Jun 26, 2005


Hehe...despite all the stress, i still managed to flash my most charming smile..lol


i just came back from a motivational camp for lower six students in high skool yesterday. It was a three days two nights camp and it was so tiring...i only had 2 hours of sleep everyday in the camp..really tired. You see, we have around 80 girls and there is only a small bathroom for us. That particular bathroom can only fit say, 5 person. So, u can imagine how long the q's are. But nonetheless, there were many exciting activities there like night walking in the jungle in the dark, and i've tried the flying fox...quite fun actually. I came back yesterday afternoon and i slept for 12 hours non stop, from 7 pm to 7 am! what a record!

Then once i woke up, i received a call from my friend. She told me that i was supposed to attend this interact installation in la Salle klang at 730 am because it seems like i was elected to become the new president for klang high skool and she called me at 7 and i have to reach there 730...i was like ha?I just came back from a rigorous camp with all the marks from the mosquitoes' bites and i'm supposed to attend this event?! But somehow, i found my way there and i was there for 7 hours, from 8 to 4pm. And futhermore, i applied to the vice president post, not president!

I feel like i'm back to form 5 again(i was the community service director in my ex school during form5) with all the interact projects...sigh, it feels weird to be with the same level as my juniors' junior. And of course, the stress!! The outgoing board of directors actually did quite a good job because interact club of khs won the best interact club in klang...so, they expect me to maintain the award.Plus, we have to attend this interact council meeting with other interactors in klang every month! i was a bit surprised because my ex-interact club doesn't have all these meetings..

Sigh..i guess i'm REALLY back to school.

Jun 11, 2005

Good morning,this is P&G.How may i help u?

Holiday’s over!
Two weeks holiday is over and man, it is fast!
For the first week, holiday seems to be forever. I did nothing but sleep and read biology. But for the second week, things started to get better. My friend called and I’ve got a job!
Finally, I’m doing something useful! It was a fun job, as telephone operator in P&G. Best of all, I get to make calls to people without having to pay…Well, the job requires me to call the selected candidates for test and it was a good experience. I got to call high ranking people; some even have a master’s from universities in Australia. Hahaha, they will be shocked to know that 18 years old are calling them up for interview. The company was very corporate; after all, it’s P&G! Plus, the pay was really good and I only had to work for three days. But even now, after the job is over, occasionally, when I picked up a call, I will accidentally say “good morning, P&G. how may i help u?” Seriously.
Sigh…for now, it’s back to school!