May 26, 2009


70% of my friends are having holidays now..
Public U and Utar students are on holiday now.. Next week school students are having 2 weeks holiday. Which means my parents are gonna have holidays too.

But not me :(
2 weeks to moving into new house, supposedly moving in in mid of June, if all goes according to plan. I know i'm gonna miss the old house. 22 years in the same room, same house.
I will miss the neighbors, the 5-times-a-day screaming surau near my house, the quiet peaceful neighborhood, the jam-less town, the dead city during CNY, but most of all, i'm gonna miss the convenient. My old house main gate has never been closed for 22 years. Every since i can remember, the gate has stayed open everyday, 24/7. Anyone can walk into my house garden and steal whatever plants they want. Such a convenient to park my car, screw automatic gates or maid to open it. Just leave it open like my house. :D

I'm not at home to help my mum pack the stuff, only have the weekend to help out.
But i'm still available on weekends night, so people on holiday, u still can call me out. :)

May 20, 2009

Tiring day...

Yes, it's 3.18am now and i'm still awake.
I'm waiting for my hair to dry so i can sleep and won't get headache the next morning.
And i have a class tomorrow morning at 9am.

Why do i bathe this late? I just got home.
This morning went out to British Council in KL to accompany my uni friends to register for IELTS. So, we took LRT but we didn't know where to stop or how to go (my smart ass friend didn't google the direction, she only has the address) and we asked the ticket counter lady. The stupid lady told us to stop after KLCC station, which is at Ampang Park. So, we blindly followed her directions. You see, KLCC stops come first, then comes Ampark stop, which means the ticket is also more expensive. The problem is here: look at the circled thing in the map.

That's where we had to go. But instead of coming down in KLCC, we drop down at Ampang Park. Which means, we had to walked for 20 mins and in addition, pay extra for tickets!! Stupid counter lady. We were so pissed when we reach that place and realise we had been conned into walking. Not to mention it was 12.30pm in the hot scorching sun. I could so kill the lady if i see her next time.

After the visit to British Council, we walked(again) to KLCC to drop by at the International Beauty Expo (IBE). Spent a few hours there and went home as a contented girl (not happy, just content). Bought a few stuffs like ampoules at dirt cheap price (usual RM30, but here RM13!), and some masks. My friend was pissed he couldn't get the Swarkopf hair wax that he wanted cos it was sold out (he actually saw 2 guys grabbing like a dozen of it until the very last one). Don't blame them as it was damn good deal, buy one free one!

I had the most hotdogs in my life today. I ate 2 huge 1901 hotdogs in within 30 minutes. Coincidentally, it was 19th of the month, so the hotdogs were very cheap, only RM1.99 for a huge New York Chicken Hotdogs. It was actually such a crowd to the extend that we had to take numbers! Waited for 30 minutes for them.

Spent a few hours more in KLCC and took lots of silly pictures in KLCC park. Will upload soon :)
Then, came back to Cheras to fetch another friend for mamak. Crapped for a few more hours until we decided to call it a day at 2.45am.

Okay. Now my hair is completely dry and time for sleep!
Shoot, it's 3.53am now.

May 18, 2009


I started my Japanese class last saturday with my sis in SS15 and it wasn't as bad as i thought will be... :)

We were late for 20 mins for the class, so we miss the introduction but the teacher was kind enough to go slow. In my first lesson, i learn the basics like greetings, numbers and basic Japanese writing called Hiragana. It was alright, i still can catch up.

On friday, i went to this book warehouse in PJ, section 13 and i returned home as a damn happy girl :D

Weirdly named as Big Bad Wolf Books Sale, this is one of the BEST book warehouse sale i've ever been. I bought 6 books for RM45! And they're all new, best sellers books like Jeffry Acher's The innocent man (RM8), James Patterson's books and tons of cookbooks!! The only thing i'm not happy about is that they have so limited chicklits!! Worst of all, not even one book from my all time favourite author, Sidney Sheldon. :(

Anyway, i just got a big bomb today from mum. The house is oficially sold, and we have to move out in a month! Family now is in so much stress. Everyone in my family have their own attitude problem. And if u think i have some attitude, you have got to meet my family. I've never liked going back to Cheras room as much as now. Cheras is my haven for now. Yes, i am bad.

May 13, 2009

My body is going haywire

Last week, i didn't poo for 4 days and it was the first time i had constipation for this year. I went to bought laxatives from 7-Eleven and gulp down two pills. The next morning, everything came out. So, i thought that's it, i'm going back to normal.

