Dec 23, 2005

I love rollercoaster

Genting was so much fun! Firstly, i haven't been there for ages, the last time i went there was 10 years ago.Then, going there was a last minute decision, i received a message from a friend (Why Kit) in the middle of the night, 10.30pm asking me to join them to Genting the next morning. I was only given 30minutes to make a decision, so i asked my mom and she said ''go la''. I went

It was weird at first because I didn't know any of them, well I just knew their names,we hardly talk in school. So, it was a bit awkward at first but gradually, we clicked.

I didn't get enough sleep that night because I was excited (hey, I haven't been there for 10 years okay!). Then during the bus trip, I really wanted to vomit (side effect from not enough sleep) but thank god for the guys who chit chatted non stop during the whole journey (namely Keng Hoo and Win Hong). Dizziness replaced by laughter :)

There were 16 of us, with only 4 girls, all crammed into a two rooms apartment which was meant for 4 people. So, I can't imagine how the guys could crammed into a room. But they didn't sleep, they went out to...I dunno where, I was too worn out to give a shit on that.

We were eventually splitted into 2 groups because a huge group will make everything slower. It was really cold and foggy but a good change from the hot and humid KL.
Anyway, we played so many things, Corkscrew, Solero Shot, etc etc...Can't remember the names..
But the one I couldn't forget was the swinging thingy (pardon me, I can't remember, the names are all too funny). It was an enjoyable, and soothing swing. Fun for the sake of having the wind brush through your skin..Feels nice. But sadly, I sat with a bunch of monkeys from Klang High School. The guys were deliberately screaming in unison on purpose. I virtually had to cover my ears with my hands. Imagine all the uncles and aunties looking at us...Man, the guys can really scream especially Phor Xiang, they screamed from the start till the very end! Even better than the girls, I tell u...

We played until the theme park was closed, 10.30pm. Then we went Starbucks to mamak. The guys can really talk, no joke....they can talk for hours but it was fun chatting with them because they are a bunch of really crazy and funny people. Gossiping for them is a must! :P

I was only disappointed in the food. Expensive, tasteless, and service like shit. We went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered their 'specialty' and guess what? Maggie mee and we paid $12 for a bowl of Maggi.What nonsense...special my ass.

It was raining the next day when we were leaving for KL. The theme park was closed, I think. Thank god it was clear when we went there.

All in all, the trip was worth everything (well, minus the food lar). I enjoyed myself, and I finally got to meet many new high schoolians. I've always thought that they were a bunch of people who would always keep to themselves, refusing to talk to anyone but their own clan but I was wrong. They were friendly, out going, daring, funny and just plain fun to be with!

I love this holiday!

Nov 24, 2005

cool view

I took this on the way back to Shah Alam from Cameron. The little hut was surrounded by fog and it was BEAUTIFUL

Fun, fun, fun!

Cameron Highland wasn’t as bad as some people might say. I went there on the 22nd Oct, Tuesday with my classmates to catch insects for our biology assignment i.e. preserving insects using chloroform and formalin. We were excited during the first hour of ride there, busily chatting and singing to the radio (not to mention eating!!) but gradually, we fell asleep as most of us woke up early, around 3 am so that we could reach Cameron just in time for breakfast!

Indeed, we really got there around 9 am and it was drizzling. Well, truth be told, it was raining the WHOLE DAY!

Somehow, when we reach there, some of us got sore eyes while some felt dizzy. We felt that way right until afternoon. It wasn’t until one of my friend noticed her backpack was wet that we realized we had been intoxicated by chloroform.
What a way to start our ‘quest’ of finding those damn insects!

Anyway, we had so much fun that we looked like vacationing rather than doing assignment. Well, to start things off, we ‘stole’ strawberries on the way to our apartment. Cameron has many strawberry farms offering tourists to self-pluck strawberries and one of those many farms were really, really unlucky that day! We were supposed to pluck strawberries and fill them into a container which they provide at a cost of Rm15. But being an adventurous and hungry-for-strawberries group of teenagers, we couldn’t resist not eating them!! We had this ‘tactic’ to distract the workers from catching us eating strawberries where one of us would pretend to ask him many questions while the rest would eat them mercilessly! Honestly, each of us ate 30-40 strawberries and there were 7 of us! And all we paid was Rm15 in total! Wahaha…worth every cents!

