Aug 18, 2006

Condolences, Eric

This year is definitely not a good year. Firstly, my grandma past away, then my friend’s father passes away yesterday. I just got to know it today and my whole class went to the funeral during school hour. Yup, we skip class just to see how he was doing.

You see, our friend, Eric is such a nice and wonderful guy. Everybody loves him for who he is. He’s funny, helpful, responsible and reliable. He’s the school vice captain (he should have been the captain considering the work he has done) and has so many other roles in school. I guess it is proper to say that he’s the most popular guy in our school.
It’s so cruel of God to do this to him right at this time. STPM is just 3 months away. And he’s the eldest son in the family. He has such a huge responsibility on his shoulder. Pity him. I really feel sorry for him.

The rest of this post has been deleted due to personal matters.

Aug 14, 2006

3 more months..

It's 'that' close to stpm and i'm hating every single day before it. I finally understand it when my friends used to tell me '' i can't study anymore, i have no mood''. It never happened to me..i mean i had always enjoy studying, and i love reading even when i was studying for spm but not at this moment. There's just too much to study in STPM. Sigh...i guess this has to go on for another few months.

Anyway, i found solace in music and i can't study without my radio turned on. And i love Keith Urban's 'you'll think of me'. Absolutely fantastic. Another must hear song is Ronan keating and LeAnn rimes' ''last thing on my mind''.

I feel so guilty right now. I should be studying, not blogging.What am i doing now?? I'm wasting my time!!! I could have read another chapter of Bio!

Argh....i'm a study freak!