Jan 27, 2006

I hate them!

I just don't understand why some people can be so selfish. I knew a girl in my class, who looks good, and sweet on the outside but she's the most selfish person I've ever known. She is one of those popular, pretty and outgoing girl and well-liked by everyone. You know, like those high school girls we see in American movies...

Call it coincidence or (bad) luck, she sat with me today because her partner and mine skipped school. I had the chance to talk to her about a lot things. There were many rumors about her and guys in school, so I took this chance to ask her. Apparently, she changes bf every month and finds nothing wrong in 'using' guys. She let them approach her, and giving them false signal to use them. When she finds that they do not have any value, she'll ignore them. If they keep bugging her, she'll tell them she has a bf, which is true. Worst of all, she thinks she's not at fault because the guys are the one who 'misunderstand' her over-friendliness. She thinks it's perfectly alright to use guys. For example, she'll ask them to be her chauffeur, bodyguard etc, and when they do not play any role in her life, she'll cruelly 'discard' them.

I'm disturbed by this because she's not the only one who is like that. I USED to like a guy who is just like her, attitude wise. And guess what? He is her so called 'boyfriend angkat'....wth..have u even heard of such thing?I know there are 'kai brother/sister' but bf? sick..

I heard (from that selfish girl) that a girl used to like him, obsessively. Note: the girl is not ME!!
She calls him everyday, SMS him every now and then and worst part of all, he replies, he flirts with her openly. So, eventually, she thinks she has a chance. Then during their first date, he told her he has a gf. Imagined how she would feel. Perhaps I'm being naive but I really think he's wrong. And I heard he even two-timed his ex.

These people play with people's feeling, and hurt others, when in fact they are the most insecure people. Well, at least that's what I think. OR perhaps they have been hurt before by that particular kind of people. Anyhow, they will soon realized they are wrong because I believe in karma. What they do to others now, they will get it back.


Jan 14, 2006


Happy New Year!!!!

New year to me is always a new beginning, a time to start everything all over again and a time to forget the past and move on with life.

2005 was a memorable year but it wasn't the best. I got a taste of working, met many people, learnt many principles in life, learnt how to avoid nasty situations and see many faces of people.

Honestly, I felt that I've grown into a better person who knows how to deal with many kind of people. I've finally seen the bad side of my closest friends, after 5 years together.

Conclusion: everyone is selfish but for some people, it is to certain extend. It is also a year for me and my mom to understand each other better. I wasn't close with my mom throughout my high skool life, perhaps because too busy with each others' work or perhaps lack of communication. But somehow, last year, i finally had an enjoyable time with my mom, I can talk to her about school, about the stupid driver who stares at me, and about my friends. There were times when my mom would suddenly 'disappear' from the house from morning to night, and I would not know where she went, I wouldn't even bother asking her where she went. That was two years back.

Anyway, I started 2006 with laughter, literally. I had steamboat with a group of ex-classmates from secondary school. We really had fun! All the silly jokes, all the catching up, and so much more! I think it's a good sign like what we always says in canto ''hou yee tau''.
Hopefully, everything goes well this year!

So far, 2006 has been a hectic year. Homework to finish, assignments to be done, experiments to do...Etc etc...All I can say is, three words
busy busy busy!hehe...