Then this week, again, didn't poo for 3 days and i got really worried. I thought it might be menstrual constipation since my period is gonna come soon. Yes people, there is such thing as menstrual constipation. Few days before period, girls usually have constipation, and when period is here, out comes everything. But no, it wasn't because of period cos i just had diarheaa today!
Constipation yesterday and today diarheaa, and i didn't eat any laxatives this time around.
It feels like shit (pun unintended) when all you wanna do yesterday was to sit at the loo to get everything out, and today all u wanna do is no more toilet visit.

Grr...something is wrong with my body! I'll give it another week to see what happened.

Btw, on a happier note, got my new glasses! Went to watch 'Sell Out' today in Mi9dvalley and despite all the International Awards it won, this is still afterall, a Malaysian film. Storyline was terrible, and did it sold the audience out? Nope, cos there were only 20 people at max in the cinema. But, i have to give credit to the nice songs, and great lead actress (Jerrica Lai) and the handsome lead actor. Would i recommend it? Yes, to support local film industry but no if you don't have RM9 bucks to spend. I'd give it 5/10.

New glasses!

My new semester timetable is very weird. Taking four subjects this semester. I have no class on tuesday, and one pathertic one-hour-class on wednesday.
Thursday and Friday are jam packed with classes and labs.

So today, tuesday i was damn free. No class and don't know what to read yet. Not to mention it was freaking freaking hot day!! So hot that i just wanna get out of my room and go somewhere with air cond. i went to Econsave to buy groceries and vege. And in the process, i saw this optical shop selling glasses at RM138 (Frame + lens) with multicoat lens etc etc. Complete full lens la.. And since my power increase already, i thought this is the best time to get it!

My new glasses is in purple...Wee~~~

Was left with RM50 to get groceries and the rest to feed my car.
And i spent RM200 today.

Shit. I just spent my one month allowance today.

May 7, 2009

New Skin....under construction a new blog skin. The old pinkish one was too pinkish for me now. Growing older, sigh...
pink somehow makes me older than i am.

Anyway, a very big thanks to uncle Lyk for helping me fix the coding. Thanks :) I owe u one penyek. :D

The sidebar is still under construction. Will put up the links and all once i have the time.

Pls drop a comment on what u think of this new skin.
Thanks guys!

May 5, 2009


My result is out. I did very badly last semester. I'm quite disappointed but i know i didn't do enough. Out of 4 subjects, i only got one A. The rest are B's and B+.

And UCSI has this stupid policy that only second and third year subjects are counted for CGPA and honours grading. Which means all my straight A's from first year didnt count at all!!


So, far i've taken 6 second year subjects. And i only got 2 A's, the rest are all B+ and B's.
Now, that's real shit. I must buckle up and work hard this semester.

I wanna get all A's for all the 4 subjects i'm taking this semester!
My aim is to get first class honours cos 4.0 is pretty much out of sight.
Sigh...i've become so incompetent.

New semester, new begining hopefully..

My holiday is over :(
Starting the new semester this week but still lazy to go back Uni.
Will be going back tomorrow..

Went to watch Wolverine yesterday with Eddy yesterday after picking him up from bus station. After movie, we went to eat and had a really good chat with him. Somehow, his advices brought me back to my senses and i started to think again. *Thanks Eddy for advices on how to deal with guys like him*

I used to be so content with being alone, by myself. I could go watch movie alone, shop alone, spend the rest of the week alone and i felt satisfied with that. But lately, i can't seems to go anywhere alone without having the feeling of people staring at me and think "Poor lonely girl... such a pity to do all that alone". Maybe it has got to do with age or maybe because all my close friends are not by my side anymore.

And i realised that's the reason why i resorted to finding him whenever i felt lonely. But after time, we became very close and i soon discover i might be falling for him. And the fact that he's willing to drive all the way to Cheras to find me on weekend when i was lonely (all 13 housemates were not in) makes me fall one step deeper. But truth is, i'm not sure how he felt towards me, i get mixed signals from him. He's hot and cold. Sometimes i just felt like wanna stranggle him for being so bloody insensitive and ego. Yes, he's ego like me. Which is another reason why we cannot be together. But the main reason is that i don't know whether to trust him or not. Of all 10 friends i ask, almost all said he's not trustable and not a good guy. But the idiot in me says i should trust him. I know, i'm playing with fire.

But after the long chat, i'm half-heartedly letting go of the feelings . Yes, half, not fully. I think i still need time to think everything again. Take one step at a time, slow and steady. Time will tell.

For that to happen,

I have to stop being so emotional.
I have to start to think with my head, not with my heart.
I have to think what's best for MYSELF.