Dec 26, 2008

It's the end of 2008

Another year is gonna past,
2009 is coming up,
and i feel so old.

22 years old, no more a teenager,
Don't like being call an adult,
Wanna stay cute and innocent :)
Sigh, but i guess that's not possible.

With adulthood,
comes responsibility.
Oh, 2009,
what plans do u have for me?

I know this piece doesn't rhyme,
but hey, i'm no Shakespeare.
Just feeling sad that another year has passed,
but yet, i've done nothing.

Dear 2009,
please be good to me,
Cos 2008
has been pretty boring.

Dec 17, 2008

My typical work day.

My colleagues say i'm a 'speedster'. Why?
Cos i told them i woke up at 8, bathe, put on my work wear and make up and ate light breakfast.
30 minutes later, i'm on my way to work. Reach office usually late, 10-20 minutes later. Work starts at 8.30am :D

Sometimes, if i'm hungry, will drop by at the pantry downstairs for a cup of mocha/latte. By 8.45, i'm upstairs at the 'interns room' checking emails.

Every half an hour or so, a Mr Moron will come and disturb me. Entertain him for a while (usually for 10-20mins).

By 10am, interns will be holding a meeting on 'what to eat for lunch and who will drive'.
Usually, it will be decided by Mr Cardbox.

My messy work place.

Today, Mr Cardbox decided we eat in Seed Cafe, just 5 minutes away from our office.
Talk-a-lot-guy drove us there. There were 5 of us, excluding Mr Moron cos he was on leave.
SnowWhite, PowerStation, me and Jocelyn were the unlucky passengers.



Clumsy Mr Moron needs a napkin.
Mr Moron caught sleeping!

Mr Moron was on leave today. No wonder i finished all my work earlier than intended.

After lunch, which is about 1-2 hours later, it's back to work.
5pm sharp, save all the files and pack up, time for home! :D

That's my typical work day :)

Dec 9, 2008

Everyone is back now!!! yipee~~~

haha... happy :D

Call me out yea...

i'm growing mushroom already...

Btw, for all my friends who wears contact lenses, Ciba vision is having free trial promo for O2optix monthly disposable lenses..

check it out: here

I went to collect mine today but the shop is out of stock, will go tomoro. But the shop (England optical sect 13 Shah Alam) charges me RM20 for a pair cos they say it's admin fee wor..

But RM20 is still very cheap cos it retails at RM60 :)
So, will go collect my 'free' pair tomoro... hehe ;)

Dec 8, 2008

Joan is wearing contact lens now! Not that it does any difference...but everything look so much clearer now. hehe... I can see you clearer now. You can't hide anymore. Nyek nyek nyek..


Nov 24, 2008

Goodbye my precious..

My precious 28 years old house..

Yeap, i am moving house soon...
As some of you may already know, the house i'm staying right now have been sold (finally after 5 years!). I'll be moving to Shah Alam as well but to a much smaller house :(

You see, we didn't want to sell the house but since the house belongs to my grandpa, my uncles have decided to sell it off. But thankfully, my dad bought a house in section 20 some few years back. So, that's why we're moving to a smaller house. Will be moving out by early next year, probably Jan or Feb.

But anyway, as for myself, i will be moving out to cheras by end of Jan 09. It's more convienient for me to go Uni. But i will miss not having to do laundry, cooking, washing up, basically all the housework, oh and of course my family :)

So, if anyone going to Cheras Wednesday pasar malam, call me yea..

Just a short update for now..will update more soon :)

Nov 8, 2008


Pardon me for my absence (again!) :(

But i just don't know what to blog about anymore. I've thought for weeks on what to blog about but eventually, i ended up not blogging at all. Some of my ideas were writings about:
  • beauty products since i'm such a make-up junkie now. And i felt that i could contribute my opinions based on my experience as beauty consultant. (part time one lar...) But then i realised that 60% or more of my readers are male. (and straight!)
  • entertainment like TV series such as Heroes, Grey's Anatomy etc. I'm so in love with Heroes! Can't wait for episode 8 of season 3. Been waiting for 2 weeks for it because of US election. Somehow this seems like a good idea at one point but then i decided not to because it would such a mega-spoiler for some people.
  • my current internship in Abbott. I was so tempted to pour out my frustrations and everything else on this blog but then again, i would be playing with fire, jeopardising my internship grades. Who knows if one day my boss from Abbott decided to googled up "oily orangy diarrhea" and found this blog.
  • my part time work. Well, right now i actually have many part time jobs. One, i sell things online now, and i do event jobs like roadshows or product launching, and also weekend promoter. My online business is nothing to shout about, just trying to clear my items. And those events that i'm doing were exclusives by invites only and i think i'll get sued if i blog it out.
  • my daily emo life. This i could blog for hundreds of post a month without any problem. But my blog would have 0 hits in years if i were to do that.

