Feb 28, 2007


Today, by far is the busiest day since I started this work. From 8am morning till now, 12.08, I have been receiving calls, visitors, and mails - non-stop. Probably it’s because of the one-week Chinese New Year break, a lot of things were left undone and now that the deadline is drawing nearer, everyone is rushing to complete their task. Plus, these 3 days the big bosses are having meetings with overseas big bosses. So, it’s kind of like the mother of all bosses meetings.

Friday was so much worse. There was nothing to do at all, only a handful of calls and very very few people in the office. I read 2 papers; NST and Star, magazines and I even did filing. I did everything I could (including talking on the phone with my friends :P) and yet I have so much time left.

Anyway, this job is kind of boring at times, especially in the morning because that’s when the papers haven’t arrived yet. The worst thing is that I got to wake up so early in the morning. It feels like going back to school again. I can’t be late because if I am late for even one minute, the HR manager will screw me. And on top of that my salary will be deducted.

Oh yeah, for those of you who are wondering what job I’m working now, let me say this one last time, I am working in a company which produces low voltage accessories, which includes switches and stuff. Look at your wall and find the switch to your room’s light. Observe the tiny wording below it. If it says ‘Clipsal’, that’s probably one of our company’s product. If it doesn't says clipsal, go to your kitchen, take a knife and carve the name clipsal on it.

Gosh, i am so lame.

Feb 17, 2007

Happy CNY!

happy chinese new year!
If u guys wanna come to my house to collect angpow, feel free to call/sms me anytime. Hehe...it's the season of sharing and giving! og and of course, the season to gamble. lol.

Feb 10, 2007

1. are you missing someone right now? yeah..i guess i am

2. are you happy? no..not now

3. are you talking to anyone right now? no

4. are you bored? extremely. Pls kill me (heck, if im not bored, do u think i'll do this shit?)

5. are you german? no

6. are you irish? no

7. are you chinese? yupp

8. are you asian? yupp..

9. are your parents still married? yes..

10. do you like someone right now? yes

1. have you ever been in love?

2. do you believe in love?
yeah of course i do. Love is not only between lovers but also between friends and family.

3. do you consider yourself a player?

4. have you ever been heartbroken?

5. have you ever broken someone'sheart?
i dunno but i dun think so.

6. have you ever fallen for one of your best friends?
erm...yea, used to.

7. have you ever liked someone but never told them?
of course. everyone is afraid of rejection.

8. are you afraid of commitment?

9. has someone ever kissed your hand?

10. have you ever had a secret admirer?
hmm..i dunno and i dun think so..

1. love or lust:love

2. hard liquor or beer: erm...i dont drink.

3. night or day: night

4. one night stands or relationships: relationship

5. television or internet: internet. You can always watch whatever that's in the tv through internet.

6. pepsi or coke: coke

7. wild night out or romantic night in: romantic

8. colored pictures or black and white pictures: coloured

9. phone or in person: in person

10. friendster or myspace: friendster

1. have you ever been caught sneaking out? no

2. have you ever kissed someone you dont love? no

3. have you ever done something you regret? yeah, regret even up to this day.

4. have you ever bungee jumped? no but i want to.

5. have you ever been on a house boat? no..

6. have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker? no what's that by the way?

7. have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurts? yeah

9. have you ever danced in the rain?
no but sounds romantic, would love to try. Just hope that i dont end up sick after trying.

10. have you ever had a hang over? no

Feb 5, 2007

Another new job!

Yeap, people, I quit my job again. Hehe…just after 3 weeks and I’m off to a whole new environment. This time I will be in office, as receptionist. Today was my first day and it was exciting. A lot of things to remember and kinda fun. But one thing bad is that this job starts so early, 7.30 am and sometimes can get very very busy until wanna go pee also no time. Imagine Joan Yee using a ‘tampun’ to pee. Sigh..

The people there are generally friendly and helpful. But there’s just so much to do and I’ve only got 2 hands.
My mum was saying ‘You ah, cannot stick to one job wan izit? Why must always change??’ Hehe…change to learn more things ma..

Anyway, I dyed my hair again! Hehe…In conjunction with CNY, I dyed my hair red!
Hehe…Ong ma! :P