Jun 21, 2006


The best defender Italy ever had. Hail Alesandro Nesta!

England sux

I love Alessandro nesta.
Italy's the best. Azzurri will make a fantastic comeback. The hell with England.

England won't win the cup. Not a chance.

Jun 9, 2006

Freaking Streamyx!

Two damn weeks. That’s how long the streamyx in my house has been down. We’ve been calling them everyday for the past 2 weeks and yet it took them so long to fix a technical problem. So inefficient! Imagine 2 weeks without internet connection!!!
No Msn, no Dota, no access to outside work (it’s holiday now)!! No life!

I hate streamyx.
Originally written on June 8, 2006

Sun Burnt!

NEVER forget to put on sun block

That’s one thing I learnt from the trip to Port Dickson. Although we (there were 22 of us from the Form 6 Society) were only there for 2 days but the extent of our sun burn was as if we were there for years! Really, I’m not exaggerating at all. Just take a look at my face and you’ll know. It’s red like roasted pig! When you have pig, it’s cute but when you have a roasted pig, well….it’s roasted, it won’t look nice! (But it would taste delicious though…teehee...)
It was my entire fault for being lazy to put on sun block and thinking ‘Nah, It won’t be that bad’. But it was really that bad. The sun was exactly on top of our heads and it was >37°C.
*I bet you people are saying ‘Serve you right!’

But the trip was worth it. Mainly because everything was free and we didn’t even have to pay for our own food! It was fully paid by the Society (yea, I know, damn rich, isn’t it?!)
We really honestly had fun. Everybody was in that ‘holiday mood’, we were so crazy, especially the guys. They were monster eaters. Yeah, what else can u call a bunch of guys (12 of them) who can eat 400 satay sticks, barbequed chickens, ketupat, and meatballs in less than 1 hour? Monstrous act!!! AND they were not any kind of monster but monster-sakai-water. Sakai-water as in they’ve never seen water before! Imagine, swimming in the morning, then afternoon and then gets up in the middle of the night to swim again! Oh yeah, they went to the beach in the evening as well. We, girls were like ‘Where do they come from again? From the deep forest?’
Weird fellas!

Then at night, while some of the guys were asleep, one guy went to brush his teeth and spitted out his salivary toothpaste onto their sleeping friend’s faces!! But only one guy did that special ‘salivary toothpaste’. The others were saner; they used just toothpaste to paint on their friend’s faces. But it was equally disgusting.

We talked and crapped a lot! But the talks were fun and genuine.
On the whole, it was fun ONLY IF it’s a short trip. There wasn’t anything much to do in PD except playing in the beach. By the third day, you’ll probably run out of things to do.
As for the pictures of the trip, I’ll post it as soon as someone uploads it on friendster (then, I can grab it!)

Originally written on June 2, 2006