Dec 30, 2007

It's out!

My result is finally out.

Chemistry A+ (92%)
Biology A (84)

Biology lecturer was so kiamsiap. I was lucky i got an A.

Yipee~~ 4.00...hehe, which means i don't have to belanja Mr Eddy Bakuteh!

Dec 22, 2007


Since I have only two more weeks of holiday left, I’ve tried to maximize my time and I’m still trying. Okay, so I’ve started my marathon of outings since last Saturday, 15th Dec.

Saturday, 15 Dec
I went for Bakuteh very early in the morning with Sook May, Jen Lim, Kean Beng and Wei Kuo. That was the first time I had such a heavy breakfast at blardy early 9am.
Later that day, Lai fu joined us for a movie ‘Enchanted’ in JJ Bukit Raja. It was the worst movie I’ve watched this year. Believe me when I said the worst. I was yawning throughout the movie and thinking “Shit, this is where my RM9 went to??!!” It was the most fairytale movie ever. I won’t recommend it to anyone, even kids. It will only feed their imagination about some prince charming. After movie, we went Oldtown to chit chat about uni lives and stuff for a few hours.
For dinner, I, May, Lai Fu and Kean Beng went for the famous ‘Mee Hun Kueh’ in Berkeley.

Sunday, 16 Dec
This was a ‘girls only’ outing day. Elaine and I went to Sunway Pyramid since she had not been to the new wing. We shopped for 6 hours and the most satisfied item I bought was none other than J.Co Donuts! This time around, we only had to que for 30 minutes plus, we also got a free glazy donuts. Hehe…I went home as a happy little girl with her donuts.
At night, went out with sis to Ikea to buy some stuff for her soon-to-be house. I finally called it a day at around 11pm. Never knew buying furniture would be so tiring..

Monday, 17 Dec
Back to work. Woke up late as usual to work all thanks to the previous late night. At night, stayed at home to be a good girl and ‘pui’ mummy for dinner.

Tuesday, 18 Dec
It was ladies day! So, after work, Me and Elaine went for a movie ‘The golden compass’. This show was much more better than the previous one (Enchanted). It was quite nice actually. I like the scenery and the animation. They looked so real and Nicole Kidman was so gorgeous in the movie. The only drawback was 80% of the cinema was filled with couples. Hey, wasn’t it supposed to be ladies day??? And the most irritating thing was that directly two rows in front of me, sat a couple (my juniors in Klang High School) and these two were kissing each other on the lips in front of me. Wth?? I mean I don’t mind if they kissed or make out or whatever (Hey, it’s a freeshow for me, why not?), but not while I’m watching a movie. It was blardy hell distracting! Caused me to loose my concentration and i ended asking Elaine about certain scene in the movie. Later, Yong Han and his cousin joined us for supper. We had bubble tea and talked until we had to be shooed by the waitresses who were eagerly waiting for us to go back so that they can close the restaurant.

Wednesday, 19 Dec
My last day of work. So, I decided to go back home one hour earlier. Hehe..and also because my boss went back after lunch. Previous day, me and Elaine bought tickets to watch ‘I am Legend’. There were five of us, Elaine, me, Sue , Kar Liang and Phor Xiang. This movie was okay, I prefer the Golden Compass, but it was obviously better than Enchanted. Will Smith was damn tough in the show. Very built and sturdy.
We went for dinner ‘Loo Mee’ behind Klang Parade.
At night, around 11pm, Leong and me went for mamak. We talked for hours until her mum called her to come back home.

Thursday, 20 Dec
This was a public holiday. So, to avoid ridiculous traffic and swarms of people, I stayed at home and read a nice novel by James Patterson.

Friday, 21 Dec
Elaine, Me, Wei Kuo, Yong Han and his cousin went for karaoke in GreenBox Bukit Tinggi. It was fun, some of us sang off tune, but we couldn’t care less. It was supposed to be a ‘release-stress’ day. And best of all, it was very cheap for students, only RM8 and you get to sing for hours plus unlimited drinks and titbits.
After that, Elaine, me and Wei Kuo went to Oldtown and talked for hours again. It’s amazing how we always have things to talk about. There was never a silent moment. For dinner, we went to a hawker stall nearby and had chicken rice.

Saturday, 22 Dec
Which is today. I’m going for another marathon again. This time, it’s Nando’s marathon. I’ll be going lunch in Nando’s with my addicted-to-nandos uncle .Then, tomorrow Nando’s with Ahilah and Wednesday Nando’s with my ex-colleague.

