Apr 23, 2011

Day 4: Resisting the urge

Today sucked a little. Not as horrible as the first though. But still had the urge to pick up my phone and text him. Whenever the phone rang, i hoped it was him. It'll get better, it had to.

*** Remember the times you would plan to meet up with him and he wouldnt change his schedule around to accomodate you and just left you hanging and showed no remorse for cancelling the plans...the disappointment, anger and sadness that consumed you

Remember how he was never there for you when you needed him and how he never took the time to see what was happening in your life it was all about him and his "horrible" life. Selfish bastard.

Remember how YOU were the only one to jump through the hoops and go out of your way to see him and plan meetings with him. You enabled him and planned your life around his...and he gave you nothing in return. ***

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