So, in the end, i chose not to blog about anything at all.

Gosh, this is the longest post i've written in months. I just had an inspiration, i could blog about things i can't blog on.

Jeez, and to think i have nothing to blog about.

Oct 1, 2008


hey guys,

I'm back. I know i've been very emo lately. SUPER emo.
But i guess i'm much better now, but still, don't provoke me. I bite!
On normal days, i'm fine but if u provoke me, that's it. You're dead.
I won't talk to you for days!

But anyway, just a few short updates here.

-UCSI is now a University, no longer a University college! It's official, according to the VP.
-i received 3 awards from ucsi!
1) Deans List
2) NST-MAPCU scholarship
3) Extra Cocurricular award

kind of surprised to get the last one...

Oh and Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes and presents!
I'm free this whole week, so if u wanna belanja me, it's still not too late. LOL.
Also, if u guys wanna get me anything, save the hassle of thinking, just ask me! HAHA

Lastly, Selamat Hari Raya!

*Let's hope this week my emo alter ego is gone.

Sep 1, 2008


Blog Me will be temporarily closed. There will not be any postings in the coming weeks or maybe months. I am:

- taking a break from blogging cos i don't give a shit about updating my life to others anymore
- finding it hard to express myself in words or even in any other form
- feeling very emo
- going through a tough time with uni, friendships, family and life
- finding myself cos i am lost

Aug 9, 2008

Cadbury Warehouse sale!

Wa!!! I wont be around this time. I'll be in Ipoh.. T.T
Hm...maybe i should come back Shah Alam earlier...
Anyone wants to go?

Click here for more info: Cadbury Sale

Jul 31, 2008

Oily Orange Diarrhea

I woke up this morning and went to toilet to do my usual business. When I got up, there was this orangy oil on the toilet bowl. No bulky stool, just the oil.

At first I though it might be dirt and grease because the toilet hasn’t been washed for some time. But when I wipe my ass backside, I saw more yellow oil! I was so freaked out. The oil stinks, and it reminded me of cod liver oil.

Terrified, I went to google it up. And I found that apparently, this oily diarrhea is not uncommon and this condition is called steatorrhea. It is the result of our body excreting indigestible fats. It can be caused by a lot of factors, like eating non-digestible oils or fats such as Olestra, and certain food.

One thing caught my eye when I was reading that article:

“Consuming escolar and oilfish (sometimes called butterfish) will often cause steatorrhea. The fish is commonly used in party catering due to its delicate flavor and the fact that it is cheap and readily available.”- Wikipedia

That’s it! It was caused by the stupid fish I ate. Upon reading that, I have two hypotheses:
1. The fish head noodle I ate yesterday in one hawker stall.
2. The ‘codfish’ I ate two days ago in Manhattan Fish Market (MFM)

I was quite sure of hypothesis one because the noodle I ate was cheap and it was from a hawker stall. Besides, it was the most recent food I ate. So, I went to ask my friends who ate the same noodle yesterday and all of them were fine. All three of them were okay except me. Hm..ok, so maybe it wasn’t the noodle.

So, that leaves me with MFM ‘codfish’. But I was doubtful of that because I ate the fish 48 hours ago and it was high quality codfish, not some cheap butterfish! But I stumbled upon this article:

Hong Kong Oilfish controversy
Hong Kong's PARKnSHOP supermarket was selling oilfish as "cod fish (oilfish)" in its stores. Consumers ate the fish believing it is codfish, then suffered oily diarrhea as a result. Afterwards 14 complaints were filed against the supermarket chain, leading to an investigation by the Centre for Food Safety. ParkNShop has denied responsibility, claiming the fish is safe for human consumption. Nonetheless, the chain has since stopped selling the fish product.


Canadians fall ill after eating mislabelled oily fish
Some Canadians have taken ill after eating oilfish, a low-grade fish barely fit for human consumption that may have been mislabelled as cod, the federal food watchdog says.
Oilfish — also known as escolar and snake mackerel — contains high amounts of a waxy type of oil. The fish is indigestible for about one in every two people, causing diarrhea as a side-effect.