And that was the end of week one. I’ll be back for more updates soon..
Till then, stay tune to Blog Me and have a Merry Christmas! ;P

Dec 20, 2007

My work attitude.

Today was my last day of work. Before leaving the company, I asked my boss
“So, what do you think of the way I work? Any comments so that I can improve myself in the future?”

After 2 minutes or so of deep thinking, my boss finally said,
“Hm…yea, you were good. I mean, without much supervision, you can basically do everything. Some people can do better without supervision because as you go along the way, you will find out how things work etc. You have the right attitude. The only thing is that you should communicate more with people, because other people have different ways of doing work. So, only by communicating, you can know how to deal with certain customers and people.”

He is right about my communicating skills. With my friends, I can talk for hours non stop. Sometimes even till morning, without sleep.
But put me with someone I just met, I won’t say more than 10 words. I hardly talk in the office. Most of the time, I just do what I’ve been told and done deal.

So, it’s not easy for me to make friends. But for me to make best buds, it’s quiet easy, I just need the right people and plenty of time. That’s why I treasure every single one of my best buds. By best buds, I meant those you can call up at any time of the day for help and they will rush to your aid in no time. Right now, in my head, I can list out 4 of them.

Anyway, enough about my gibberish. I guess everyone is like that.

But the one thing my boss said that make me feel so good was that he said
“All the best to you. If you need any help, just let me know. You have my mobile, right? So, call me la. If you’re free, drop by and we can always go lunch together”

Aw..That was the nicest thing i've heard from any of my previous boss.

Dec 18, 2007

Last Day of Work.

I will miss this company. Tomorrow will be my last day of work. But boss decided to do a farewell lunch for me earlier, which was today since he has appointments tomorrow.

So, we went to Subang to eat Japanese food in a very cozy and super nice ambience restaurant called Rakuzen. The exterior design of the restaurant was rather modest. But the interior was really nice. Very Japanese like, with all the lighting, bamboos and paintings at the right places. Looking at its nice ambience, it suddenly occurred to me that this lunch would probably worth my one week salary. There were only 4 of us. But what the heck, I don’t have to pay anything. J

I had a Grilled Unagi Set which was really really nice. And of course, my favourite Chuka Lidako. Superb. Fresh and juicy. I don’t really know how to describe food, so pardon me for my lack of vocab. But anyway, I was right. The bill was around 220++ for four persons’ lunch.

Although it was just two short months, I’ve learnt more than I did in any other previous jobs. From this job, I’ve:

1. Gained extra 2 kg, at least. Largely because of me going to pantry to search for food whenever I was free. And usually, I would be free most of the time.

2. Gained Super valuable knowledge about sales and marketing. How to deal with ‘leceh’ customers and scared-of-responsibilities-colleagues.

3. More friends. My colleagues are all great people. Very successful yet humble. Plus, they always treat me lunch because according to them, students like me must save money for college. Lol. I wish all my future colleagues are like them.

4. Experience the fun of going back early, coming to work late. Hehe. But my boss was cool about it.

5. the freedom to buy whatever food I want to eat in office and claim it under companies expenses. Hehe..

6. learnt how to talk nicely to customers although kena scold by them like, must be calm. If not all the four letter words will come out already.

Anyway, I’m on movie marathon now. So far, completed The Enchanted, and The Golden Compass. Tommorow will be I am legend. The day after tomorrow: National Treasure. Then, finally Warlords. Oh and if time permits, Alvin and the Chipmunks too.

So, if anyone wants to join the marathon, just drop me a call/sms. Need more kaki.

Dec 9, 2007

People i avoid.

Some people are weird and scary. Some are just plain morons. Some are one of a kind.
There are so many kinds of people in this world. But I have always avoided certain kind of people in my life.

1. People who avoided me first. It’s my natural instinct to do that. People avoid me for no reason, and in retaliation, I avoid them too. And I reckon that’s why I keep losing friends every year. It’s not that I’m arrogant or anything. I’ve tried to talk to them, to know the reason behind this but they refused to even talk to me. So, fine, let it be. I don’t need a friend like that. The next time they try to patch things up with me, sorry, I’m not a forgiver.

Now, how i wish these people are like this cloud. I can just blow them away whenever they get too near me. Saves the hassle of avoiding them.

2. Negative people. I call them whiners. They are those people who whine about every single thing in life. It’s very easy to identify them. Apart from their obvious sulking and frowning, they have limited vocabulary.
Their favourite phrase: “Why me???”

If i was the prime minister, this will be seen in every single corner in the country.