We did not catch many insects on the first day as it was raining. Time was running out, we only booked the apartment for a night. We then planned to buy them from the butterfly farm. Shockingly, one butterfly costs Rm80-100 ++ and we need 5 of them. Out of desperation to bring back butterflies, each of us paid Rm3 and went into the farm to steal them!! Yeap, we stole 10++ butterflies! Haha..don’t ask me how but we just did it!

The apartment that we stayed in was really cozy and most importantly, cheap. 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms equip with Astro, Kitchen utensils and all the necessary stuff for Rm220.

Not bad eh? I might go there again next year! Hahaha

Nov 11, 2005

Addicted to Dota!

Yeah, I’m so addicted to Dota. Seriously. I spent at least 3 hours of playing Dota almost everyday. Well, at least now I’m a little sick of it. But I still play three or four times a week. See, that’s why I said I hate holidays. They’ll make u an addict! Lol!

Nov 10, 2005

November's Chopin

Due to ‘popular’ demand, I shall write a review about Jay Chou’s latest album, November’s Chopin. Haha…well, only one (Xiang Wei) requested it.
Anyhow, because I’m a Jay’s fan, I’m writing this without any obligation. There are ONLY 11 tracks in this album and only a few are really nice. The rest of the songs mainly sound the same as his previous album. Nothing much to boast about this album, his style is still the same, the pronunciations is still terrible and the lyrics are still philosophical. But as always, there are the good ones as well. I especially like Shan Hu Hai, a duet with Lara from Nan Quan Mama and also Hei Se Mao Yi. Both are slow songs which explain why I like them (his rap songs are hard to follow especially hard for pin yin readers like me!). Another song to take note is Fa Ru Xue which is a mixture of both traditional and modern melody, though the only thing I dislike about this song is that he sings with Jolin Chai’s style…you know, the terrible pronunciations topped with a hard-to-describe attitude. As for the rest of the album, well, I can’t tell you everything, can’t I? Lol..if you want to know the rest of the songs, go get one for yourself! In short, the album is worth every penny!

Nov 4, 2005

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The exorcism of Emily Rose is a MUST watch! It’s meaningful, real and scary. Considering that I’m a big time movie critic, you gotta believe me when I say it’s a nice show.

The cinema was full house and the air-cond is not too cold, just perfect for a midnight show. Well, aside from this stupid bitch who sat beside me that talked non-stop throughout the whole 2 ½ hours, everything was fine. Okay, the movie started off with er…darn I can’t remember because I kept starring at that stupid bitch, trying to make her shut her lily-ass mouth off.

Anyhow, the whole show is basically about this girl, Emily Rose, a devout catholic who was possessed by 6 demons, among them, Lucifer, the Satan’s son. A priest tried to help her to chase away all the demons through exorcism, of course, but to no avail as she was on a drug that interfere the brain activity to respond to the exorcism. The drug was given to her by her doctors as they diagnosed or rather, misdiagnosed her with schizophrenia. In the end, she died; the priest could not help her. She died, leaving a letter to the priest, telling him she knew why she was possessed. In the letter, she said, the night before she died, she saw someone calling her name, it was Virgin Mary. She asked Her why does god let her suffer. Virgin Mary said that god wanted people to believe in Demon, to believe that there was a god. Through her being possessed, people can actually see that Demon is real, that there is god. Emily was given a chance to choose; she can either go with Virgin Mary to heaven or she could stay in her body, suffering. She chose to stay because she wanted to help god. But anyhow, she died,er..i’m not sure why.

Yeah, I know I suck in telling stories...but it’s hard enough to tell the story, let alone put it in words. Anyway, this show is really nice in the sense that it is REAL, yes; it was based on a true story. It’s a horror story with no ghost in it. You can’t see a ghost at all but it was a damn scary movie.

I’ll give it 9/10 (I would have given it a 10 if not because of that bitch)

You gotta see it to believe it.

Oct 29, 2005


Finally, it's holiday! Well, frankly, i HATE holidays.