I was SURE of hypothesis two when I saw this forum:

“Nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. I was worried initially too until I learned more about it. Up to 20% of the weight of these fish is an undigestible wax esther, which passes right through you. It's orange, and has a faint mineral oil smell. It will stain clothes and furniture. I thought it might be useful to others to note that my first obvious symptoms were 36-48 hours after eating the escolar. So one needs to look farther back than what one has eaten in the past day. Look on the bright side--your backside just got a great moisturizing treatment!”

LOL. My backside is so smooth now.

But that’s just my hypothesis. I have no one to ask because I ate the ‘codfish’ alone. So, maybe one of you could try MFM ‘Codfish’ and let me know if you’re alright or not. It’s a shame because the meal was expensive.

Jul 29, 2008

Countdown to Finals.

10 days to my first paper. My final exam is starting on the 8th and ends on the 19th. And the worse part is i haven't started studying!!! I'm gonna be doomed this semester.

On the brighter side, I'm going to Pangkor and Ipoh after my finals! Wee~~ Cant wait! Pangkor's seafood, Ipoh's chicken rice and Dim Sum...yummy~~

See, that's why i said i'm gonna be doomed for finals.

Anyway, Batman: The Dark Knight is a must watch movie of the year! Seriously, it is that nice. It's the best movie i've watched this year, even better than Red Cliff and 100x better than Journey to the Center of The Earth.

The next movie that i wanna watch is X-Files: I Want to Believe. But that will have to wait. Hopefully, it will still be on the cinema after my finals....

In the meantime, I have many dates to attend to.
Dates with Mr Books.... Wish me Luck!

Jul 18, 2008

I'm addicted to this game.

Try it. I can play the whole day. It's very calming, almost like eating a bar of chocolate. My highest high score: 61,250.

Jul 8, 2008

I hate moral.

First of all, why do we need to learn moral as a subject in uni??? Moral should be taught non-academically at home by our parents. It is something that we need to instill to the young ones, not grown up adults like us. I am pissed because:

1. I'm taking this subject for this semester. It's COMPULSORY. Blame it on the stupid government, not on UCSI.

2. I scored all A's except for one subject in SPM. And guess what's that subject?? Yes, it's Moral. I didnt score an A in Moral because i did not memorize the stupid 12 moral values.

3. I hated my primary school Moral teacher because he has no moral. He molested my friend. And we were only standard 2.

4. I have to get up at 6am just to attend the stupid moral class at 8am, to avoid traffic jam. And i can't skip the class and ask my friend to sign my attendance because the lecturer checks every single person.

But they get me wrong here. Although, i hate moral studies, i'm not an immoral person. I do have moral values because that's what i've been taught in Buddhism.

I just don't see the point of learning moral in school. From primary school, we are forced to 'study' this subject but the truth is, government teachers don't know how to teach moral. How are they to teach Moral when they themselves has no moral?

We should sign a petition and bring it over to 'consult' Najib. If he has the time to listen to Saiful's 'sad' sodomy case, he probably have the time to listen to us sad students right? Heck, he might even offer us scholarships later!

Jul 3, 2008


Ask me out. Ask me out. Ask me out!!!
Hahaha...i have one week to relax before my exams start again.
Hmmm, come to think of it, i owe a lot of people dates and meals.
Better start planning now...

Jun 28, 2008


Italy football squad...

Jun 21, 2008

Italy will send Spain home!

Wahaha...Italy made it to the last eight!
And the Azzurri will send Villa and Torres home tomorrow. But with the absence of Pirlo and Gattuso, it's gonna be a tough match. Nonetheless, Italy will win and move on to fight Holland in the semifinal.

Going back to the previous match, Italy Vs France, the Le Blues were very unlucky. From the moment Ribery was injured, it was all going down for the French. Pirlo should be awarded man of the match instead of De Rossi. Anyway, it's all over for France now. (Aw..dont't be so sad Eddy :P)

Now, let's see how Italy will fare against Spain.

Jun 18, 2008

Mutu must screw up today.

I'm referring to Adrian Mutu. Romania's No 1 striker. Today's match (2.45am Malaysian
Time) Romania Vs Holland is the crucial one. That's because in order for Italy to advance to the Quarter final, Romania cannot win that match (provided Italy win against the France).

