way, just to clarify, “her” is not Sue san.

Ok, my annoying brother Mickael Yee Kok Chye wants to play Dota now because tommorow he cannot play during work ( written as requested by him)


I have become so lazy since joining UCSI.
I should be reading in the library instead of surfing the net in the computer lab.
I should be listening to the lectures instead of daydreaming.
I should have attended the class instead of sleeping at home.

BUT, every time I tell myself that I cannot be so lazy, somehow, I seem to rationalize every wrong action I made.
I am surfing the net because I’m researching for my assignments (of course there are other things too, like chatting on msn, checking friendsters etc)
I am daydreaming because I already know what the lecturers are teaching about.
I did not attend the class because I had to work the day before, so that was why I couldn’t wake up in the morning.

You see, I have become a lazy person who procrastinates a lot.
“There are always tomorrow.”
“I am too tired from all the traveling/ working. This can wait”
“I don’t have to study now; I still have time before exam”
And a million more reasons…

Someone gotta tell me why I shouldn’t procrastinate. Because I’m enjoing life by procrastinating.

Sep 6, 2007

A pretty bad start in UCSI.

First day
Everything was good at first but on the way home, in the car, arguments ensued regarding financial matters and convenience among 4 of us who were car-pooling. Everyone went back in a very somber mood. Stupid orientation that took us 9 hours didn’t help a bit.

Second day
The original driver couldn’t make it to uni due to some important matters, so I had to drive us to Uni. Initially we were looking forward to this day as there was a very important segment in the orientation- the course selection, whereby we need to select the subjects taken in this semester, but due to some stupid unforeseen errors in the computer registry, we couldn’t do it, so we had to postpone it to the next day.

Third day
Was the stupidest ever! Woke up very early just to be on time for the 9 o’clock class. When we finally reach the class (on time!), it was empty, so we went to find the lecturer. And we were told that she was on MC and that there was not to be any class that day. Took us 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there and there was no class. KNN CCB!!. Nonetheless, we did our course selection and got our timetable.
For this short, 2 months semester, I’ll be taking:

Chemistry with Lab
Biology with Lab

Yup, only two subjects. And the syllabus is the same with what I’ve studied in Form 6, so this semester would be relatively easy. That’s why I’ll be working on the weekends too. And then, holiday on Nov and Dec.

AND I LOST MY HANDPHONE. My beloved 3 years old hand phone. T_T
Don’t ask how I lost it because I have no idea too. It might be stolen or I lost it, and I don’t know until now.

Fourth day
Which is today. Finally got to see the lecturers and attended the lectures which were utterly boring. To the point I was daydreaming about living in Italywith a cute hunk. Just finished reading all the lecture notes.

And now, I have to go to eat dinner!