Oct 14, 2009

Blog's not dead yet!

Surprise! i'm back...

sorry for the long absence....really have no motivation to blog anymore. And lazy too.
The last few months was somewhat a downtime for me. But i shall not blog about sad stuff...

It's already october now, and i'm gonna get older soon...23 is such an old number. lol.
Currently, i'm sort of busy with my thesis. Yea, only sort of. I still have the luxury to sleep for one whole day, and not do anything but sleep, watch tv, and online (like today!).

And i got myself a laptop! WEE~~~~
All thanks to my big bro, Mickael and dad... *big grin*
Sometimes, i just wish the family can stay intact in one piece. Communication is almost non-existent in my family. I can't remember the last time all of us sat down and eat and talk happily... Yes, we do go out eat for dinner on special occasions but we don't talk that much anymore.. :( But well, i guess ppl grow apart as they grow older. It's inevitable.

I online everyday now, and go to lowyat forum everyday. I'm addicted to it already... -_-"'
September was the most emo month of the year. Everything just didn't seem right and i was constantly in a bad mood. And the reason? Because of misunderstanding with someone. It's so tiring to play guessing games and figuring the other person. Doesn't help that the other person is so complicated and emotionally-withdrawn. I should have listen to Eddy back then. And the worst thing is, i'm still playing the game.

My friend once told me "I can't help it, i'm just addicted to solving the puzzles!". I guess that's what's happening to me now. Unless i solve the mystery and puzzle, i will still be stuck in this game. While i'm playing the game, i know i need to be careful of the fire and the outcome, of course. Heck, what am i trying to say here?? Suddenly got fire, games and all.... lol

Anyway, i've decided to adopt the 90/10 principles into my life. We can't control 10% of events in our lives, but we can control the other 90%. Just basically telling us how to control the situation, which i'm really bad in. You can google if wanna know more about this....
lol, sorry, i'm lazy to find for you. Hopefully, i can become a more controlled person, and less driven by emotion. :)

One step at a time...