The previous match, Italy Vs Romania was a torture to watch. Luca Toni missed so many chances, i bet if Inzaghi were to play, Italy would have won Romania at least 3-1, instead of 1-1 draw. Donadoni better replace him today with Cassano. Also, if not for Mutu's missed penalty, Italy fans like me would have been crying and cursing for the early exit.

And today, i'm hoping that he will again screw up Romania (although i pity him because according to the press, his grandma passed away recently and that has caused him to be distracted throughout the match). Either that or Marco Van Basten's second team perform extremely well.

Finger crossed for Holland and Italy to win today.

Jun 10, 2008

why is everyone having holiday now?????

So sad....almost everyone i know is having their holidays now... ALL my close girl friends are having holiday now...That just mean i have to spend more time meeting up with them. Worst part i that i'm having exams now....Wa...CRYYY

Anyway, i've decided not to worry so much about saving money. As long as i don't overspend, that's good enough for me... Worry is a waste of time....

So, whoever wanna find me and yamcha or shopping, go ahead and call me. No worries, i'll try to find time for everyone...Like i said worry is a waste of time and also energy, mum and dad, don't scold me if i get bad grades this semester, scold my friends!

Jun 7, 2008

WA...petrol increase!!! Extreme measures to save money....

When my bro called me to tell me the petrol price was going to increase to RM2.70, i rushed to petrol station immediately after class. To my horror, there were already three very long ques in the small petrol station nearby my house. In the end, it took me 1 hour to pump my car. And that was before the announcement.

Anyway, in light of the increase, i've decided to take these steps in order to save more cash to feed pump my car:

1. Roti for breakfast and lunch. Dinner at home. I will pack sandwiches for lunch the previous night for me to bring to uni. Actually, i've been doing this even before the increase due to the all the gatherings . But now, after the increase, i think i have to switch the usual wholewheat bread to plain bread.

2. Skip class if there's only one class on that day. My timetable this semester is really dumb. For two days a week, i have one class per day only. Fridays and wednesdays. So, i have to get up early and brace the stupid morning jam to reach the class, and it usually took me 45 mins to reach uni. Sits in class for 1 hour and 30mins (sometimes one hour only) and then another 45 mins to travel back. Stupid isn't it? Well, i've been doing that for a few times now But not every week la, i'll skip on alternate weeks..

3. Less outings and dinners in restaurant. Even if mum didn't cook on that day, i'll cook Maggi, unless of course it's a special occasion. This also means less mamak, movie and shopping. At least now, i have excuse not to attend gatherings i don't want to go

4. Less SMSes and phone calls. SMS and call only when necessary and urgent. Things like forwarded sms and silly talks on phone are big no-nos.

5. Open to suggestions.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions on things i could work on to save more $$$?

Jun 1, 2008

I'm lost.

I seriously need to do some soul searching therapy or something like that. Why? Because i feel kind of lost sometimes. My timetable is really packed this semester. Now, besides from taking 5 subjects, i need to work for the uni, and today i just found out that i have to give classes to my juniors also. Sort of like will group. I was thinking of working on weekends to get extra cash but then, i wouldn't have time to study.

I don't know why but i feel so cranky and moody these few days. My uni friends will know, i get pissed off at them easily. And I'm finding it very hard to study, I've lost motivation. My life is like a routine now. Classes, work, teach, sleep. And i hate routine, i hate following rules and a bloody timetable.


May 26, 2008

Downside of Gatherings.

Christine, Elaine, Ida and everyone else are back. There are gatherings every weekend and sometimes, they’re not all fun actually.

Here’s why:

1. Tiring. Beside from doing lab reports, assignments, working for the Uni, I have to allocate time for these gatherings. So, it’s hard to find time to study. Honestly, I haven’t touched any books since uni started. And it has been a month now. Seriously.

2. Costly. Since I’m not working part time anymore, my income is zero and I don’t get allowance at all. So, apart from paying my own fees, daily expenses, I also need to fork up money to go out. And all that money comes from my own savings.

3. Time-consuming. My timetable is very packed this semester. I have classes everyday, but I usually skipped Friday class. My classes start at 8am and end at 3pm, on average. After 3pm, I need to work for the uni until 6pm. I got home around 8pm. At night is the only time I can study but I find that hard because I feel the need to relax after a hard day. So, I usually read newspaper and watch tv.

