Jan 23, 2008

Statue of Liberty= Sexual Ability?

I went out yesterday to watch ‘Gabriel’. This was the first movie that I’ve watch in this year and what a lousy show it was.

Basically, this is a show about the good vs evil power, which is closely based on the story in The Bible. And that was about it. I can’t remember anything else about this show except for the handsome actors. The actors have this flawless skin, which I think they wore thick foundation, and most have thick eyeliner, perhaps to create a ‘gothic’ look like this:

Ten minutes into the show, I was already yawning and rubbing my eyes. My friend was sleepy throughout this show also. The only time i saw him fully awake was when the scene where they were about to have sex.

After the movie, me and my friend went McD for lunch. And everything I said was heard wrongly by him. I don’t know was it because of my drowsiness or was it because he has a very corrupted mind.

Me: I think this show sucks. Maybe Cloverfield would be better.
Him: Clover what? What show is that?
Cloverfield. Aiya, the one with Statue of Liberty?
Him: Huh? Sexual ability?
Me: I said Stare-chu of Li-ber-tyyy.
Him: Ohhhh…say la properly.

Me: -_-

Jan 22, 2008

New sem, new subjects.

For this semester, Jan-April 08 I will be taking:

Java Programming
Chemistry 2
Structural biochemistry
Pengajian Kebangsaan LAN

5 subjects with 20 credit hours in total. And I’ve made a deal with Mr. Eddy Ng Wei Kuo that I if I get 0.25 or more than his pointer, he will treat me Kim Gary. And vice versa.
And that is a bad deal considering that he always get more than 3.90.

So, in order to ensure victory, I must get at least 3.75.
Tough….very tough..

Jan 21, 2008

Do I look that old?

I was working the last two weekends in Klang for Wall’s ice cream. It so happened that both of the week, I was assigned two different male supervisors, whom I have not met with before. The first supervisor thought I was 25. The second one thought I was 23.

Even the auntie promoting sharkfin soup on the other counter thought I was 25.
And this is not the first time!

Last year, my ex colleague thought I was 27! And he’s a 35 years old German guy. That coming from a westerner is very very humiliating. I mean if I go to a western country, they would have thought I looked like school kids since western people look much more older mature than us. So paiseh…sob sob.

Come on, do I look that old? Honestly?
It must be my newly permed hair and the make up…..

Jan 8, 2008

I permed my hair

I have curly hair now!

Jan 1, 2008

Hello 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!
This time, I’m not going to write about what I did in 2007 because as they say, let bygone be bygone. Let’s forget the past and look to the future! I have not made any New Year resolution. It’s pointless anyway, I won’t be able to keep them.

Anyway, I celebrated the New Year with the ‘singles group’ again. This time there were me, Elaine, Keng Hoo and Sid Guan. Yep, only four of us but we had fun nonetheless. It was better than last year’s celebration. We were at 1st Station in Klang and it was basically a simple celebration. We chitchatted and played Uno Stacko ( we lost to the guys 3-0 because as Keng Hoo said, the guys have physics brain and Bio hands! Deep stuff huh?) til the clock strikes 12. It was thoughtful of the café to provide us with party packs. While me and Elaine were happily hitting the guys with er..one of the stuff in the party packs, one girl from the next table came over and asked me “Do you mind if I spray you with this?”
I was a bit confused at first but after looking at the spray bottle, I understood. She wanted to spray me with this spray thingy, I don’t know what it’s called but people usually used it during celebration. Just when I was about to say “No, thanks” Sid Guan quickly yelled, “It’s her birthday, spray her!”.
Then, the girl and her little brother sprayed my head in no time at all.

Of course I had my revenge after that. Hehe…But it was all in good fun. No one was harmed!
All in all, it was a simple and fun celebration.
Sigh, how i wish uni won’t start so soon… I’m starting uni tomorrow! :(