May 26, 2008

Downside of Gatherings.

Christine, Elaine, Ida and everyone else are back. There are gatherings every weekend and sometimes, they’re not all fun actually.

Here’s why:

1. Tiring. Beside from doing lab reports, assignments, working for the Uni, I have to allocate time for these gatherings. So, it’s hard to find time to study. Honestly, I haven’t touched any books since uni started. And it has been a month now. Seriously.

2. Costly. Since I’m not working part time anymore, my income is zero and I don’t get allowance at all. So, apart from paying my own fees, daily expenses, I also need to fork up money to go out. And all that money comes from my own savings.

3. Time-consuming. My timetable is very packed this semester. I have classes everyday, but I usually skipped Friday class. My classes start at 8am and end at 3pm, on average. After 3pm, I need to work for the uni until 6pm. I got home around 8pm. At night is the only time I can study but I find that hard because I feel the need to relax after a hard day. So, I usually read newspaper and watch tv.

4. Weird.
Yes, weird. Because when you meet someone you haven’t seen for years, things get awkward. And it’s worse if that someone brings her/his partner. So, sometimes, we’ll end up very quiet while desperately trying to find topics to say. I think gatherings required good social skills, which is tough for me. I’m not good in socializing.

5. Disconnected. I’ll get to this stage whenever I feel out of place. Like when everyone is chatting happily, I have this huge question mark on my face. And my face is the only serious face. It gets worse when I eventually get ignored because I couldn’t get into the conversation. Yea, you get me. A bunch of people laughing away and there’s this weirdo stuck in between with a poker face.

But nonetheless, I still think gathering is fun. But not too much of it. Anyway, a few gatherings that are worth mentioning are:

1. Cycling in Bukit Cahaya. Well, it’s not really a gathering la cos not a lot of people went. Only a few close Klang and Shah Alam peeps. But it was fun! And also healthy. One of the things I look forward to on weekends is this. But it’s costly, one time cycling outing needs at least RM10.

2. Mamaks.
It’s cheap, down-to-earth and convenient. Just a phone call away and we’ll be in a mamak place already. But one thing though, you can’t ask too many people to mamak because we’ll end up with a lot of puak later on. 5-6 people is ideal.

3. Window Shopping with Elaine or Leong.
I especially like shopping with these two cos the're so easy going and they have good taste. Plus, we're so close that they won't hesitate to say, "No, that dress make your arms look like incredible hulk". But outings like this must be in pairs ONLY. More than that can be troublesome and confusing.

Anyway, these days I feel a little lost sometimes. Side effect of too much gatherings, maybe?

May 8, 2008


We baked yesterday!
Initially wanted to bake alone, like I always do but thank god, Lai Fu came to help.

Smile! Me and Lai Fu posing...

Then I enlisted my second servant helper to come and help me…hehe..

May, the ultimate housewife! She look so much like a great housewife in this picture..She is born to be one... :P

Lai Fu and Me trying to act cute.. :P We made two muffins. This was the first: chocolate chip muffins.
The first muffins were great! Me, May and Lai Fu liked this one a lot...hehe..May especially like it cos of the chips... :P

Okay, i know this does not look good but it taste really good. Hehe..our second muffins: Strawberry Jam Muffins!

We tried to make smiley faces and all, but when the muffins kembang, it spoilt Mr Smilies... Smiley faces become distorted sad faces. They were so sad that they cry blood.

Fuh...What a tiring task. But we were all smiling after it cos the muffins were so niceeee...Hehe..

That was fun.. Let's do it again next time! Any volunteers?

PS: Thanks May for the pics and thanks Lai Fu for washing the dishes. Hehe..He'll be a good husband in the future ;)

May 6, 2008

Welcome home Elaine and Christine!!!

Two of my best friends, Elaine and Christine are coming back this month!!! Elaine will be back here from Sabah on 13th May and Christine is (finally) coming back here on 10th from US. Can’t wait for gathering! :D

Anyway, Uni has started…..Sien..
I’ve skipped 3 classes so far and I’m going to skip one tomorrow. I’m still in the holiday mood…not ready yet for classes…

By the way, I’m sure many of you have heard about this Austrian psychopath who confined his OWN daughter in his house’s basement for 24 years and had 7 kids with her!! I was so shocked and curious about it that I googled up this case until late at night, 3AM. I was so terrified after that, and I couldn’t sleep well that night. I mean imagine being kept in darkness, without sunlight for 24 years and repeatedly raped by your own dad….makes me shudder every time I think about it. Worst of all, 3 of the kids, now aged 19,18 and 5 have NEVER seen sunlight before.

Read this,

WARNING: you will not have good sleep after reading this: CLICK HERE