4. Weird.
Yes, weird. Because when you meet someone you haven’t seen for years, things get awkward. And it’s worse if that someone brings her/his partner. So, sometimes, we’ll end up very quiet while desperately trying to find topics to say. I think gatherings required good social skills, which is tough for me. I’m not good in socializing.

5. Disconnected. I’ll get to this stage whenever I feel out of place. Like when everyone is chatting happily, I have this huge question mark on my face. And my face is the only serious face. It gets worse when I eventually get ignored because I couldn’t get into the conversation. Yea, you get me. A bunch of people laughing away and there’s this weirdo stuck in between with a poker face.

But nonetheless, I still think gathering is fun. But not too much of it. Anyway, a few gatherings that are worth mentioning are:

1. Cycling in Bukit Cahaya. Well, it’s not really a gathering la cos not a lot of people went. Only a few close Klang and Shah Alam peeps. But it was fun! And also healthy. One of the things I look forward to on weekends is this. But it’s costly, one time cycling outing needs at least RM10.

2. Mamaks.
It’s cheap, down-to-earth and convenient. Just a phone call away and we’ll be in a mamak place already. But one thing though, you can’t ask too many people to mamak because we’ll end up with a lot of puak later on. 5-6 people is ideal.

3. Window Shopping with Elaine or Leong.
I especially like shopping with these two cos the're so easy going and they have good taste. Plus, we're so close that they won't hesitate to say, "No, that dress make your arms look like incredible hulk". But outings like this must be in pairs ONLY. More than that can be troublesome and confusing.

Anyway, these days I feel a little lost sometimes. Side effect of too much gatherings, maybe?

May 8, 2008


We baked yesterday!
Initially wanted to bake alone, like I always do but thank god, Lai Fu came to help.

Smile! Me and Lai Fu posing...

Then I enlisted my second servant helper to come and help me…hehe..

May, the ultimate housewife! She look so much like a great housewife in this picture..She is born to be one... :P

Lai Fu and Me trying to act cute.. :P We made two muffins. This was the first: chocolate chip muffins.
The first muffins were great! Me, May and Lai Fu liked this one a lot...hehe..May especially like it cos of the chips... :P

Okay, i know this does not look good but it taste really good. Hehe..our second muffins: Strawberry Jam Muffins!

We tried to make smiley faces and all, but when the muffins kembang, it spoilt Mr Smilies... Smiley faces become distorted sad faces. They were so sad that they cry blood.

Fuh...What a tiring task. But we were all smiling after it cos the muffins were so niceeee...Hehe..

That was fun.. Let's do it again next time! Any volunteers?

PS: Thanks May for the pics and thanks Lai Fu for washing the dishes. Hehe..He'll be a good husband in the future ;)

May 6, 2008

Welcome home Elaine and Christine!!!

Two of my best friends, Elaine and Christine are coming back this month!!! Elaine will be back here from Sabah on 13th May and Christine is (finally) coming back here on 10th from US. Can’t wait for gathering! :D

Anyway, Uni has started…..Sien..
I’ve skipped 3 classes so far and I’m going to skip one tomorrow. I’m still in the holiday mood…not ready yet for classes…

By the way, I’m sure many of you have heard about this Austrian psychopath who confined his OWN daughter in his house’s basement for 24 years and had 7 kids with her!! I was so shocked and curious about it that I googled up this case until late at night, 3AM. I was so terrified after that, and I couldn’t sleep well that night. I mean imagine being kept in darkness, without sunlight for 24 years and repeatedly raped by your own dad….makes me shudder every time I think about it. Worst of all, 3 of the kids, now aged 19,18 and 5 have NEVER seen sunlight before.

Read this,

WARNING: you will not have good sleep after reading this: CLICK HERE

Apr 30, 2008

Result's out!

Wee~~~ Someone owe me Kim Gary..:D

EE008 Calculus & Analytical Geometry 1 2008-01 A 88
LAN2003 Pengajian Malaysia (Ijazah) 2008-01 A 84
MF108 Structural Biochemistry 2008-01 A 81
MF110 University Chemistry 2 with Lab 2008-01 A 86
MF118 Java Programming 2008-01 A 81

Got a few unexpected result. Some i expected higher but some was better than i expected. So, overall, was alright. I think i was damn lucky for a few subjects....i didn't read much, but i spot a few questions which really came out! Lucky me....Hehe..

I'm gonna work harder next semester!

I fooled someone today...

I was working today in UM. This is a conversation between me and my friend who was working with me.

