Jul 31, 2007


i need a job!!!

Two days at home is like two days in Mr Lim's maths class!

Anyone got a job for me?

Jul 26, 2007


MSN Messenger on July 26th, 9.30PM

sid guan just sent you a nudge.

sid guan says:
how are you?
joan says:
fine fine...
joan says:
sid guan says:
den waiting for the unisel again ah?
sid guan says:
me soso lor
sid guan says:
unisel or usc ah?
joan says:
joan says:
sid guan says:
oh oh
sid guan says:
paishe paiseh
joan says:
dont downgrade me ok
sid guan says:
joan says:
unisel is a "sai" college
sid guan says:
k la k la
sid guan says:
dun angry 1st
sid guan says:
joan says:

UCSI = Unisel...???!!!
WTH...They are two bloody different uni!

Is UCSI that bad???

Jul 22, 2007

Done deal!

I went to UCSi today to register with Susan and Shi Lee. I'm so glad that i have a direction to go now. And honestly, after hearing what my friends told me just now about their lives in public Unis, i'm a bit glad about my decision. Ya, i might need to pay more but it's a good investment. I can always get back that amount of money when i work in the future. Now, i'm just keeping my fingers crossed so that i can get PTPTN loan!

By the way, there's a really good book that i think everyone should read. It's called 'The Secret'. It's motivational book that works if you really understand the principles of it.

My classes will start in September. So, i have another month of break! Yipee :D

Jul 18, 2007


Everything is just not right. I’m jinx. Everything bloody thing I planned has gone down the drain. Went to UCSI yesterday, and I was told that if I take the offer from UCSI, I can’t take up PTPTN loan. Ok, fine, I thought. Maybe my family still can support me for the rest of the 45k. But I was very naïve. If there’s one thing I learnt from all these is that you can never rely on anyone, not even your closest family members especially when it comes to money because everyone is realistic. The fact is that they are able to support me but the question is, are they willing to do so?

I’m so frustrated with all these. Sometime I just feel like stop studying and work. 3.75 and yet, I couldn’t go anywhere. The best they can give me is computer science. Bullshit. I have a friend whose pointer was only 2.1 and yet he got a engineering course. Just plain bullshit.

These were my initial plans:
1. Wait for the appeal result for the course of Physiotheraphy in UKM in July - FAILED
2. 50% scholarship from UCSI to do nutrition in September - ????
3. Pharmacy in AIMST in September - TOO EXPENSIVE
4. Full scholarship from Nilai to do Computing/ accounting / business - TURNS OUT TO BE 50% BEACUSE I HAVE AN A-
5. Biomedical Science in UTAR in January 2008
6. Chemical Engineering in Curtin, Sarawak in September -

But now i can only hope on UCSI and UTAR. UTAR would be a safer choice because i can take up full loan from PTPTN but i have to wait until January 2008 and i don't want to wait that long because i feel like i've wasted enough time. UCSI on the other hand is a very risky decision. I can try my luck to borrow PTPTN but if i dont get, i'll be wasting the first semester fees.

Does anyone knows of any instituitons or banks i can borrow money from??

Jul 16, 2007

I've made up my mind

I'm going to UCSI for September intake.

In the meantime, i'm working in Sunway Pyramid. Drop by at the Chanel counter if you want to see me.

I need $$$$$!!

Jul 10, 2007

Life is so bloody boring.

Work is boring, weekends are even worse, and staying at home is like unbelievably BORING. There’s nothing to do, nothing exciting and new. I spend like at least 3 hours a day sitting down doing nothing but stares into the blank wall. Well, that’s what I do at work. And then when I got home, it’s either TV or games on the com. It’s pretty much the same routine. I bloody hate this. There’s no meaning to life. By the way, for those of you who are wondering what am I working as, I’m working as a beauty consultant (BC) (again!!) but for different brands this time. Chanel, Anna Sui, Dior etc…I’m a freelance bc.

I hate it when people ask me what is my next plan and all I can say is I’m not sure yet. It’s very degrading. Most people will give me that ‘look’, you know, the look that says ‘this girl has no idea what she’s gonna do with her life’. Sigh. Especially with what I’m working as now, people would think I’m a bimbo.

I guess life’s like that. There will come a time when you are at a super high point in your life and then, all of sudden, it comes down. Reminds me of graphs now. Heck, now I miss studies. I’m a study freak. Last few months were great; I had so much fun, even at work, or at home. But now, I miss all that. Now, everything’s just empty.

Ah….life is a bed of roses…full of thorns.