May 8, 2005

Another wedding

Yup, another cousin is getting married. Thank god she's from my mom's side or else, another pathetic gathering! My mom's side is a whole lot better, they are more care free, not much comparing. I get to meet a very close cousin and we might be in the same school! yeah!

Anyway, I noticed I have a habit of checking a particular guy's testimonials in friendster. I don't check others, only him and it's interesting in a sense that I'm intrigued with his life style and his circle of friends. I don't know why but it's very nice to know more about him. I hope he won't notice the increasing numbers of profile viewed.

Well, today I spent my afternoon watching The contender and it's a nice show. It's very very real, very entertaining too. I especially like Sergio, the latin snake, because he is so smart and cunning! I don't think I can get the same satisfaction with other reality TV shows, maybe with a few exception, amazing race and apprentice. I hate those so called reality shows, like Joe millionaire, Average joe and the rest of the same fake reality shows. They are sooo fake!! Obviously, u can tell by just looking at their face, fake expression! Maybe they should hire better actors or actresses to be on the show.

May 7, 2005

100 million dollar question

My sister asked me a question today.

If I was given 100 million us dollar, what will I do with it?
hm..Well, that is a common-day-dreaming question for me. Perhaps I will give it all away for charity...nah, I won't have the heart to do it. I told her that I will buy a house in New Zealand and spend the rest of my life there.

Hahaha.....that's a naive thought. A very naive one.
But realistically, I would set aside one million to study medicine and the rest, keep it in the bank. Maybe a few thousands for me to go shopping because, the last time I bought something for myself was two months ago. So, a few thousands won't hurt.

Anyway, let's get back to reality, I was chatting with my friend on msn and I read his blog. It's very very funny, he actually wrote this

I've noticed that my MSN contact list can be divided into several groups:
1. Those that are blocked. Self-explanatory -- you get annoying, you get blocked.
2. Those that I'd rather be bored to tears than talk to. They are the type would seem uninterested or make it seem like a chore when I try to talk to them.
3. Those that I'm afraid/too shy to talk to.It's kind of pointless to use MSN anymore.

I wonder which group am I in.

May 3, 2005

latest update!!

It has been months since my last blog.Frankly, i only did this because i feel that i need a way to express my feelings.And now that i'm no longer working or studying, i have plenty of time to do so.

well, a lot of things had happen in these few months. I've been working, my very first job was in sushi king as a account clerk and it was so much fun! i've met many incredible people and i've learnt so many valuable things, things that u wont learn in school.I really feel so fortunate to be able to work with these people. Good working environment, nice boss, and easy work, what more could i ask since i have practically zero qualification?

But i was so naive, thinking that i could have found a better temporary job with a higher pay,i quit the job and end up working in a shopping mall as a promoter, with lesser pay and longer working hours!

silly me but i dont regret it because i've gained more experience.I mean, from office work to promoter? That's a big change and i'm glad to say that i've adapt well with it.
Many of my friends have already started college and uni but i'm still waiting for Form6. Sometimes, i do feel left out but i appreciate the time i have and i'm glad that i have did many beneficial things in my spare time.

I miss school!!i really do!i miss chatting with my lovely friends, i miss teasing them, i miss biology! Do i sound lame?What the heck, i'm just telling the truth!anyway, i just came back from my cousin's wedding and i really regret going. Well, he wasn't a close cousin, in fact we hardly see each other and i dont even know his name! Besides, i hate to have a gathering with my relatives on my father's side. They are too judgemental! They love to compare and that really irritates me. I mean no one is perfect,right? friend just IM me to give me a suggestion. He said i should jog since i have so much time. I wonder is that a hint...maybe i should.Yeah, i should because the last time i really excercise was two months ago!My god, i really should (after noticing my spare tyre!).