Wk: Eh, you don’t look like Chinese la.

Joan: Ya, I know. When I was working for another job, a lot of Chinese auntie come and speak to me in Malay…

Wk: ….no la, you don’t really look like Malay la..

Joan: Then, I look like what? Ang mo?

Wk: Actually, ya lor..

Joan:* :D* know why? My grandpa is portugese mix.

Wk: Oh, really ah? No wonder la..

-------------------- After a while--------------------

Wk: Eh, but then why you have Chinese name?

Joan: Oh, cos my grandpa’s mother is portugese, but dad is Chinese ma..

Wk: Oh, so means your great grandma is portugese la..

Joan: *nodd*

Hahaha….i fooled him! He didn’t know I was folling him, maybe until now, after he has seen this post…wahahaha

I look like angmo~~~ ^_^

Apr 28, 2008

This is Malaysia.

I was working last weekend and i made some new friends. One of them was a malay girl, who just finished her SPM last year. And she's waiting for July for her university's intake. Apparently, she was offered to study MEDIC in indonesia under a goverment scholarship, which cover everything, including air flight tickets, accommodation, living expenses, you name it. Curious, i asked her SPM result and i was shocked when i heard she said she got 7A...Bloody hell, just 7A, and yet she got a scholarship to study medic?? wtf... and she was almost boasting about it, grrr...i was so tempted to tell her," cheh, 7A only ma, i got 9A's also never bising like you lar..."

Sigh, i know this is an outdated topic but it's just so bloody hell unfair. I mean if she would have gotten 9 or 10 A's ok la, but she got 7A's only!!! This make me more anti malays... Look, i'm not questioning about their rights or anything but it's just so unfair to everyone else, including the malays themselves. I have tons of malay freinds who have gotten better result.

This is why i said i'm living in a shitty country. And this is just one of the many many reasons.

Apr 22, 2008

My first successful trade :D

I finally sold some of the books...
It wasn't easy, though. I had to carry two big bags of books from shah alam to KL Sentral by train to meet the buyer. But thanks to my chimui (aka Tan Lai Fu), everything was easier...:D

Anyway, from this week onwards, i'll be working from friday to saturday. So, if anyone wanna find me watch movie or yam cha, i'm free on mon to thursday ok?

Apr 19, 2008

UCSI is getting desperate..

I was driving today, somewhere in Bandar Baru Klang and i stopped at a traffic light.
I turn my head to my right and to my horror, i saw a UCSI banner on a lamppost. No big deal, just one banner. Green light, so i drive on and there were more UCSI banners! In fact they were on every lamp post in that street.

Why so surprised, you asked? Well, firstly, this was in Klang, about 50km away from UCSI (even places nearer to UCSI like PJ don't have these kind of banners...) and secondly, because i'm in my 3 weeks semester break and i don't wish to see or hear my college's name. It's stressful just to hear 'UCSI'. I know i'm exaggerating but i'm beginning to get sick of that name. I hear it in the radio every morning in the car on the way to UCSI, and in the newspaper. Heck, i can even see 'UCSI' on a mineral bottle, file, t-shirts, books....just about everywhere. I'm just wondering when they'll start producing UCSI donuts so i can eat them!...

Apr 17, 2008

Ah...i love holiday..

I'm just in my first week of holiday and i'm loving it!
The past few days was spent on cleaning up my room, making stuff out of rubbishes (some people called it artwork) and reading James Patterson's thriller. I wish i had a camera to take down all the pretty stuff i made out of rubbishes. I made earring stands out of old cardboard and CD holder (which were quite pretty..) , i baked chocolate cakes ( family finished it in one day!) and i've finished 2 novels so far.

I didn't wanna go out and spend more money, so i was stuck at home. I watched tons of TV shows, volunteered with housework (very rare, my mum was so happy!) and surf the net. It was quite fun, i'm enjoying my 'alone' time with myself. Yea yea, i know, i'm always alone but i never really had the time to be alone to ENJOY what i like to do.

Anyway, i'm a warehouse junkie, i admit. Hey, where can a girl go shopping when she has no money?? So, when i knew about Metrojaya and LOreal's Warehouse sale next week, i'm overjoyed!! Hehe...i'm saving up now, trying not to spend a single cent this week, so that i have enough for next week...:D

I thought i would share this 'great' news with you all. Anyone, wants to tag along next week? I'll be the first one there...( me kiasu, i'm a Malaysian)

Apr 14, 2008

Books for sale...