3. People who are interested in me when they don’t know the real me. It’s very irritating. These people have only seen me no more than five times and have talked to me less than a total of 10 minutes. How could you be interested in anyone at all given that time frame?? In my view, these people are desperados.

Desperados makes me sick. Urgh.

4. Buggers. These people just don’t understand the meaning of ‘Away’ on MSN. They keep nudging you till it gets onto your nerve. This is also one of the main reason I’m having less contacts in my friends list and more in my deleted list. In person, if I ever see them, I try to ignore their existence, just like how I’m used to ignoring them on MSN.

I wish i could make this appear on their computers everytime these buggers nudge me on MSN.

5. Women having their PMSes. I have seen and experience the fury. Believe me, you better run before they’ve been possessed by the PMS devils. Scarier than watching Britney Spears on MTV Movie Awards.

Yes people. Be VERY afarid of these women.

6. Two faces people/ Fakes. I’ve known many of these. Some of them had even once become my closest friends. It’s easy to fall into their trap because it’s hard to spot them. And once you do, it is usually too late. I despise these people; they feed on people’s insecurity. I had been manipulated by them before and now, everyone thinks I’m the selfish, unappreciative and ungrateful one. And they get to be the noble, kind and selfless one. What the heck, I don’t live on others’ opinions and expectations.

So, there you go. This is only a fraction from my real list. But the rest are less ‘severe’ than these people. Are you anywhere in this list?

Dec 6, 2007

Bad luck in office.

Today is the one month ‘anniversary’ of me being in the office. I noticed I bring bad luck to the office, from the first day I started working.

First day of work
Air cond broke down for the first time in months. Repairman came the next day and it caused my boss a bomb.
Ok. I think I can forgive myself for that wasn’t my fault. The air cond needs servicing after so long anyway.

Somewhere in first week
The lights at my place went off. For the whole day, I had to resort to ‘disco’ light. By the end of the day, all the lights I see were also blinking although they were perfectly fine. My eyes began to create its own imaginary image. Boss was kind enough to replace it for me the next day. Thank goodness for him!

Second week
Telephone problem. Had to wait for Telekom for almost 2 weeks to fix it! That was an ultimate torture since I have limited access to internet (eg: no blogging, facebook, msn, ebuddy, meebo, you name it, everything is blocked here). Phone was my only source to outside world!!

Third week
Air cond broke down AGAIN!!!! Thank god the repairman came the next day. Save the suffering for me. The bill is not here yet but I bet it cause my boss a bomb too. The repairman had to vacuum, weld, and even climbed to the roof to check!

The water dispenser broke down. And this time, it was my fault. Since there was no one in the office today, and coincidently, the water dispenser ran out of water, plus I was damn thirsty for water, I figured I was strong enough to carry one galloons of water but I was so wrong. I did manage to carry it but when I tried to put it into the dispenser, I heard “crack”. That was when I knew I broke everything in the office.

Air cond, lights, water dispenser, phone…It’s as if everything I used is jinx!
I wonder what’s next.

Dec 3, 2007

Crazy about donuts!

I’m sure everyone has heard about the new donuts store in town. I’m talking about J.Co donuts of course. The first time I had them, it was sinfully delicious! I ate 3 of them one shot. The second time was even better because I get to choose my own flavours. (The first box was courtesy of Sue San, she queued up for almost an hour for it!). It took me 45 minutes to get my own box of made-in-heaven donuts.

Now, I know that those people who are lucky enough to get to eat Krisy Kreme donuts would say J.Co is nothing compares to the pioneer-donuts-maker but we Asians are not so lucky, so we ought to settle for J.Co. Which, by my standard, is good enough.
I just wish that they have more stores here. Such a hassle to buy it.

J.Co Donuts.My favourite one is definately Alcapone, almond flake with white choc (this pic on the top right)

Then, there’s Big Apple Donuts. I don’t know which one is the copy cat but one thing I do know is that the latter’s donuts doesn’t taste as good as J.Co’s. It’s almost like Big Apple is trying to emulate J.Co success but only they failed miserably. Their donuts are oily, toppings are so-so and they leave a sour taste on my tongue. Reminds me of those 3-for-one-ringgit donuts you can buy in Pasar Malam, but only with extra toppings.

Big Apple Donuts. They look identical arent they?? But don't be fooled by their look!

But I find it odd that Big Apple has so many stores in Klang Valley as compare to J.Co which has only one store, so far in Pavillion. But I hope in time, J.Co will take over Big Apple. that I can eat J.Co’s donuts conveniently.

Anyway, this is just my own opinion. In case you’re wondering, I don’t get commission or advert fees from J.Co. So, try them both and be their judge!