Oct 29, 2005


Finally, it's holiday! Well, frankly, i HATE holidays.

You see, there are only three people in my house right now. My parents and me. Imagine seeing the same person for 24/7 for 2 months, i'm not saying that i don't enjoy my parents' company. I do, but i just can't stand not seeing my friends. okok, i might sound like a inappreciative brat right now but hey, i'm just being honest!

Anyway, if any of u wants to watch sound of thunder. pls, take my advice, DONT WATCH IT! you will so regret if u watch it. The graphic is terrible, the storyline is so expected (the hero NEVER dies even though there are 1000 flesh eating monkeys surrounding him) and the ending man, so lame , it's like bollywood story. I don't get it, why do these people make this kind of movies when they know viewers loathe it? They are wasting thier time, energy, money but beyond all, wasting OUR money. I regret paying rm10 for it, it's better if i donate it to welfare.

I can't wait for a reunion with my secondary school's friends. Really looking forward to meet them especially Christine!!

Surprisingly, i kinda like High School now. i dread it so much that i would sleep during lessons (well, i still do during math, hehe) but now, i find the people there are okay after all. The guys from high school, especially, are funny, smart, sporting and ehem...good looking. haha..well most of them are. It's nice hanging out with them.

Oct 20, 2005

sorry peeps


I have 2 minutes to write this,my bro is bugging me to let him use the com.
Actually, i don't feel like writing cos i'm so lazy these days. Perhaps it's because exams are over, so, laziness sets in. Typical of me.

Alright, 2minutes is up. I got to go!

hahaha..i promise to write a quality blog NEXT TIME.

Oct 6, 2005


At the moment, I feel so blessed because I'm surrounded with caring friends and supportive family members. This week was full of ups and downs. Firstly, I was feeling so happy but the next thing u know, I was so upset over a silly misunderstanding. I felt so angry and sad at the same time and it was my first experience on that particular matter. Forgive me for being so secretive but it's something personal and embarassing.Anyhow, thank god i have all my friends around me, god knows what will happen without them.

I don't meant to be so philosophical for my previous blog..hehe but somehow, i was influenced by a philosophical guy.I'm sure many of you are surprised how mature i have become but that's not exactly the real me...hehe, I'm very playful but when I'm going through hell, well, I can be serious.

So, the moral of the story is be thankful and appreciate every single one around you.