Mar 30, 2006

iu pics

Rain, rain go away, here comes the rainbow!
The very colourful backdrop, with our theme 'colours of nation'.


Rush, rush rush!!
Final rehersal for the performances.
The girl in purple went crazy that day! hehehe..

A clearer view of our backdrop. The twin towers and Kl tower at the side, monorail below and rainbow in the middle.

Before the event. Our teacher advisor, Pn Prema, supervising us.


Here come the guests... Finally!
Registration counter, 8.25 am

5 mins before the event starts.

Rotarians and teachers.
The president of Rotary Klang, Dr, Xavier accompanied by rotarian Yoga and rotarian Anthony.

8.35, taken during the opening performance, dance.!
Delivering my short and messy speech.


Will u marry me?
Haha...wei kuo proposing to Sally!
Performance 2- skecth.
A very very funny skecth indeed.

9.25 am

The two emcees, Rufus and Chuan Keat were briliant!
kudos, guys!

Let's play some games!
Chairs were pushed to the side to make way for games in no time at all. Good job on the fast arrangement!


Wanna know the ending?
Episode 2 to be continued..haha...i havent got the rest of the pics.
Will upload asap after i get it!

Mar 26, 2006

It's over!

It's over!
Yes. It’s over. I.u day is finally over! We had it yesterday, 25th March.
I’m so relieved that it’s finally done. Well, it wasn’t the best I’ve seen but it was certainly a blast!

Although not many turned up but those who came really enjoyed it, all thanks to the wonderful interactors who really pumped up the event with their silly jokes and fun attitude. In fact, the crowd that came was less than what we expected but that doesn’t dampen our spirit. Perhaps the reason for the small turnout was because too many events were held that day in other schools. Some schools had their sports day, some had IU Day, some are having district meetings, school projects etc.


The hardest part was the preparation part. We stayed in school from 1pm to 11 pm to settle everything, plus the time spent in class, overall, we stayed in school for 17 hours. Yup, all of us smell like urgh. We had to work non-stop until late evening, 11.30 pm to finish up the backdrop etc. By the time I reached home, it was already 12 am (luckily, my mum slept earlier than that, or else….). I have to admit, many things were done last minute and we were rushing like hell. We did the backdrop, booklets, and cleaning up only a day before the Iu day. So, yeah, just imagined how rushed we were. You might say it was lack of time management but there were tons of problems even before we manage to plan anything. Our previous i.u director quitted last minute (a month or so before the i.u day), no one wants to be responsible for being the chairperson, financial status was so terrible, lack of members and time, u name it. All that happened in a month before the Iu day! I wanted so much to cancel it but after much thinking, I decided we must do it to prove our capability as seniors (all interact presidents in klang are form 5 students). Call it kiasu, I decided to have it despite the protest from my committee members.

In the end, our vice-president stepped up and took the chairman’s role. Organisation was a mess but what the heck; we had fun doing the work. Last week was the most stressful week ever in my life, I almost broke down and gave up but somehow I managed to pull it off.

The day itself
All of us came back to school early in the morning at 5am to arrange the chairs and some last minute preparation. Up until 8am, some of us were still in their t-shirts (supposedly uniform) running around, getting things done (the event starts at 8.30 with the guests coming in at 8).
And when the Rotarians came at 8.15, we were panicking because there were only less than 10 people who came at that moment. Mind you, the Rotarians are extremely particular about punctuality. When u say it starts at 8.30, u must starts at 8.30 even though the VIPs have not arrived. That’s how punctual they are. When the first performance was performing, the guests were still registering.

It was kind of messy, the emcees where making lots of mistakes due to last minute changes in the agenda but they were brilliant for getting the crowd excited. The refreshments were delayed and we had to slot in an ‘interacting time’ to keep the crowd busy while we settled the refreshments. Then, the games was a complete mess, the game master was so terrible in explaining that even I did not understand him, but nonetheless, thank god for the supportive crowd, everyone got up and played the games. The performances and registration were very brilliantly done, especially the performances. The crowd really loved them because they were so funny.

All in all, although it was a bit messy, we really, really had so much fun and I got to say that the form 3 members were the best! They stayed with us to cleaned up when most of the committee left, they got up and took part in them games to encourage the crowd to play, they entertained the crowd and best part of all, they did not complain (although some did because they were too tired). I have to say, I am very proud of them.

SO, now that it’s finally over, I better concentrate on my studies. Heck I only have 8 months to prepare for Stpm!

Mar 4, 2006

ups and downs

First of all, i received a lot of feedback regarding the 'i hate them' post.
Well, please don't ask me who this girl is or who her so called-bf-angkat is, cos i won't tell. And if u know who they are, please keep it within yourself, i wouldn't want people (guys who like her) to whack me!

Anway, these days my life is like a bed of roses, full of thorns that is. So many things to settle, notably, interact I.U Day which is schedule to be on the 25th March, another two weeks but nothing is settle yet. This is so frustrating. So freaking little time but so many things to be settled.
Plus, i have to handle sports day (sigh, unfortunately, i'm the treasurer for my house) and also in Form Six Society (i need to figure out ideas for souvenirs).

My Biology test is next week, and i failed my maths but luckily, i got an A for chemistry ( yes! my first time in form 6!). I think it might be luck because i only studied the day before the exam, perhaps i studied the right topic.

Nonetheless, I'm happy to say that i'm coping as best as i can with it. I hope I.U Day won't turn out to be so terrible. I hope.