You see, there are only three people in my house right now. My parents and me. Imagine seeing the same person for 24/7 for 2 months, i'm not saying that i don't enjoy my parents' company. I do, but i just can't stand not seeing my friends. okok, i might sound like a inappreciative brat right now but hey, i'm just being honest!

Anyway, if any of u wants to watch sound of thunder. pls, take my advice, DONT WATCH IT! you will so regret if u watch it. The graphic is terrible, the storyline is so expected (the hero NEVER dies even though there are 1000 flesh eating monkeys surrounding him) and the ending man, so lame , it's like bollywood story. I don't get it, why do these people make this kind of movies when they know viewers loathe it? They are wasting thier time, energy, money but beyond all, wasting OUR money. I regret paying rm10 for it, it's better if i donate it to welfare.

I can't wait for a reunion with my secondary school's friends. Really looking forward to meet them especially Christine!!

Surprisingly, i kinda like High School now. i dread it so much that i would sleep during lessons (well, i still do during math, hehe) but now, i find the people there are okay after all. The guys from high school, especially, are funny, smart, sporting and ehem...good looking. haha..well most of them are. It's nice hanging out with them.

Oct 20, 2005

sorry peeps


I have 2 minutes to write this,my bro is bugging me to let him use the com.
Actually, i don't feel like writing cos i'm so lazy these days. Perhaps it's because exams are over, so, laziness sets in. Typical of me.

Alright, 2minutes is up. I got to go!

hahaha..i promise to write a quality blog NEXT TIME.

Oct 6, 2005


At the moment, I feel so blessed because I'm surrounded with caring friends and supportive family members. This week was full of ups and downs. Firstly, I was feeling so happy but the next thing u know, I was so upset over a silly misunderstanding. I felt so angry and sad at the same time and it was my first experience on that particular matter. Forgive me for being so secretive but it's something personal and embarassing.Anyhow, thank god i have all my friends around me, god knows what will happen without them.

I don't meant to be so philosophical for my previous blog..hehe but somehow, i was influenced by a philosophical guy.I'm sure many of you are surprised how mature i have become but that's not exactly the real me...hehe, I'm very playful but when I'm going through hell, well, I can be serious.

So, the moral of the story is be thankful and appreciate every single one around you.

Sep 30, 2005

What a discovery!

I have always been the cheerful and hilarious one among my friends but ever since I moved to High School I have changed tremendously. I wasn’t aware of it until my best friend told me how different I have become, how quiet and timid, how negative, how I isolated myself among others and how anti-social I have become. I spent one whole day thinking about what she told me, whether or not it was true. Then I realized she was true all along. I was not aware of the changes in me.

I took a 180 turn from my old self and became a new person whom I did not recognize. Then it struck me that I NEED to change to my old self because the new me is killing me socially.

With that, I made a vow to talk to everyone and to be cheerful the next day I go to school. And I did. I went to school with a positive and cheerful mind, greeting ‘hi and morning’ to a lot of people. I talk to many people whom I wasn’t aware of, even though they were just a class beside me. In fact, I talk the most today compared to these few months in high school. It felt good to be able to talk voice out and be heard. I finally get to know a lot of them and to my surprise; they weren’t as bad as I thought. Now, deep down inside I felt really good and happy.

I used to think that smart people are those who are happiest because they get more recognition that those who are not but I found out that a lot of smart and top scorers in my class are terrible in real human communication.
For example, I knew one guy who is extremely smart and good looking and sits behind me in class, but he never talks to others except his own friends. He struck me as one hell of a snobbish and nosy guy who thinks he is the BEST. I even heard him bitching about others to his own friends. Pathetic and vain.
From this I have come to a conclusion that the essence of life is not how smart or successful you are but in fact it is how you treat others and how they treat in turn.

Sep 18, 2005

Happy Mid autumn!