I was cleaning my room (finally!) yesterday and i found tons of books. My sister's IT books, bro's comic, magazines and etc. I've already sent the magazines to recycling centres along with a huge pile of lecture notes. Wanted to do so with the rest of my sis's textbooks but too sayang la... i mean, those books are still quite new and not cheap eh...Plus, i'm seriously short of cash now..

So, i decided to sell them online...Lowyat was the first, followed by ucsi forum. Sad to say i dont have eBay or Lelong account, and i don't intend to create one because the transaction method is a bit complicated for me (i know, i'm terrible in online trading and stuff).

Anyway, here's the progress so far,
There's no reply from ucsi forum. :(
Lowyat has 30 hits so far (i've posted it for almost 8 hours now) and no reply. Not to mention, my post is already on the 8th page (someone pls bump my page!)....Lowyat has 127,615 members and, on average more than 2000 people are online at one time. This is not looking good, i mean 30 out of 120k people???? That's less than 0.03%!!!!

I never knew selling things online would be this hard...

This is the thread in lowyat: Pls go and check it out.

Apr 13, 2008


I had my last paper on the 10th and I’m so so glad it’s over. Not because I have 3 weeks holiday but because the night before the 10th was torturous. Two major papers in one bloody day, Chemistry and Biochem. And knowing me, naturally, I would only study during the very last minute (which I really regret now). Somehow, I managed to finish 6 chapters in one day. I sat on the exam hall for 6 hours that day. Let’s hope my result wouldn’t be so bad…

Anyway, I have 3 weeks holiday now! Even before the final paper, I had already written down a ‘Things to do after final’ list. On top of the list is cleaning my room. Not surprising because that’s always on top of my list whenever I have exam! I haven’t been blogging recently. There’s nothing interesting to write anymore, considering my life only revolves around books books and books. Boring, I know….

I need a new hp!!! Currently, I’m using the superold nokia phone, with no camera, mp3, only had the basic. So, basically, I can only make calls and sms…

Anyone kind enough to sponsor me?? :P

Mar 25, 2008

.wexe extension???

I don't know how it happened, but all the files in my thumbdrive now has this ".wexe" extension. I can't seem to open any of these files. Anyone knows how to open these files?
I'm still hoping for a 'saviour' to help me retrieve these corrupted files....

If not, i'll have to delete everything.

Mar 21, 2008



Pendrive kena Trojan....everything inside is gone...
i need to do my assignments again...
all my lab reports, evrything from semester one till now...everything is gone!!!!!

All my hard work for assignments...and i need to pass them up next week!!!
and i'm having finals in another 2 weeks...all my notes gone also....

Wa....I wanna cry now....

Feb 11, 2008

To ask or not to ask?

To ask someone to return the gift you’ve given them is such a shameful and disgraceful act. Especially if that someone is your ex-gf or ex-bf. I still find it hard to believe that there are still some people who do that…. I mean, in my point of view, no one should do that. But of course there are certain exceptions. What is your view? Think it through before I influence your opinion. Of course, this doesn’t only apply to guys, ladies included as well.

So, this is what I think.
After some thoughts, I’ve catagorised these jackasses/bastards people into a few categories.

Type 1
They felt that since already break up, they might as well ask for the gift back so they can give to their next gf. Waste not, recycle. These are what I call Super-low-cheap-skate people. Normally, these people would ask for only a few useable ones back, not all. After all, who could reuse a worn out shoe?

Type 2
They felt that they spent too much time, energy and money on us and still didn’t get what they wanted. So now, they want everything back. It’s like for them, they somehow felt ‘betrayed’ and want revenge. Their rational is “I’ve spent/given so much on/to her and yet, she still wants to break up. She’s so mean, she’s not worth it. I want everything back!” These are even worst than type 1. Extremely-low-cheap-skate are what I call them. Even if the girl is really bitchy, he’s the one to blame. No one ask them to buy anything in the first place. It’s all ‘xing kan ching yuan’.

These would usually ask for every single thing back. They are useless shits. Why would a guy need a pair of 2 inch high heels??

Type 3
Samus Aran says:

shouldn't ask it back la

Samus Aran says:

but sometimes you know

Samus Aran says:

when ppl argue

Samus Aran says:

they'll purposely say the worst possible things to make the other party feel like shit

Samus Aran says:

so sometimes

Samus Aran says:

it's not about the gift

Samus Aran says:

but more, that one person wants to spite another

This was what my friend reason out. I agree with him. Some people find it joyful in making other feel like shit. These are the worst. They do not only ask for things, but they will also say really hurtful things. If the girl has cheated on him, then I do understand, but if she has done nothing to deserve it, then the guy is an asshole.

