Mar 14, 2010

Bangkok anyone?

Yup, i'm planning a trip to Bangkok in end of July, starting on 22nd July for around 8 days.
I've only found hotels and air tickets now but have yet to finalised on the itinerary. It's not entirely backpacking, maybe semi back packing. Estimate to spend around 1k for everything. Will be taking AirAsia.

Anyone wants to join?
At the moment, only two of us confirmed, me and Kwan Elaine :)
Oh, and anyone can advice me on the places to visit there or anything u know about bangkok traveling? :D

Mar 13, 2010

I won something again!


I am so happy today. Hehe. I can't believe my luck!!
Yup, i wont another item from a blog giveaway. I took part in it cos it's so easy to enter, and i was just trying my luck. It was pure luck because the winner was picked randomly, no fancy slogans or anything like that.

This time, i won Estée Lauder CyberWhite EX Advanced Performance Brightening Essence, courtesy of Yani and Estee Lauder.

I think it's my lucky year this year. :D

Mar 9, 2010

My babies grew fungus!

These are my babies. Lactic Acid Bacteria. They are supposed to grow on this nutrient rich MRS agar plate. But they are not growing!! Look!!

They even grew fungus! Where is those white little spots of bacteria?? Arghh...i hate you fungus for contaminating my agar. Now my babies can't grow cos you ate all the nutrient!

Ewwwww..... You stupid fungus! You're not supposed to grow here. Go grow on some expired white bread.

It's already March and i'm supposed to submit my thesis on June. I'm only on the first stage of my project you know. I can't even grow the bacteria, how am i to test them?

Ok, here's my problem now. I am to test 3 different brand of soybean powder with probiotic. Brand A has no problem. Brand B and C are giving me problem. The bacteria in those powder refused to grow on my agar. Because they can;t grow, i can't do any further test on them. My supervisor is asking me to find other brand but i've searched almost the whole of klang valley, and still can't find any to replace that two stupid samples.

Anyway, anyone knows of any soybean powder enriched with probiotics? Any at all. Desperately need it to replace my sample. :(

Thank u!

Mar 6, 2010

Busy busy months ahead

Sorry for the absence again...
Was enjoying too much of my CNY holiday and when i finally got back to Uni, tons of works await me.. Exams, Assignments, lab work and thesis. But me ain't complaining cos the more work i do, i feel a sense of fulfillment, like at least i feel i'm doing productive things (Finally!) Lol. Just hope i don't slack off in between and starts binge eating losing time.

I'm counting the days to when i finally finish my thesis :)
That should be in June if all goes according to plan. But i'm not gonna start work in July cos i wanna go holiday some where, any where.

Anyone got any vacation plan on July? ME want go backpacking!! Air Asia having promo now :D