I have always loved celebrating mid-autumn festival. When I was a kid, my mom would always bring us to grandma’s house where all my relatives would gather to celebrate this once-a-year-festival. I, my siblings and cousins enjoyed playing candles, lanterns (we absolutely loved to burn them) and eating moon cake. Since, my grandparents live in a Chinese village; this festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm, with the children playing lanterns, the teenagers playing fireworks and the adults enjoying their conversations. My grandparents’ garden would be surrounded by candles and filled with laughers. My 4th auntie, whom I considered to be ‘cool’ would bring along her kids, all whom are still very young and also lots of fireworks. She would then be the commander and the kids were her recruits.
She would teach us to play fireworks, not those minor ones but huge and extremely loud ones. Her children were the elite groups where they would li
t the fireworks in their hands, and threw them on the floor, precisely on time before it explode with a loud bang. We enjoyed competing with the neighbors to see who could play them better. Whenever we hear a loud firework, we would feel challenged and lit a louder one. Despite all the danger no one got hurt before, perhaps because of the ‘training’ provided by my auntie. We used to have this tradition of reusing empty coconut shells. We would fill them up with wax (leftover from candles scrapped from the garden) and burn them. They produced a very nice coconut smell. The day would end with everyone taking a walk the in neighborhood, along with lanterns.

But sadly, over the past few years, mid autumn festival has just been another ordinary celebration. My family no longer goes to my grandpa’s house as there was no more celebration there. I have not seen some of my cousins for months, the last time were during Chinese New Year. Because I stay in a city where there are only a handful of Chinese, mid autumn festival is just another typical working Saturday.

Aug 30, 2005

Desperate housewives

Yesterday was a very fun and relaxing day. I’ve watched the whole series of Desperate Housewives. Yup, all 23 episodes in just 3 days! The story is really interesting and funny but it’s a bit ridiculous. It was fun watching it. But the ending is really stupid, it leads to more questions. The funniest thing was that the neighbors were so oblivious to their neighbourhood. A particular gardener mows the lawn of a rich and pretty couple (not to mention the wife is an ex-model who is very flirtatious and the husband is always away) every 3 days and they don’t even question anything about it. Plus, the gardener is a young and extremely handsome 18 years old guy. Can you smell anything?
I would.

Anyway, the series is worth watching. It made me wonder about life and all. As shallow as I may sound, I really learnt a lot from it. I would recommend it to all my girl friends but the guys would enjoy watching the pretty babes in the series.

I went to gym last week during my school break with my friends. They went for a swim before going to gym while I head straight to gym (I can’t swim!!). I was the only girl there and because I was short, I had to adjust the seat in the cycling machine (whatever you call them). I pulled out the screw and I couldn’t put them back! I thought I had spoiled the machine, so, I went to ask this guy to help me out. He put the screw back effortlessly and I stood there like a dummy. It seems to others that I purposely ask the guy to come over just to chat with him! Gosh, made me look so cheap. What an embarrassment!

Aug 21, 2005

Hahaha...Thank you, Mr M and Christine.

One of my friend who frequent my blog asked me about this mysterious Mr. M, who occasionally posts hilarious comments in my blog. Apparently, this not-so-cool Mr M happens to be my 'uncle'. An uncle who is slightly older than me, and he absolutely loves Rafidah Aziz! Hahaha, there, no more guessing!

It seems to me that he and my other friend are the only people who read my blog. Yes, pathetic, i know! Well, there might be some other stranger who read my blog but i'm unaware of them as they never post any comment in my blog.So, a big thanks to Christine, uncle for their willingness to spend time reading my boring and full-of-error blog!

Aug 6, 2005


It's finally over, my exam that is. Lol, and i really flunk my chemistry test, but hey there were only 5 people in my class who passed!and of course, i'm not one of them...hehehe..
Oh yes, the high school idol went quite well actually. A good number of students turned up for the event, supportive members to help me and the profit was well, okay. I'm so glad that it's over!

I just came back from mamak with my secondary school friends and it was really fun. REALLY fun, the best time i had in these few months in high school. I miss watching movie and hanging out with my friends...I think i'm a whiner, i complain too much...this can't do, i need to change!