Then, there are also exceptions like for instance,

Samus Aran says:

if i have a good reason

Samus Aran says:

like i hutang loan shark

Samus Aran says:

and i gave my friend some kind of 12 karat gold ring

Samus Aran says:

i will ask la

and other circumstances of course. What do you think?

Jan 23, 2008

Statue of Liberty= Sexual Ability?

I went out yesterday to watch ‘Gabriel’. This was the first movie that I’ve watch in this year and what a lousy show it was.

Basically, this is a show about the good vs evil power, which is closely based on the story in The Bible. And that was about it. I can’t remember anything else about this show except for the handsome actors. The actors have this flawless skin, which I think they wore thick foundation, and most have thick eyeliner, perhaps to create a ‘gothic’ look like this:

Ten minutes into the show, I was already yawning and rubbing my eyes. My friend was sleepy throughout this show also. The only time i saw him fully awake was when the scene where they were about to have sex.

After the movie, me and my friend went McD for lunch. And everything I said was heard wrongly by him. I don’t know was it because of my drowsiness or was it because he has a very corrupted mind.

Me: I think this show sucks. Maybe Cloverfield would be better.
Him: Clover what? What show is that?
Cloverfield. Aiya, the one with Statue of Liberty?
Him: Huh? Sexual ability?
Me: I said Stare-chu of Li-ber-tyyy.
Him: Ohhhh…say la properly.

Me: -_-

Jan 22, 2008

New sem, new subjects.

For this semester, Jan-April 08 I will be taking:

Java Programming
Chemistry 2
Structural biochemistry
Pengajian Kebangsaan LAN

5 subjects with 20 credit hours in total. And I’ve made a deal with Mr. Eddy Ng Wei Kuo that I if I get 0.25 or more than his pointer, he will treat me Kim Gary. And vice versa.
And that is a bad deal considering that he always get more than 3.90.

So, in order to ensure victory, I must get at least 3.75.
Tough….very tough..

Jan 21, 2008

Do I look that old?

I was working the last two weekends in Klang for Wall’s ice cream. It so happened that both of the week, I was assigned two different male supervisors, whom I have not met with before. The first supervisor thought I was 25. The second one thought I was 23.

Even the auntie promoting sharkfin soup on the other counter thought I was 25.
And this is not the first time!

Last year, my ex colleague thought I was 27! And he’s a 35 years old German guy. That coming from a westerner is very very humiliating. I mean if I go to a western country, they would have thought I looked like school kids since western people look much more older mature than us. So paiseh…sob sob.

Come on, do I look that old? Honestly?
It must be my newly permed hair and the make up…..

Jan 8, 2008

I permed my hair

I have curly hair now!

Jan 1, 2008

Hello 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!
This time, I’m not going to write about what I did in 2007 because as they say, let bygone be bygone. Let’s forget the past and look to the future! I have not made any New Year resolution. It’s pointless anyway, I won’t be able to keep them.

Anyway, I celebrated the New Year with the ‘singles group’ again. This time there were me, Elaine, Keng Hoo and Sid Guan. Yep, only four of us but we had fun nonetheless. It was better than last year’s celebration. We were at 1st Station in Klang and it was basically a simple celebration. We chitchatted and played Uno Stacko ( we lost to the guys 3-0 because as Keng Hoo said, the guys have physics brain and Bio hands! Deep stuff huh?) til the clock strikes 12. It was thoughtful of the café to provide us with party packs. While me and Elaine were happily hitting the guys with of the stuff in the party packs, one girl from the next table came over and asked me “Do you mind if I spray you with this?”
I was a bit confused at first but after looking at the spray bottle, I understood. She wanted to spray me with this spray thingy, I don’t know what it’s called but people usually used it during celebration. Just when I was about to say “No, thanks” Sid Guan quickly yelled, “It’s her birthday, spray her!”.
Then, the girl and her little brother sprayed my head in no time at all.

Of course I had my revenge after that. Hehe…But it was all in good fun. No one was harmed!
All in all, it was a simple and fun celebration.
Sigh, how i wish uni won’t start so soon… I’m starting uni tomorrow! :(