Jul 27, 2005

These few weeks have been a very hectic week. First, it was my monthly test, and then I had to organize this High School Idol competition. I have been running up and down the whole school to see this teacher, to promote the competition, to get more contestants and a thousands more reasons because it seems to me that I’m the only one organizing this thing…all my members and AJKS are not helping me …I can say that only two or three people is doing work while the rest just show up their faces when there is any compliments for the club….
I think I flunk my chemistry test... lol.. AND also my Biology test…really…I missed a few lessons while running up and down the school, plus, I don’t take any tuition…so, that’s why I can’t keep up in school.
Anyway, the final competition will be on Thursday, 2 days more…so, we’ll see how it goes….hopefully, it will be a success…

Jul 16, 2005

Car wreckage

(suspicious) Accident in Shah Alam......my poor saga

Jul 12, 2005

bad luck!

What a bad day…Woke up early this morning to go to school and everything went fine until my car got jam on the highway in Klang. I was driving an automatic saga and then on the highway, I speed up to 90, suddenly the car cant changed to 5th gear and that’s when tradegy struck. Cant change to 5th gear means I still can drive but gotta drive under 90 right?
but NO, that’s not the case, the car cant even changed itself to 1st gear, which means when I stop at the emergency lane on a flat lane, the car cannot move AT ALL. Even when I changed to reverse gear, the car didn’t even move an inch!
What to do? It was 7 am and more people are using the highway to go to work AND yesterday, the NKVE bridge collapse, forcing people from klang to use the highway I was stuck in…
I called my dad and he can only come an hour later…so, I waited for my dad and the mechanics to come.

Gosh, the car JUST got out of workshop yesterday because I had an accident two weeks ago. That particular accident happened in Shah Alam where the car in front of me, a proton Gen2 stopped suddenly and I managed to stop in time. But then this Honda Jazz who was behind me didn’t keep a distance, so, it bang me and I bang the car in front. Stupid Honda Jazz, the driver was a Malay women and when she got down from the car, she said “in my 15 years of driving, this has never happen before”. I was so angry at her cos she meant that I was wrong! Stupid Mak Cik!!!! I was quite suspicious of the whole accident because just right after 5 minutes of accident, a bunch of mechanics and a few tow trucks were already there! And they claimed they are from Sri muda, Kota kemuning. These places are at least 15 minutes away from that place!

Sigh….anyway, all these events really taught me that driving a car is not as easy as it looks.