Jul 27, 2005

These few weeks have been a very hectic week. First, it was my monthly test, and then I had to organize this High School Idol competition. I have been running up and down the whole school to see this teacher, to promote the competition, to get more contestants and a thousands more reasons because it seems to me that I’m the only one organizing this thing…all my members and AJKS are not helping me …I can say that only two or three people is doing work while the rest just show up their faces when there is any compliments for the club….
I think I flunk my chemistry test... lol.. AND also my Biology test…really…I missed a few lessons while running up and down the school, plus, I don’t take any tuition…so, that’s why I can’t keep up in school.
Anyway, the final competition will be on Thursday, 2 days more…so, we’ll see how it goes….hopefully, it will be a success…

Jul 16, 2005

Car wreckage

(suspicious) Accident in Shah poor saga

Jul 12, 2005

bad luck!

What a bad day…Woke up early this morning to go to school and everything went fine until my car got jam on the highway in Klang. I was driving an automatic saga and then on the highway, I speed up to 90, suddenly the car cant changed to 5th gear and that’s when tradegy struck. Cant change to 5th gear means I still can drive but gotta drive under 90 right?
but NO, that’s not the case, the car cant even changed itself to 1st gear, which means when I stop at the emergency lane on a flat lane, the car cannot move AT ALL. Even when I changed to reverse gear, the car didn’t even move an inch!
What to do? It was 7 am and more people are using the highway to go to work AND yesterday, the NKVE bridge collapse, forcing people from klang to use the highway I was stuck in…
I called my dad and he can only come an hour later…so, I waited for my dad and the mechanics to come.

Gosh, the car JUST got out of workshop yesterday because I had an accident two weeks ago. That particular accident happened in Shah Alam where the car in front of me, a proton Gen2 stopped suddenly and I managed to stop in time. But then this Honda Jazz who was behind me didn’t keep a distance, so, it bang me and I bang the car in front. Stupid Honda Jazz, the driver was a Malay women and when she got down from the car, she said “in my 15 years of driving, this has never happen before”. I was so angry at her cos she meant that I was wrong! Stupid Mak Cik!!!! I was quite suspicious of the whole accident because just right after 5 minutes of accident, a bunch of mechanics and a few tow trucks were already there! And they claimed they are from Sri muda, Kota kemuning. These places are at least 15 minutes away from that place!

Sigh….anyway, all these events really taught me that driving a car is not as easy as it looks.

Jun 26, 2005


Hehe...despite all the stress, i still managed to flash my most charming


i just came back from a motivational camp for lower six students in high skool yesterday. It was a three days two nights camp and it was so tiring...i only had 2 hours of sleep everyday in the camp..really tired. You see, we have around 80 girls and there is only a small bathroom for us. That particular bathroom can only fit say, 5 person. So, u can imagine how long the q's are. But nonetheless, there were many exciting activities there like night walking in the jungle in the dark, and i've tried the flying fox...quite fun actually. I came back yesterday afternoon and i slept for 12 hours non stop, from 7 pm to 7 am! what a record!

Then once i woke up, i received a call from my friend. She told me that i was supposed to attend this interact installation in la Salle klang at 730 am because it seems like i was elected to become the new president for klang high skool and she called me at 7 and i have to reach there 730...i was like ha?I just came back from a rigorous camp with all the marks from the mosquitoes' bites and i'm supposed to attend this event?! But somehow, i found my way there and i was there for 7 hours, from 8 to 4pm. And futhermore, i applied to the vice president post, not president!

I feel like i'm back to form 5 again(i was the community service director in my ex school during form5) with all the interact projects...sigh, it feels weird to be with the same level as my juniors' junior. And of course, the stress!! The outgoing board of directors actually did quite a good job because interact club of khs won the best interact club in, they expect me to maintain the award.Plus, we have to attend this interact council meeting with other interactors in klang every month! i was a bit surprised because my ex-interact club doesn't have all these meetings..

Sigh..i guess i'm REALLY back to school.

Jun 11, 2005

Good morning,this is P&G.How may i help u?

Holiday’s over!
Two weeks holiday is over and man, it is fast!
For the first week, holiday seems to be forever. I did nothing but sleep and read biology. But for the second week, things started to get better. My friend called and I’ve got a job!
Finally, I’m doing something useful! It was a fun job, as telephone operator in P&G. Best of all, I get to make calls to people without having to pay…Well, the job requires me to call the selected candidates for test and it was a good experience. I got to call high ranking people; some even have a master’s from universities in Australia. Hahaha, they will be shocked to know that 18 years old are calling them up for interview. The company was very corporate; after all, it’s P&G! Plus, the pay was really good and I only had to work for three days. But even now, after the job is over, occasionally, when I picked up a call, I will accidentally say “good morning, P&G. how may i help u?” Seriously.
Sigh…for now, it’s back to school!

May 8, 2005

Another wedding

Yup, another cousin is getting married. Thank god she's from my mom's side or else, another pathetic gathering! My mom's side is a whole lot better, they are more care free, not much comparing. I get to meet a very close cousin and we might be in the same school! yeah!

Anyway, I noticed I have a habit of checking a particular guy's testimonials in friendster. I don't check others, only him and it's interesting in a sense that I'm intrigued with his life style and his circle of friends. I don't know why but it's very nice to know more about him. I hope he won't notice the increasing numbers of profile viewed.

Well, today I spent my afternoon watching The contender and it's a nice show. It's very very real, very entertaining too. I especially like Sergio, the latin snake, because he is so smart and cunning! I don't think I can get the same satisfaction with other reality TV shows, maybe with a few exception, amazing race and apprentice. I hate those so called reality shows, like Joe millionaire, Average joe and the rest of the same fake reality shows. They are sooo fake!! Obviously, u can tell by just looking at their face, fake expression! Maybe they should hire better actors or actresses to be on the show.

May 7, 2005

100 million dollar question

My sister asked me a question today.

If I was given 100 million us dollar, what will I do with it?
hm..Well, that is a common-day-dreaming question for me. Perhaps I will give it all away for charity...nah, I won't have the heart to do it. I told her that I will buy a house in New Zealand and spend the rest of my life there.

Hahaha.....that's a naive thought. A very naive one.
But realistically, I would set aside one million to study medicine and the rest, keep it in the bank. Maybe a few thousands for me to go shopping because, the last time I bought something for myself was two months ago. So, a few thousands won't hurt.

Anyway, let's get back to reality, I was chatting with my friend on msn and I read his blog. It's very very funny, he actually wrote this

I've noticed that my MSN contact list can be divided into several groups:
1. Those that are blocked. Self-explanatory -- you get annoying, you get blocked.
2. Those that I'd rather be bored to tears than talk to. They are the type would seem uninterested or make it seem like a chore when I try to talk to them.
3. Those that I'm afraid/too shy to talk to.It's kind of pointless to use MSN anymore.

I wonder which group am I in.

May 3, 2005

latest update!!

It has been months since my last blog.Frankly, i only did this because i feel that i need a way to express my feelings.And now that i'm no longer working or studying, i have plenty of time to do so.

well, a lot of things had happen in these few months. I've been working, my very first job was in sushi king as a account clerk and it was so much fun! i've met many incredible people and i've learnt so many valuable things, things that u wont learn in school.I really feel so fortunate to be able to work with these people. Good working environment, nice boss, and easy work, what more could i ask since i have practically zero qualification?

But i was so naive, thinking that i could have found a better temporary job with a higher pay,i quit the job and end up working in a shopping mall as a promoter, with lesser pay and longer working hours!

silly me but i dont regret it because i've gained more experience.I mean, from office work to promoter? That's a big change and i'm glad to say that i've adapt well with it.
Many of my friends have already started college and uni but i'm still waiting for Form6. Sometimes, i do feel left out but i appreciate the time i have and i'm glad that i have did many beneficial things in my spare time.

I miss school!!i really do!i miss chatting with my lovely friends, i miss teasing them, i miss biology! Do i sound lame?What the heck, i'm just telling the truth!anyway, i just came back from my cousin's wedding and i really regret going. Well, he wasn't a close cousin, in fact we hardly see each other and i dont even know his name! Besides, i hate to have a gathering with my relatives on my father's side. They are too judgemental! They love to compare and that really irritates me. I mean no one is perfect,right? friend just IM me to give me a suggestion. He said i should jog since i have so much time. I wonder is that a hint...maybe i should.Yeah, i should because the last time i really excercise was two months ago!My god, i really should (after noticing my spare tyre!).